DDP Speaks on Randy Orton’s RKO and Kimberly Page

– Former World Champion Diamond Dallas Page discussed his split with Kimberly Page during an appearance on “The Unholy Matrimony” show. “We’re still best friends,” DDP said. “We grew apart as people do. That’s what happens. Can you hold onto a person that you still loved so much at one point? I believe you can. Me and Kim have a phenomenal relationship.”

Page also said he contacted Randy Orton and encouraged him to use the Diamond Cutter finisher, which became the RKO. He said Orton was reluctant to use the move because it was Page’s finisher, but Page stressed that he’s retired. He also discussed his YRG product and said that Shawn Michaels uses it and Roddy Piper is planning to start. Page said the RKO will be even bigger for Orton when he turns babyface. He also said he has no interest in heading a wrestles’ union because the wrestlers know what they’re getting into when the become wrestlers and sign with WWE.

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