TNA Impact Wrestling Viewership with Wednesday Replay Added, TNA Twitter TV Ratings

Wednesday’s TNA Impact Wrestling replay, which was added due to POP TV’s technical difficulties from Tuesday night, drew 117,000 viewers.

As noted, Tuesday’s 10:50pm replay due of the post-Slammiversary semi-live episode to the difficulties, drew 210,000 viewers. This makes the total for this week at 327,000 viewers, which is up just a bit from last week’s 326,000 viewers for the first-run episode going into Slammiversary. This is also down from the previous week’s 346,000 viewers.

Both airings of Impact did not make the Cable Top 150 this week.

However, Tuesday’s show did make the Nielsen Twitter TV ratings for the first time ever but unfortunately it was for the technical issues. Impact ranked #5 among series & specials for Tuesday night with 19,000 tweets and 4,000 unique authors. Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view also made the bottom of the chart with 16,000 tweets and 3,000 unique authors.

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