GCF Impact Raw – October 27, 2010

Welcome GCF fans to Impact Raw! We are fresh off of Resurrection this past Sunday, and I recommend that you check that out. The next PPV is Survivor Series, which will be on November 28th! If you have anything you want to say or possible ideas, comment or email me at [email protected]. Shall we begin?

For the first time ever, GCF is being brought to you from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida! “Hello everyone, and welcome to Impact Raw! We are live from the Impact Zone here tonight, and many of the superstars in the back are finally home! I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and Tazz, I have to say, welcome back!”  “Haha, I am home Cole! I am back in the Impact Zone and I know we are gonna have a great show!”  “Tazz, this past Sunday was Resurrection, and what a night it was! Tyler Black wins the IC Title in a great match with Zack Ryder. Chris Jericho and Christian retain the tag team belts using some underhanded tactics, and Rey Mysterio was taken out by a mysterious assailant, causing him to forfeit the X Division Title. Tommy Dreamer won the Hardcore Invitational by pinning RVD. Sheamus lost by DQ to AJ Styles after beating him with a chair, and from what I hear, AJ suffered several injuries from the attack. Randy Orton and Wade Barrett fought to a no contest after Jay Lethal interfered and attacked both men. Finally, Edge retained the World Heavyweight Title in one of the best matches in GCF history!”  “Man Cole, every match was great and some crazy twists and turns. But now, we have so many questions like, who attacked Rey Mysterio? Who will become the new Number One contenders for all the belts? What happens now in the Alliance? I think some of the questions will be answered tonight!”  New IC Champ Tyler Black’s music hits and it looks like its time for the first match of the night!

Tyler Black vs. Curt Hawkins

Black receives a standing ovation from the crowd, as the Champ walks down the ramp with his belt draped over his shoulder. Black slides into the ring, and poses for the fans. Curt Hawkins is out next to a very mixed reaction from the audience. Hawkins is making his GCF debut right now, as he gets into the ring. Hawkins signals that he is ready, and the bell rings. Hawkins runs over to Black and offers to shake his hand. Black accepts, but Hawkins tries to kick him in the stomach. Black catches the kick and pushes Hawkins away. Curt goes right back at him, but this time Black manages to lift him into a Fireman’s Carry position! Black moves to the center of the ring, while Hawkins desperately tries to fight out of it. Black though, manages to withstand the defense from Hawkins, and drop Curt with a Fireman’s Carry Facebuster! Black pounds his feet down, trying to get the crowd behind him. Black measures Hawkins for a Superkick, but Hawkins rolls out of the ring before Black can deliver. Black sees that Hawkins isn’t paying attention, so Tyler runs and jumps over the ropes onto Hawkins! Tyler isn’t done with Curt yet though, as he picks Hawkins up, and Irish whips him right into the Steel steps! Black gets a roar of approval from the fans, and he is ready to end this. Black tosses Curt back into the ring, and climbs to the top turnbuckle from the outside! Black measures, and performs a perfect Corkscrew 450 Splash!! Before Tyler can cover though, Carlito’s music comes on. Black stands and looks over towards the entrance ramp. Carlito emerges from the back with an apple in hand. Carlito slowly walks to the ring, while Black tries to scare him off. Carlito stops in front of the ring, and Black starts getting ready for a fight. Black puts his head through the ropes to get eye to eye with Carlito, but the referee tries to pull him away. While the referee is distracted trying to get Black away, Carlito spits apple right into the eyes of Black! Tyler backs away, and it looks like he can’t see a thing. Carlito smiles and Hawkins from behind rolls up Black! One Two, Black kicks out! Both men get back to their feet, but Black hastily nails Hawkins with a lightning quick Superkick! Black gets to his knees, and goes for a pin, One, Two, and Three. Tyler Black prevails and gets the win.

Winner- Tyler Black

Black gets up to celebrate his win, but he is quickly sent back down with a Backstabber by Carlito! Carlito sneaks into the ring and hits a vulnerable Black! Carlito grabs the IC Title and holds it close to his face. Carlito orders the referee to put the title on him, and the ref does. Carlito smiles after the belt is put on him and you can hear him say, “I like the looks of this.” Carlito rips the belt back off and throws it on Black. Carlito then picks up his apple and takes a bite. Carlito chews on the apple for a second, before he spits it into Black’s face. “What a sign of disrespect Tazz. Tyler was on top of the world after winning the Intercontinental Championship, and Carlito had to ruin that.”  “I think it was smart, Carlito obviously wants the gold, and he wanted to tell everyone that it was his for the taking.”  “Remember Tazz, Carlito was suspended a few weeks back after Domination for his vicious assault on MVP. Now he’s back, and he just put himself in the IC Title picture.”
We are brought to the back, where we see the Alliance talking in their locker room. Angle starts, “Where were you guys when I needed you huh? Oh yeah I remember, Kevin you were getting Speared, Jack you were getting choked, and you two (pointing to Shelton and Charlie) were taking each other out! The goal of this group is to win championships. You guys can’t start winning championships until I win the World Title! Resurrection was perfect! It was a No DQ match, you guys could have taken out either one of them and the match would have kept going! I already talked to Jarrett, and he said that I won’t be facing Edge at Survivor Series for the World Title, but the only good news is, neither will Joe. So whichever unlucky sap walks out of Survivor Series as World Heavyweight Champion, will have to face me.”  The Alliance members all clap, until they hear a pound on the door. Angle motions for Shelton to get it, and he does. Angle continues to talk to his Alliance members until they hear a loud crack! Angle, Nash, Haas, and Swagger go around the corner to see Shelton lying on the ground covered in blood, and Samoa Joe standing over him with a baseball bat! Everyone backs away, and Joe begins to move close to them. Joe stops right in front of everyone, and begins to talk. “Neither of us will be facing anyone for a World Title until I end this Alliance once and for all. All of you cost me the World Heavyweight Title, and I will not forget it. At Survivor Series, Your team of five against my team of five in an Elimination Tag Match. The Angle Alliance against my hand picked Army. The best part is, I already talked to the GM’s, and they love the idea. Charlie, you better lace up your boots, because tonight, you will face the first member of my Army. You’ll just have to go out there and see who it is.”  Joe walks away, and kicks the unconscious Benjamin on the way out. Angle is struggling to find something to say, but he can’t find the right words. Finally, Swagger talks for everyone by saying, “Good luck Charlie” in a very sarcastic tone.
“My man Joe is pissed off. That’s all got to say!”  “Well I guess its official! Samoa Joe is going to be forming a team to take on The Alliance, and we’re going to find out who the first member is right now!”  The Alliance’s music hits and the whole crew walk out to the infamous You Suck chants. Shelton has an ice pack on his head, while Charlie tries to warm up, even though he has no idea who he is facing. Haas hops into the ring, while the rest of the Alliance wait at the bottom of the ramp. There is silence throughout the entire crowd until some theme music plays that makes every Alliance members jaw drop, it’s the Big Show!!

Charlie Haas vs. Big Show

Show jogs down to the ring, and Angle pushes the already hurt Benjamin at him. Show doesn’t stop, and hits Shelton with a huge Shoulder Tackle! The move sends Benjamin flying back, and now Swagger runs at him. Show puts his massive boot up and knocks Swagger down! Angle retreat through the crowd, leaving Nash to fight Show. The two giants face off, with Nash trying to throw the first punch, but Show catches the punch and grabs Kevin’s neck! Show looks towards the fans, and then lifts the seven footer up, then back down for a massive Chokeslam on the thin padding covering the outside! Haas has no where to go, and Show climbs over the top rope, and the bell rings. Haas immediately charges Show and throws some punches that do nothing but make Show laugh. Haas decides that it isn’t working, so he decides to head up to the top turnbuckle. Show points to Haas and keeps on laughing, infuriating Charlie. Haas jumps at Big Show, but Show drops him in mid air with the knockout punch!! Haas falls right on his back, and he is definitely KO’d! Show isn’t ready to end this match yet, so he puts his massive hand on Charlie’s little neck! Show picks him off the ground into the air, then slams him back down for another monster chokeslam! Show stares at Angle in the crowd and the puts his foot on top of Haas, One, Two, and Three.

