WWE Raw Results – November 1, 2010

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with the WWE Champion. Randy Orton makes his way out to a big pop and kicks off RAW. Orton says there isn’t a man alive that can take the title from him, but, if someone did, he would accept it. Orton says he can’t accept a loss if it comes at the hands of a crooked referee, especially if that crooked referee is John Cena. The crowd boo’s. Orton calls Cena out to the ring.

Cena comes out and tells Orton to cut him some slack. Cena talks about the stipulations where he could be fired or freed from Nexus. Cena says if something happens in the ring at Survivor Series…. Cena says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do – he’s either free or fired. Orton says this is Cena’s bleeding heart way of telling him he is going to get screwed. Orton says Cena might keep his job at Survivor Series but he will be the biggest phony in WWE. Cena goes off about how he doesn’t like being under Wade Barrett and Nexus’ control. Cena says Barrett and Nexus have everyone controlled. Cena says he hates to say this but Barrett may have the skill to win the WWE Title but can’t do it straight up. Cena rips on Barrett. The Nexus music hits and out they come.

Barrett mocks Cena and gives him permission to say whatever he wants. Barrett says actions speak louder than words and they both know that Cena will do exactly what he says. Barrett says Cena will raise his hand as the new WWE Champion at Survivor Series. Cena says it’s all coming to an end at Survivor Series and whatever happens, he won’t go quietly. Cena promises to leave Barrett with a parting gift. Orton speaks up and says he doesn’t have to wait until Survivor Series. Orton calls Barrett scared and pathetic. Orton says he is going to beat on Barrett until he’s unconscious. Orton challenges Barrett to come to the ring by himself. Barrett starts walking when the e-mail alert goes off.

Michael Cole steps to the podium. The GM says everyone wants to know what Cena is going to do and we should find out tonight. Barrett and a partner of his choice vs. Orton and a partner of his choice is announced for later tonight. Cena will be the special guest referee. The RAW music hits and we go to break.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. The Hart Dynasty

We’re back and the WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are in the ring waiting. Out next comes The Hart Dynasty, without Natalya, for this non-title match. Slater and Tyson Kidd start things out. Tyson takes Slater to the mat and tags in David Hart Smith. Smith goes to work on Slater and works on his arm.

Smith hits a big suplex on Slater and covers him for a 2 count. Smith with uppercuts. Gabriel tags himself in but Smith doesn’t see it. Gabriel takes down Smith from behind and starts working him over. Slater comes back in for some double teaming. Nexus continues to tag back and forth, stomping on Smith. Slater is back in with more kicks and right hands. Gabriel comes in one more time and applies a headlock. Smith catches Gabriel with a big scoop slam. Kidd is tagged in. He dropkicks Gabriel and knocks him down twice. Kidd with a nice neckbreaker and a 2 count as Slater broke up the pin. Smith throws Slater to the floor and works him over on the outside. Kidd dropkicks Gabriel to the floor. There’s some confusion on the floor. Kidd dives over the ropes and accidentally lands on Smith. Kidd tries to fight off Slater and Gabriel but can’t. Gabriel drops him and hits the 450 for the win.

Winners: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

– After the match, Nexus pose with their belts as Smith yells at Kidd from ringside.

– We go backstage where John Cena is. R-Truth comes in and says Cena got buck earlier tonight when he told Barrett what would happen to him after Survivor Series. Truth asks Cena what he’s going to do. Cena shakes his head and walks off. We go to break.

Sheamus vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Back from the break and out comes Sheamus to the ring. Sheamus says Santino Marella got a huge upset last week. Sheamus says Santino didn’t beat him, he beat himself. Sheamus calls Santino out. Santino comes dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Santino says he respects Sheamus as a human being and says he’s a bit of a fan. Santino says he dressed as Sheamus for Halloween but everyone kept thinking he was a ghost. Santino says he ate too much candy last night and pretends to be sick. Santino says he might throw up in Sheamus’ face if he comes to the ring to wrestle. Santino says he found a replacement and out comes Vladimir Kozlov.

