WWE MITB, SummerSlam and Night of Champions PPV Buys Announced

As part of its Third Quarter 2010 financial results that were released on Thursday morning, World Wrestling Entertainment
released the official pay-per-view buyrates and revenues for the quarter – and no surprise here, they’re down from last year.

WWE’s 3 pay-per-view events from July-September generated $13.6 million which is down 6.2% from $14.5 million in same quarter in 2009.

Here is the breakdown:

– Money in the Bank (July) did 165,000 buys, down from the 267,000 buys that Night of Champions drew in July 2009.

– SummerSlam (August) did 350,000 buys, down from the 369,000 buys that SummerSlam 2009 drew.

– Night of Champions (September) did a 165,000 buys, down from the 169,000 buys that Breaking Point did in September 2009.

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  • KEN

    WWE doesnt care about decreased ratings, not until TNA starts breathing down their necks as legitimate competition.

  • kirk

    i did the math and wwe number most be wrong i got over 30,000,000

  • TBB

    Did your math include the extra $5 per PPV this year?

  • kirk

    i add up the 3 number and times it by 45

  • anonymous

    Ignore the amount of money they made. The number of buyrates is more important here.
    In July alone, the Money In The Bank PPV drew more than 100,000 LESS buys than the previous years Night Of Champions PPV.
    They need to look at what went wrong there because something has.

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