Hogan Exposes Himself While Playing Video Game with Daughter

– In a new video, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is shown playing the Def Jam Rockstar video game with daughter Brooke and friend Jimmy Hart.

Hogan is shown playing the game with his daughter and then turns to the camera and exposes himself.

You can view the video at this link.

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  • The Mike

    That is not cool.

  • your_mom

    incest much hogan?

  • Mr.Hill

    You wonder why his fiancé looks a lot like his daughter.

  • your_mom

    run away dear brooke, then again, you’ll get ass fucked anyway.

  • killarob

    Haha mine is bigger (point and laugh)

  • warrior

    hogan u sick bastard

  • K Law

    yes! Hogan is finally gonna fuck his daughter i hope they put it on the net cause i love this shit.

  • Mr.Hill

    Hogan is gonna live his gimmick and “go full blown evil” and rape his daughter and brag about it and TNA will just think it’s peachy

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