Matt Hardy Posts a Video on Randy Orton, More on Chris Jericho

– Chris Jericho was asked about a WWE return at the Ringside Fest in New York City this weekend. Jericho said he has no timetable for a return and when the time is right, everyone will know.

– Matt Hardy is back with another video with his thoughts on Randy Orton and it’s probably not what everyone expected. Watch it below:

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Partial source: PWInsider




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    i hated matt before… but he earned some respect now from my part after watching this. he seems more mature and determined to not be forced into being something he doesnt wanna be.

  • lawrence

    I agree

  • Murmer

    a lot of fans on the internet hate matt so much and i dont get why.. many take shots at his illness or his weight and i find it shallow of them. and stupid. if you are annoyed by his videos or comments online, heres an idea.. dont watch his videos or read his comments. and if his comments are posted on wrestling sites you go on.. then dont click on the article that has his name in it. he has every right to speak his mind. this is coming from someone who isnt the biggest matt hardy fan.

  • Your-mom

    enough already! SHUT UP MATT! SHUT UP MATT! SHUT UP MATT! Go help your stupid fag brother with his drug addiction.

  • Dina

    u earned some respect now……BUT…..TNA employee ….goto hell u & ur brother

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