WWE Star Reports to the PC, Natalya on Date Nights with Tyson Kidd, John Cena Signs 25,000 Photos

– As noted, WWE Games announced today that John Cena will be featured in the Collector’s Edition of the WWE 2K18 video game that comes out on October 17th. Below is video of Cena signing 25,000 autographs to be included in the special edition:

– Natalya’s latest column for OK! Magazine is online at this link, discussing how to keep your relationship spicy & fresh. She commented on date nights with husband Tyson Kidd:

TJ and I also love doing date nights. Sometimes we dress up, sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we meet friends and sometimes it’s just the two of us. We put our phones away, as hard as that is! And we just try to focus on each other and catch up. As busy as our schedules get, making the time, even if you have to make it like an appointment, it’s important to stop and smell the roses (and the sashimi!)

One thing I love to do with TJ, is help him pick out his dress clothes! For some reason it’s become a fun thing that we do together. We go and pick out suits, ties, and shoes. I love seeing TJ release his inner Matt Damon! But I also think it’s just a process that we like. And it’s not something TJ normally does. TJ hates shopping. But he loves to look nice. So that’s why we take the shopping out of it, and he lets me pretend I’m a stylist since I love clothes and fashion. Move over Rachel Zoe!

TJ and I like to do movie night at our house. It’s kind of like our Netflix and chill night in! So much of our lives we spend traveling around the world, so when we actually are home, sometimes we like to stay in and watch our favorite shows. Right now we’re totally hooked on that new show GLOW. I never thought my husband or I could be more into women’s wrestling than we already are. It’s fun to lounge on the couch in our PJs, eat ketchup potato chips, and binge watch our favorite shows. It’s fun and stress free.

Relationships are a lot like exercising! You can’t just exercise once and get results. You have to continuously work at it in order to make it great. I’m ALL in!

– We noted before how Darren Young is expected to be cleared to return to the ring in August some time. Young, who has been out of action since January with an elbow injury, reported to the WWE Performance Center this week to begin training. He tweeted the following photo today with some of WWE’s Chinese recruits: