GCF Impact Raw – November 3, 2010

Welcome to Impact Raw GCF Fans! What a show last week, the main event was announced fro Survivor Series on November 28th. Pope will take on Edge with the World Heavyweight Championship. If you have any feedback or ideas, email me at [email protected]. Let’s get this show started!

Live in the Joe Louis Arena, its Impact Raw! The fans in Detroit are going crazy in anticipation for the show. “Hello everyone, I’m Michael Cole along with my partner Tazz, and Impact Raw is rocking Detroit!”  “The Motor City is so ready for Impact Raw tonight, I mean look at some of these very creative signs they got! Haha!”  The camera zooms in on a few different signs such as Guns kill Christian and Jericho, Go Home Eric Bischoff, and Please RKO Barrett.  “You got that right Tazz. How about the main event for Survivor Series? Edge vs. Pope for the World Heavyweight Championship, that’s going to be amazing!”  “Yeah Cole, but don’t forget about the other two matches announced for Survivor Series? Team Samoa Joe takes on The Alliance and Wade Barrett will face Randy Orton with Jay Lethal serving as the special guest referee! Joe is gonna reveal another one of his partners tonight, last week he told us that The Big Show has joined Joe’s Army!”  “Shelton Benjamin is in action up next against the newest member of Joe’s Army, right now!” Ain’t no stopping me, no!
Benjamin makes his way out to numerous boos and The Alliance follows him out. Shelton walks down the ramp strategizing with his team. Benjamin and all of the Alliance slide into the ring, and wait for the newest member to walk out. They wait for a while, until they hear the music of Evan Bourne!!

Shelton Benjamin vs. Evan Bourne

Bourne sprints down to the ring and Benjamin tries to quickly think of a game plan. Bourne slides in and ducks a clothesline from Benjamin as the bell rings. Bourne runs against the ropes, jumps up, and drops Benjamin down with a dropkick. Benjamin quickly stands, but Bourne attacks him with a flurry of kicks to the leg. Bourne corners Benjamin, and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Bourne springboards off the ropes, right into a hurracarrana to Benjamin from the top turnbuckle!! Bourne has complete control of the match, and now he heads up to the top turnbuckle! Bourne stands, ready to go with the Air Bourne! The referee turns his attention to Angle, who is trying to give Benjamin a foreign object. The referee shouts at Angle to get away, and on the other side of the ring, Charlie Haas gets up to the ring apron, and punches Bourne a few times in the head. This gives Benjamin the time to recover, get to his feet, and spring up to the top turnbuckle! Benjamin hooks Bourne up, and executes a T-Bone Suplex from the top turnbuckle!! Benjamin has the cover, and Angle signals to the referee to look over at it. The referee jumps over the pin, One, Two, Bourne kicks out! Every member of the Alliance cannot believe it, but Bourne kicked out. Swagger pounds his hand on the ring apron, and slides in the ring. Swagger grabs Bourne’s ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock!!

Winner by DQ- Evan Bourne

Angle takes the advantage and gets into the ring. Kurt locks in the Ankle Lock on Evan’s other foot, and Bourne is trapped in a double Ankle Lock!! Bourne is tapping trying to get out, but they won’t let up. Joe’s music hits, and the Alliance prepares for a fight. Joe and Big Show run down the ring, and begin brawling with Shelton, Haas, and Nash. Angle orders Swagger to get out there while Kurt watches from inside the ring. The Army gets the upper hand, and Joe and Show double Irish Whip Nash into the steel stairs!! Show and Joe stare at Kurt, and Angle starts to back away. Kurt turns around, and is hit with a GORE, GORE, GORE!!!! Rhino out of no where hits Angle with a Gore! Rhino helps Evan get to his feet, while Big Show and Joe get into the ring. Joe puts Evan on his shoulders, and the four men celebrate. “Does this mean Rhino is in the Army Tazz?!”  “I’m pretty sure Cole. I can’t see any other reason why they would be rejoicing right now if he wasn’t!”  We now go to the back with Todd Grisham for his weekly interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, The Viper, Randy Orton. Randy, what are your thoughts on your match against your nemesis Wade Barrett and Jay Lethal?”  “Todd, at Resurrection, I was going to beat Barrett. I was going to show the world that Barrett is just all talk. I was going to silence him with one RKO. But none of that happened because of Jay Lethal. If you remember back to the first ever Impact Raw, Wade Barrett and I had our first encounter. That’s what everyone remembers, but their was one more man there. Jay Lethal was there trying to do a stupid impression of me, and I hit him with an RKO. The next week, there was a handicap match, which was where Barrett took Lethal and yours truly out. Lethal made his return at Resurrection and ruined my match. Now Lethal you better call that match right down the middle or you will become a target. Call the match down the middle, or else.” Orton looks at the camera with a menacing smile, and we fade back to the arena.
“Oh man Cole, Orton is pissed. This definitely adds some fire to that match at Survivor Series. Do you think Jay is gonna call it down the middle?”  “Absolutely not, Lethal wants revenge on both of those men, and I don’t think he cares who wins!”  RVD’s music hits and its time for his next match.

