What Happened After WWE Clash, Dolph Ziggler WWE United States Title Promo, Triple H – The Riott Squad

– As noted, Dolph Ziggler became a two-time WWE United States Champion at tonight’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view in Boston by winning a Triple Threat over Bobby Roode and former champion Baron Corbin. In the Fallout video below, Ziggler talks about how he’s been saying “all bad things must end” for a few years now and sometimes it plays to his attitude but a lot of times it plays to whatever he’s experiencing at work & at home, but most importantly it’s a Motley Crue lyric – something he listens to in the gym. Ziggler says Crue lyrics are sometimes fun but they mean a lot and keep him going. Ziggler goes on to acknowledge that if he gives the business and the company everything he has, he needs to be able to back it up because he talks a “big ass game” backstage and tells everyone to follow that. Ziggler says if he doesn’t back it up in the ring then he doesn’t deserve to be here. Ziggler puts it all on the line every night so he has to do what he can in his free time – get a game plan, hit the gym, watch tape and be better than everyone else at all costs.

Ziggler says he did everything he could for the past 12 years to tell everyone how good he is and tonight, maybe for the 500th time, he proved it. Ziggler says anyone can come try to take the title from him but he will beat the living hell out of them and do everything he can, that much more, because he’s the only person in the business that is actually as good as he says he is. Ziggler ends the promo by saying he is that damn good.

– There was no dark segment after WWE Clash of Champions went off the air tonight. WWE Champion AJ Styles continued his celebration after retaining over Jinder Mahal in the main event. It was announced that WWE will return to the TD Garden in Boston on Friday, March 30th, 2018 for a live event. The Ticketmaster pre-sale code is BOSTON17.

– Tonight’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view saw Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan make their WWE main roster pay-per-view debuts as Lumberjacks in the SmackDown Women’s Title match that saw Charlotte Flair retain over Natalya. Triple H tweeted the following post-show photo with The Riott Squad: