Full Content for Kurt Angle: It’s True, It’s True Collection

The WWE Network will be adding new collections to the streaming service on August 7th. Kurt Angle: It’s True, It’s True will be added and here is the content listing for the collection:

Survivor Series 1999 – Greatness Arrives

The WWE Universe is introduced to Kurt Angle in his debut match against Shawn Stasiak.

SmackDown 02/08/2000 – American Hero gets European Gold

Kurt Angle looks to add another accolade to his collection by challenging Val Venis for the European Championship.

No Way Out 2000 – The Euro-Continental Champion

Kurt Angle makes history by challenging Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship.

King of the Ring 2000 – King Kurt

As his meteoric rise continues, Kurt Angle faces Rikishi in the Final Round of the 2000 King of the Ring Tournament.

Raw 07/10/2000 – A Gift for The Undertaker

Showing a fundamental lack of intelligence, Kurt Angle offers The Undertaker a special gift.

No Mercy 2000 – Champion of the People

Kurt Angle looks to reach the top of the mountain by challenging The Rock for the WWE Title in a No Disqualification Match.

Royal Rumble 2001 – Rumbling with The Game

Kurt Angle proves to everyone that he can play The Game by defending the WWE Championship against Triple H.

Raw 05/21/2001 – Reliving a Moment of Glory

While Kurt Angle honors himself with a reenactment of his Olympic Medal Ceremony, Shane McMahon returns to crash the party.

King of the Ring 2001 – Shattering Expectations

Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle’s rivalry shatters all expectations when they meet in an unforgettable Street Fight.

SmackDown 07/12/2001 – Olympic Sing-a-Long

Kurt Angle joins Stone Cold Steve Austin in trying to cheer up a distraught Mr. McMahon through the gift of song.

Raw 08/20/2001 – Got Milk?

Kurt Angle crashes Austin Appreciation Night to offer The Alliance a healthy helping of his favorite beverage.

Unforgiven 2001 – Triumph Over The Rattlesnake

In the struggle between WWE and The Alliance, Kurt Angle challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship.

SmackDown 05/23/2002 – Hide Nor Hair

Despite recently having his head shaved by Edge, Kurt Angle tries hard to hide his new look from the WWE Universe.

SmackDown 05/30/2002 – Nowhere to Run

While trying to protect his image, Kurt Angle looks for revenge against Edge inside a Steel Cage Match.

SmackDown 06/27/2002 – A Challenge Ruthlessly Answered

When Kurt Angle looks for his next worthy opponent, his challenge is answered by a young John Cena.

Armageddon 2002 – Overcoming Giant Odds

Kurt Angle receives some unexpected assistance when he challenges Big Show for the WWE Championship.

SmackDown 12/26/2002 – The World’s Greatest Allies

In an effort to compliment Kurt Angle’s personal greatness, Paul Heyman introduces a duo worthy of his name.

WrestleMania XIX – Unleashing a Beast

One of most memorable matches in WrestleMania history sees Kurt Angle defend the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar.

SmackDown 10/09/2003 – Far From 8 Mile

In an unusual confrontation, Kurt Angle tries out his mic skills against John Cena in a Battle Rap.

WrestleMania XX – A Champion’s Integrity

Kurt Angle takes to the ring to challenge Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

SmackDown 02/10/2005 – In the Land of the Rising Sun

Kurt Angle journeys to Japan to battle Rey Mysterio in a tournament to name a new Number One Contender for the WWE Title.

SmackDown 03/24/2005 – Just a Sexy Kurt

In one of the most memorable moments from his career, Kurt Angle gives a hilarious rendition of Shawn Michaels’ entrance.

Raw 06/13/2005 – Back on RAW

After years of dominating SmackDown, Kurt Angle finds himself back on Monday Night RAW as a result of the WWE Draft.

Raw 06/27/2005 – A Natural Confrontation

Ric Flair looks to try his luck against an Olympic Gold Medalist when he steps into the ring with Kurt Angle.

Raw 08/22/2005 – Gold Medalist vs Gold Standard

Two former allies collide in this bout between Kurt Angle and a onetime member of his team of greatness, Shelton Benjamin.

Raw 11/07/2005 – An Unappreciated Hero

A lack of respect by the WWE Universe towards Kurt Angle proves to be a memorable moment from Angle’s career.

ECW One Night Stand 2006 – The Wrestling Machine

Kurt Angle shows the WWE Universe that he can take things to the extreme in a battle with Randy Orton.

WWE Hall of Fame 2017 – A Hero Comes Home

After years of absence, Kurt Angle returns home to take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017.