Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Results – 11/5/2010

Thanks to David for the following WWE tapings from tonight’s show in Brideport, CT:

WWE SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge ends when Nexus, minus Wade Barrett, attacks them both. David Otunga says they are taking over SmackDown. Rey Mysterio, Kane and Big Show come out for the save. Nexus vs. Edge, Del Rio, Show, Kane and Rey is announced for later.

* Dolph Ziggler beat JTG. Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn got into it after the match. Vickie storms into Teddy Long’s office and he makes Vickie vs. Kaitlyn.

* Nexus attacks Rey Mysterio backstage. Otunga says Barrett is overseas.

* MVP beat Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre in a three-way to earn an Intercontinental Title shot.

* Vickie Guerrero beat Kaitlyn.

* Teddy announces Kofi Kingston will replace Rey Mysterio in the main event.

* Kelly Kelly and Kaval were congratulating MVP backstage when Nexus attacked Kaval and MVP.

* Tyler Reks beat Chris Masters with his new finisher.

* Edge, Big Show, Kane and Kofi Kingston beat Nexus when Edge speared Otunga. Edge also speared Kane. Del Rio left his team when Big Show accidently shoved him into the railing at ringside.

* In the dark main event, Edge beat Kane by DQ when Kane used the World Title belt.

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  • K Law

    I can only guess that WWE is planting the seed for David Otunga to be kicked out of Nexus… I’m sure Wade had no knowledge of them showing up on Smackdown… And how in the hell did Vickie Guerrero beat Kaitlyn?

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