Sheamus and Kozlov lock up and go at it. Eventually Sheamus takes it to the corner and beats Kozlov down. Sheamus with a backbreaker and a 2 count. Sheamus drops knees on Kozlov now. Kozlov drops Sheamus with a big boot and gets a 2 count of his own. The end comes when Sheamus lays Kozlov out with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the match, Santino tries crawling in the ring but Sheamus turns around and stops him. Santino backs out of the ring and Sheamus follows him to the ramp. Santino gives Sheamus some candy and pulls money out of his wallet. Sheamus isn’t interested by any of this. Sheamus continues backing Santino up the ramp. Sheamus shoves Santino on the stage and goes for the Irish Curse. John Morrison comes out for the save. Morrison kicks Sheamus in the head, sending him off the stage. Santino’s music hits and he celebrates with Morrison as Sheamus looks on from the floor.

– We see Randy Orton walking backstage. R-Truth walks up and says he didn’t like what he saw when talking to John Cena. Truth says Cena should have quit when everything first started and he’s not going to now. Truth says Cena’s not going to let himself get fired at Survivor Series. Truth thinks Cena is going to count Barrett victorious at Survivor Series. Orton proposes that Truth be his tag team partner tonight. Orton says something about Cena not having any friends and we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Mark Henry is on the phone with someone talking about how it’s not the same since his friend and tag partner Evan Bourne got hurt. The camera pans and we see that Henry is talking to Pee-Wee Herman, who is right beside him. Herman tells a story about getting a splinter. They hang up and Henry says he needs to find a tag partner. Pee-Wee says he would love to be Henry’s partner. Henry says Pee-Wee is his idol and just the man to give him a big hug. Henry bear hugs Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee says how about some Diva Twister. The Divas come in with a Twister game. Pee-Wee spins it and Henry starts playing Twister with the Divas, Melina, Eve Torres and The Bella Twins. Herman addresses the WWE fans and says he’s here to take over RAW tonight with surprises. He calls Lita into the room and it’s the former Women’s Champion. She says that’s right. Pee-Wee tells her to join the Twister game and she knocks her hips into everyone, knocking them down.

– Back from a commercial break and Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s guest star, Pee-Wee Herman. Pee-Wee makes his way down to the ring. Pee-Wee says he is feeling RAW tonight. Pee-Wee plays the old secret word game and it is…. “ring.” Whenever anyone says the secret word tonight, we have to scream very loud. Pee-Wee says “ring” and this comes off lame. Pee-Wee goes on but The Miz and Alex Riley interrupt him.

Miz says Pee-Wee is the lowest point in RAW’s history. Miz says he was always more of a He-Man fan. Pee-Wee tells Miz to marry He-Man then. Miz tells Pee-Wee to get out of his “ring.” That’s the secret word. Wow. Miz calls it stupid and says “ring” again. Miz rips on Pee-Wee and calls him a pathetic excuse for a man. I know what you are but what am I, asks Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee keeps cutting Riley and Miz off when they try to talk. Miz asks Pee-Wee if he’s stupid. Miz asks Herman if he wants to get beat up. More comedy from Herman. Pee-Wee says Miz is starting to make him angry. Pee-Wee says he has his cousin backstage. Miz says he will destroy whoever it is. Big Show’s music hits and out he comes. Show is dressed in a suit like Herman is acting like a fool.

Riley and Miz rush Big Show. Show grabs them both by the neck and shoves them out of the ring. Show and Pee-Wee goof off when the e-mail alert goes off and Cole steps up to the podium. It’s announced Miz will face Big Show. Show dances with Pee-Wee. We go to commercial, finally.