RVD vs. William Regal

RVD walks out to all of his fans support. RVD walks down the ramp and does his signature taunt, but from behind, it’s Tommy Dreamer with a chair! Tommy hits RVD with the chair, and Rob falls hard to the ground. Dreamer throws the chair down, picks RVD, and hits the Dreamer DDT on RVD, his head slamming into the chair! Van Dam is busted wide open, and Dreamer loves it. Tommy looks underneath the ring, and pulls out a table! Tommy sets the table up, and puts RVD in a fireman’s carry position. Dreamer smiles at the fans, who are all booing him, and then delivers the Dreamer Driver to RVD through the table! Dreamer laughs and signals for someone to come down to the ring. William Regal’s music hits and the Englishmen happily comes down to the chaos by the ring. Dreamer throws RVD in the ring, and the referee immediately tells Dreamer to leave. Regal slowly gets into the ring, and smugly smiles at the fallen RVD. The bell rings and the referee reluctantly starts the match. RVD valiantly gets up to his feet, but is quickly brought back down with a vicious Running Regal Knee! William stomps on RVD’s head, and then locks in the Regal Stretch! RVD tries to fight it, but he can’t move. RVD fades away and loses consciousness. The referee rings the bell and this one is over

Winner by Referee’s Decision- William Regal

Regal stands and raises his hand arrogantly. Dreamer gets back into the ring and says a few words to RVD, before raising Regal’s hand in victory. The bloody Van Dam just lies on the mat, blood gushing from his face. Dreamer and Regal laugh at Rob on the way up the ramp and then exit the arena. Medical personnel attend to Rob when he wakes up, but he refuses the help. Van Dam stares at the top of the ramp and watches the replays on the titantron in disgust.
Rob limps to the back, and as soon as he gets to the back, the lights shut off. “What the? What’s going on Cole?”  “I have no idea Tazz, this is really weird?!” Flames appear on the titantron, and a devious hysterical laugh is heard in the background. The titantron turns black again, and now the titantron shows a security guard in the back, his face bleeding and barely conscious being cornered by someone. We can see only the shadow of the man cornering this security guard, and we see him pull out some kind of object. The security guard uses what energy he has left to try to call for help, but no one is around. The security guard seems like he has given up hope, when the man with the object says, “Wanna know how I got these scars?” The security guard grimaces, and we hear the demonic laugh again. The object is brought towards the guard, when the titantron goes black and the lights turn back on. Cole screams, “Oh my god!!! Someone get some help back there! Who was that?!”  “I don’t know Cole, but I know who he was acting like. He used the famous words of Batman’s nemesis The Joker! I hope that guy is alright.”  “Who was that?? How did he get that disturbing image on the titantron?”  “Whoever he is, he has some type of connection.”  I am Perfection!

