TNA Impact Wrestling Viewership Down for the Final Episode Before Slammiversary

This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, featuring the final hype before Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, drew 326,000 viewers.

This is down from last week’s 346,000 viewers and the previous week’s 359,000 viewers, but up from 311,000 from the week before that.

Last week’s show ranked #83 on the Cable Top 150 and this week’s show ranked #116.

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    Another good week. Sure it went down slightly from the 346,000 viewers of last week, but 326,000 viewers was still TNA’s 5th highest first airing ratings on PopTV, and it was #116 in the Top #150, which is still one of their better rankings as well. So TNA is at least staying consistently well over the 300,000, for a entire month now. With next weeks IMPACT being a live show after a PPV, it should go up again, and continue to grow. With the stupid US Primaries finally over that should help too, and thankfully TNA won’t have to go up against the NBA Playoffs, or the NHL Playoffs again next week, so that’s good.

  • Chris

    I love coming on here after being away and listen to your stupidity lol. Makes me laugh…keep defending your shit product and make yourself look stupid lol

  • cm crybaby

    God I just don’t get u kid. WWE pulled over 4 million viewers 1st and 2nd hr 2mill 9 hundred thousand last hr but were bad numbers. Tna only got 3hundred and 26 thousand but was good number’s. G.T.F.O.H. with all this noise

  • cm crybaby

    My bad was meant to say 3 million but type wrong number. Just now realizing it.

  • Nick GWO

    Hahahahaha TNA IS SHIT! WWE Rules! And you know it! GWO loves WWE that’s for real men to watch. But I have to admit that new bald wrestler named Rex or whatever his name was Braxton? I don’t recall but what a body he has and a sexy deep voice they let him talk on the mic after the match and you can see his abs bursting hard! I’m


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  • Nick

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