The Miz vs. Big Show

Back from commercial and Big Show and Miz are going at it. Show with big chops in the corner after back and forth action. Miz flees to the floor and talks with Alex Riley. Miz makes it back in the ring and they lock up again. Show tosses Miz across the ring. Show with another huge chop. Show continues to dominate Miz. Miz dodges a clothesline and goes for Show’s leg. Show fights back with a headbutt but Miz keeps kicking at Show’s legs. Show with a big clothesline and scoop slam.

Show drops an elbow and gets a 2 count. Miz starts fighting back and finally takes out Show’s leg, dropping him to one knee. Miz with right hands and elbows to Big Show before applying a headlock. Show stands up with Miz still on his back and falls on top of him. Show with a headbutt in the corner. Show climbs to the second rope and taunts Riley. Show bounces and goes for a splash but Miz moves out of the way. 1 count by Miz as Show pushes him off. Miz stomps on Show and kicks him in the head. Miz comes off the top with a shot to the head. And another. Miz goes up top a third time and finally knocks Show off his feet. 2 count by Miz.

Show starts coming back and launches Miz over his head, down to the mat. Show goes for a big back splash in the corner but Miz moves. Miz runs into Show’s hand around his throat. Riley gets on the apron but Show pushes Miz into him. The briefcase is now in the ring. The referee calls for the bell as Miz decks Show with the briefcase.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

– Miz and Riley stare down Show from the ramp as Show’s music plays.

– Cole leads us into more Stand Up For WWE footage.

– Miz and Riley stare down Show from the ramp as Show’s music plays.

– Cole leads us into more Stand Up For WWE footage.

– We go backstage with John Cena and Wade Barrett. Barrett wants Cena to clean his locker room after raising his hand in victory tonight. After Cena sweeps, mops and everything, Barrett wants him to scrub his back. Barrett walks off. David Otunga walks in and says it won’t be Barrett victorious tonight, it will be him in the match. Otunga says he has more talent than anyone in Nexus, including Cena, and walks off. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a “Shattered Dreams” productions video which is a promo for Goldust and Aksana’s wedding on tomorrow night’s WWE NXT.

Ted DiBiase vs. Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring and out comes Ted DiBiase with Maryse. Out next comes the WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan. The bell rings and they lock up. Ted takes it to the corner. Bryan turns it around and unloads with kicks. Ted responds with a big boot to the head and a bunch of stomps in the corner. Ted tosses Bryan into the opposite corner and keeps up the offense. Bryan fights back but Ted keeps control until he runs into a big boot. Ted knocks Bryan off the ropes and down to the floor.

Ted hits a series of rights on top of Bryan and eventually applies a headlock on the mat. Bryan gets to his feet and fights back. Bryan rolls Ted up for a 2 count. Bryan with another roll-up for 2. Bryan counters a move off the ropes and clotheslines DiBiase down. Bryan hits nasty kicks on Ted while he’s on his knees. Ted catches Bryan in a sitdown powerbomb for 2. Ted goes for Dream Street but Bryan counters with the LaBell Lock. Ted taps out to give Bryan the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, Maryse gets in the ring and questions Ted. He says he can’t concentrate without his Million Dollar Belt. He says they are going to break up the wedding and we go back to a break.

– Back from commercial and out comes Layla and Michelle McCool. They cut their music and say nobody likes them anymore. They apologize to the WWE Universe and call themselves compassionate. They call Natalya special and pick on her for being Canadian. McCool says they’re going to be nice and give Natalya a shot at the belt at Survivor Series, only if she beats McCool tonight.

Natalya vs. Michelle McCool

Out comes Natalya to face Michelle McCool with a Survivor Series title shot on the line. The bell rings and they lock up. Natalya takes McCool down first but they go back and forth. Natalya drops McCool on her back and goes to work. McCool runs into a big elbow in the corner. McCool pulls Natalya from the second rope and drops her on the mat for 2.

– Back from the break and Prize, the doctor, is still talking to Vince, who is in a coma. The doc mentions how his wife Linda comes and sees him still everyday, even though she’s running for office. Prinze mentions how she’s spent $50 million and he wakes up from the coma. Vince has Linda stickers all over him. Vince says as long as things are ok in WWE, then he’s fine. Prinze says as a fan, things aren’t running smooth in WWE. Prinze tells Vince that Taker has been buried, Nexus is alive and Cena is with them, Paul Bearer’s back, Goldust is getting married and RAW is currently being ran by Pee-Wee Herman. All of this shocks Vince. Vince says the next thing he will hear is Daniel Bryan has the US Title. Vince gets up, pulling the equipment off him and says he has to go to the bathroom. Vince tells the doctor to stand back, he’s going to blow… he stops. Vince says if his wife can run for Senate, then he can run to be the President. Vince talks off to the bathroom and has a Richard Blumenthal sign taped to his rear end.

The camera cuts to Stephanie McMahon in bed. She wakes up and all of that was her dream. She talks to her “honey” and it’s Triple H. She asks if dad is still in a coma and Triple H is pretty sure of it, or maybe brain dead. Stephanie turns the light off and that’s it.

– John Cena comes out to the ring in his referee gear as we go to commercial.

Wade Barrett and David Otunga vs. Randy Orton and R-Truth

Back from the break and out comes the team of David Otunga and Wade Barrett. Cena, the referee, waits in the ring. Out next comes R-Truth followed by the WWE Champion Randy Orton to a big pop. Otunga and Orton start things off. They lock up and go to the corner. Otunga with a knee and right hands in the corner. Otunga kicks Orton repeatedly and down he goes. Orton gets back up and clotheslines Otunga. Orton with offense now. Orton runs into an elbow in the corner and Barrett is tagged in. Orton clotheslines Barrett and works on him in the corner.

Orton unloads on Barrett until Cena has to pull him off. Cena and Orton have words which lets Barrett attack from behind. Otunga is tagged in but Orton hits a big powerslam on him. Otunga goes to the floor and Orton follows with an uppercut. Orton goes to throw Otunga into the steps but Otunga reverses and Orton lands hard on the steps. Otunga brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Barrett is tagged in and he starts stomping on Orton. Barrett works over Orton and applies a headlock. Orton powers out, slams Barrett and tags in Truth as Otunga comes in. Truth unloads on Otunga. Truth does his signature moves and kicks Otunga in the jaw for a 2 count.

Barrett comes in and hits a big sideslam on Truth for a 2 count. Barrett with right hands and a backbreaker. Barrett continues to dominate and goes to the second rope. Barrett misses a big elbow drop as Truth rolls out of the way. Otunga distracts Cena and Cena doesn’t see Orton tag in. Orton comes in but Cena makes him leave and they argue. Nexus double team Truth while his back is turned. Barrett tags in Otunga now. Otunga slams Truth and drops an elbow for a 2 count. Barrett comes back in and continues the offense on Truth. Otunga is tagged in again and get another 2 count. Otunga with a headlock. Truth fights out but they collide in mid-air. Otunga tags in Barrett but Cena doesn’t see it. Barrett and Cena argue. Orton comes in and RKO’s Otunga. Orton attacks Barrett while Truth pins Otunga for the win.

Winners: R-Truth and Randy Orton

– After the match, Cena and Barrett argue at ringside about Cena not seeing the tag. Cena walks up the ramp as Orton poses in the ring with the WWE Title. RAW goes off the air with Barrett looking back and forth between Cena and Orton.




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    WWE is getting more and more sloppy. Did anyone else catch Michael Cole reading from the script he had laying on the GM’s computer keyboard? It’s obvious the laptop is fake but c’mon try to at least sell the stupid gimmick correctly!! Jeebus….

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    pee wee 3:16!!!!!!!!!!

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    RAW could had been better but yet, seeing Lita was great! She’s still fucking hot! Damn I wish she would return and destroy Laycool! I don’t see why WWE didn’t do some kind of segment with the 3 of them… WWE could really make some money by having Lita and Trish team up against Laycool at WM27! Maybe put both of those Divas Titles on the line.

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