X Division Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. Shannon Moore

Ziggler walks out with his X Division Title, looking a little worried. Ziggler is looking up at the titantron, and you can tell tat what he is worried about is what was just transpired on the titantron with the security guard. Ziggler walks down the ramp, watching his own back just in case. Dolph hops into the ring, asks for a mic, and speaks, “Granted, I am a little shaken up after what I just saw on the titantron, but I still want to say what I wanted to say. I did NOT have anything to do with taking out Rey Mysterio. If I wanted Mysterio to go away, I would have done it during my match that night. Just to prove that I did not do it, I asked Eric Bischoff to make this a title match. So let’s go Shannon, I’m giving you a free shot at the gold.”  Ziggler tosses the mic out of the ring, and Moore’s music hits. Shannon walks out and high fives all the fans around him. Moore walks down the ramp, signaling that he is ready to get the gold. Moore slides into the ring, and takes off his jacket. The bell rings, and Moore gets ready for a lock up. Ziggler moves in, but instead kicks Moore in the gut. Ziggler continues kicking Moore, but after a while begins elbowing him. The referee tells Dolph to lay off, and he does. Dolph taunts the crowd as Moore tries to get up, and it looks like Dolph is all ready going for a sleeper. Moore gets to his feet, and Ziggler locks in the Sleeper! Moore tries to fight out, but Dolph won’t let go. Moore uses all his strength to push Ziggler into the corner, causing Dolph to break it. Moore throws Ziggler away from the corner, and then heads up to the top turnbuckle. Moore jumps down and executes the Mooregasm!! Moore reaches over for a pin, but Dolph rolls out of the ring. Moore slams his hands down, and goes to the outside. Moore picks Dolph up and delivers two snap suplexes onto the thin padding on the outside!! Dolph grabs his back, and Moore gets back into the ring. Dolph gets to his feet using the barricade, while Moore rallies the fans up. Dolph walks over to his belt, and tries to get in the ring. The referee stops him and tries to pull the belt from him. While the referee is distracted with Dolph, a masked man emerges from underneath the ring! The man sneaks into the ring, and levels Moore with a Steel Pipe! Moore falls to the mat, and the man jumps back out of the ring. The man runs up the ramp, and Ziggler finally gives the belt back to the referee. Ziggler gets back into the ring, and is surprised to see Moore laid out. Dolph covers Moore and orders the referee to get into the ring. The referee slides back into the ring, and counts the pin, One, Two, and Three.

Winner and Still X Division Champion- Dolph Ziggler

“Dolph picks up the win, but with some serious help from that masked man. What is with all these mystery men Tazz?”  “I have no idea Cole, but when Shannon wakes up he isn’t gonna be happy!”  Ziggler walks up the ramp with a confused yet happy look on his face. Dolph puts his championship on his shoulder and struts to the back. The cameras then bring us to the back where Josh Mathews is trying to get an interview with someone.
Josh is running up to two men, trying to get their attention. The men stop, and turn around. It’s the Motor City Machine Guns! The Detroit fans go wild in the arena, and Josh finally gets to ask his questions. “Guys, what are you going to do now that Chris Jericho and Christian retained the titles at Resurrection? From what I hear, Jericho and Christian are telling everyone that they will not be giving you two a title shot as long as their champions.”  “Both men grin, before Alex smiles and speaks, “Well is that little rumor going around is true, then Jericho and Christian are going to have to eat their words. We just talked to Jeff Jarrett, and he said that at Survivor Series, its Jericho and Christian, against The Motor City Machineguns for GCF Tag Team Championship!! Just to guarantee that they won’t try to get any help to beat us again, we convinced Jeff to make this match a Steel Cage Match!!” Alex pats Josh on the back, and The Guns walks away.
“Holy Crap Cole, that’s huge! Jericho and Christian’s titles are in serious jeopardy!”  “Absolutely Tazz,  but right now I am receiving word that Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff have agreed on a main event and it will happen right now!”  “What is it Cole?!”  “The Pope will reluctantly team up with Carlito, to take on the Intercontinental Champion Tyler Black, and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge!!” Pope is Pimpin! Aahhh!!

