TNA Impact Wrestling Viewership Up with Slammiversary Hype

This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus and Rockstar Spud in a Ladder Match, drew 359,000 viewers.

This is up from last week’s 311,000 viewers, the previous week’s 280,000 viewers and the 303,000 from the week before that. This is also a new record since the show has been on POP.

Last week’s show ranked #129 on the Cable Top 150 and this week’s show ranked #85.

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    That is awesome, as 359,000 viewers is TNA’s highest first airing ratings on PopTV, beating out January 26st 339,000 viewers, and it was #85 in the #150, which beats April 26st #91 as the new highest ever raking in the Top 150. So just like I said, with no replay more people will tune into the first airing, and that’s exactly what is happening. In fact this weeks 359,000 viewers actually tied the highest rated Wednesday night show on Destination America, so TNA is slowly but surely getting back, to where they were.

    Now they just have to build on it, but we know that with the DVR & VOD numbers, TNA averages around half a million viewers a week. So TNA just need to stay consistent, and grow the numbers organically, by putting on good shows every week, which is what they’re doing. But this was all up against the NBA Playoff game getting 8.6 million viewers, and the NHL Playoff game getting almost 2 million viewers on cable. Plus the Voice, and DWTS both getting over 10 million viewers on the big networks, so this was all accomplished with major competition on the night.

  • Nick

    Congrats to TNA but it didn’t have me watch it! I prefer the WWE with all them buff dudes with medium cock size! Not enough black men in the “sport”


  • cm crybaby

    Not bad at all. But still no half a million viewers quit begging kid. Those were good but come on with nothing going on in T.v. That day and still way down there 85 is not good. WWE get in top 5 every week.


    It’s around half a million with DVR, and VOD everything week, since they moved to PopTV. That’s coming from the President of PopTV, so I’m not pulling that number out of thin air. There was plenty on TV, as the OKC VS Warrior game got 8.6 million viewers, and the NHL got almost 2 million viewers, so there was major competition on the night.

    TNA is not going to be up there with the WWE in the top 5, they weren’t on Spike with 2 million viewers, so the certainly won’t be now either. But that doesn’t mean, that they can’t improve, and slowly build back up to where they were. It’s going to take time though, as it’s not going happen overnight. Hell it probably won’t happen over a year!


    I know what will happen overnight and that’s getting a dick in my gaping faggot asshole. LOL!

  • Chris


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