D’Angelo Dinero and Carlito vs. Tyler Black and Edge

The money falls from the ceiling and Pope enter to a huge loving reaction from the Detroit fans. Pope walks down the ramp, looking very excited, probably over his huge victory in the Five Man Scramble match last week to earn a shot at Edge’s World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series. Pope slowly gets into the ring, and displays his infamous arrogance that we all love by posing for the crowd. Carlito’s music hits and he makes his way out to the exact opposite reaction from the Pope. The arena is filled with boo’s, but Carlito doesn’t seem to care. After his attack on IC Champion Tyler Black last week, he made it clear that his sights are set on the Intercontinental Championship. Carlito slides into the ring and says a few words to Pope. Dinero sarcastically nods his head and informs Carlito that he will be going in first. Black’s music hits and the fans give him a roar of approval. The fans love the Intercontinental Champion, Tyler Black! Black walks out with his title wrapped around his waste and point to Carlito. Black stares a whole right through Carlito, and it looks like Carlito isn’t ready for this match. Black walks down the ramp, nodding his head and showing some respect to the crowd, but its pretty obvious that he wants to get his hands on Carlito. Tyler hops into the ring, right as Carlito gets out to stay away from Black. Pope calls Carlito something, gets into the ring, and shakes Black’s hand. Pope tells Black not to worry about Carlito, before they both become silent as they hear, You think you know me!  Edge gets the loudest, best reaction of the entire night! Edge walks through the fog with his World Title and seriously eyes down every person in the ring. Edge then turns his attention to the fans, and smiles at all the Edgeheads in the building. Edge comes down the ramp giving some high fives to fans at ringside. Edge slides into the ring, takes his jacket and title off, and orders that the match starts. Edge tells Black he will go in first, so it is Edge and Carlito to start this one off as the bell rings. Carlito gets ready to fight, but Pope tags himself in! Carlito yells at Pope, but Pope intimidates Carlito out of the ring. Pope and Edge get eye to eye and say a few words, but Pope Pimp slaps Edge! Edge goes down to one knee, and Pope locks in a headlock. Edge reverses with an Irish Whip, but Pope grabs the ropes and runs back at Edge, but is hit with a huge big boot by Edge! Edge grabs his jaw, still feeling the effects of that slap. Edge picks Pope up, and lets him stand, but Edge puts Pope down with a vicious slap of his own! Edge takes advantage of the stunned Pope by Irish whipping him, but again Pope holds onto the ropes. Before Pope can go at Edge again, Carlito tags himself in! Carlito gets in the ring, and physically throws Pope to the outside! Carlito turns around, and Edge goes for a Spear, but Carlito counters and tosses Edge to the outside as well! Carlito is all alone in the ring, while Pope and Edge try to get to their feet on the outside. Both men get to their feet at the same time, and a stare down between the two occurs. Pope backs away and gets back up on the ring apron, and Edge gets back into the ring. Carlito tries to attack Edge, but he shoves him away. Edge walks back over to Carlito, but is leveled with a dropkick! Carlito covers Edge, One, Two, Edge kicks out. Carlito stomps down on Edge, but Edge manages to get to his feet and clothesline Carlito down! Edge covers, One, Two, kick out by Carlito. Edge pulls his hair back, but then regains himself and picks up Carlito. Edge whips him into the corner, and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Edge tries to get up there with him, but Carlito punches Edge’s head until Edge falls back down to the mat. Carlito turns himself around, and stands with his back facing Edge on the second turnbuckle. Edge gets to his feet, and Carlito jumps backwards at him and connects with a devastating diving back elbow smash! Carlito crawls over to Edge for a cover, One, Two, Edge kicks somehow kicks out! Carlito pounds his fists into the mat out of frustration, and gets Edge to his feet. Carlito whips Edge into the ropes, and when he comes back, the two competitors clothesline each other down!! Both men are laid out, and try to crawl over to their partner. Edge reaches over to tag Black but he isn’t close enough yet. Carlito gets over to Pope and reaches his hand out to tag, but right before he does; Pope gets down from the ring apron! Carlito screams at him, demanding him to tag, but Pope just laughs at him. Carlito gets up, and turns his attention back to Edge, but he realizes that Edge just tagged in Black! Carlito runs over to Black’s corner, and tries to cheaply punch him off, but Black catches Carlito and stuns him across the ropes! Carlito backs up, trying to regain his composure, and when he does, he is greeted by a Springboard Clothesline from Black! Carlito falls hard to the ground, and Black signals that it’s time to go up to the top turnbuckle. Black makes his way up there, and gets in position. Black points to the fans, before jumping and executing a perfect Corkscrew 450 Splash on Carlito!! Tyler Black hits two moves on Carlito, and already goes for a pin, One, Two, Three, he got him!!

Winners- Edge and Tyler Black!!

Black throws his hand in the air, and he is extremely pumped about this win. Black helps Edge get to his feet, and hands him his World Heavyweight Championship. Black gets his IC Title, and the two shake hands. Edge stares at Pope who is walking back up the ramp after abandoning his partner, Carlito. “What a great main event Tazz! Tyler Black and Edge are two of the best in the world, and they shoed it tonight!”  “Pope and Edge showed during that match that there is definitely some tension between these two, and Cole, I love it!”  “I believe we are out of time tonight, we will see you next week, on Impact Raw!!” The final shot is of Pope standing on the top of the ramp, clapping at Edge for his victory, déjà vu from last week when Edge was clapping at Pope for his win.




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