Winner- Big Show

Show kicks Haas out of the ring, and smiles at Angle. “Holy Cow, Cole! Show just took out every member of the Alliance except for Angle himself! That is one hell of a pick by Joe!”  “Who ever would have thought we would see Samoa Joe and the Big Show on one team?! I think they could beat the Alliance by themselves, Tazz!”  “No arguments there partner. If Joe picked Big Show as his first partner, who are the other three gonna be?!”  “Alls I know Tazz, knowing Joe, they won’t disappoint!” Todd Grisham is back for another weekly interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Co-GM of Impact Raw, Eric Bischoff. Eric, I understand you have an announcement regarding the Randy Orton-Wade Barrett match from Resurrection?”  “Yes actually I do Todd. You see, I’m a fair co-gm, and I understand that the fans really want to see Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. I also know that their will always be the chance of Jay Lethal getting involved and the match resulting in a DQ or a no contest. So at Survivor Series, it will be Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, but this time, their will not be a DQ ending or a No contest because of Lethal, because at Survivor Series, the special guest referee for the Orton-Barrett match will be none other than…..Jay Lethal.”  Eric looks amused with himself, and he pats Todd on the back before leaving the scene.
“That’s huge Cole! Lethal won’t be able to interfere now, because he will be the referee! Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the Co-GM of Impact Raw makes his way out to a good reception. Jarrett stops at the top of the ramp, and begins to talk to everyone, “Good evening everybody, I hope you’re enjoying the show tonight. I wanted to come out here for two reasons. The first being that I wanted to say that Rey Mysterio has a broken nose and some busted ribs. He will be out for about two months. Rey says he doesn’t remember at all who attacked him and even when it happened. I have made it a goal to get to the bottom of this, and next week, I will reveal the names that I came up with. My next announcement is regarding the main event tonight. As most of you know, neither Kurt Angle nor Samoa Joe will face Edge for the World Title at Survivor Series. I want a new face to take the spotlight and fight the World Champion Edge for the gold. Later on tonight, we will have ourselves a Number One Contenders Scramble match! There will be 15 minutes on the clock, and whoever scores the last pin fall will be declared the winner! But, the four men who lose the match will be forced to stay off TV until after Survivor Series.  Do you guys want to hear who will be in that match? (The fans all scream and yell that they do). The five competitors in the Scramble match will be…..The Pope D’Angelo Dinero! (The fans go berserk just hearing Pope’s name!)…Kofi Kingston!! (The fans again go crazy for Kofi)……Drew McIntyre! (Now the cheers become deafening boos)…….Dashing Cody Rhodes! (Even more boos come from the crowd)……… and finally…….John Morrison!!!! (The fans go nuts, giving Morrison the loudest cheers of the five!) Enjoy the rest of the show.” Jarrett walks to the back, and the commentators are extremely excited. “What a match made by Jarrett! Five of GCF’s brightest stars will go at it for the chance to face Edge at Survivor Series! This one will be amazing Tazz!”  “Right you are Cole, speaking of stars, here comes the Hardcore Champion, my buddy Tommy Dreamer!”

Tommy Dreamer vs. Spike Dudley

Dreamer comes down the ramp carrying his Hardcore Title belt with him. Dreamer gets up to the ring apron, but from behind, RVD rocks him with the steel chair!! Van Dam tosses Dreamer back into the ring, and the fans cheer their favorite hardcore superstar, RVD! Van Dam picks up the Hardcore Title and waits for Dreamer to get up. When he does, Rob levels him with the belt! Dreamer falls to the mat, and Van Dam tosses the belt down. RVD runs against the ropes, and delivers the Rolling Thunder! Van Dam then performs his signature taunt, and then heads up to the top turnbuckle. The fans chant “RVD! RVD! RVD!” and Van Dam is ready to jump. RVD jumps and executes a perfect Five Star Frog Splash on Dreamer! Van Dam rolls out of the ring, and signals for someone backstage. Spike Dudley comes out with a confused look, but he still comes down to meet with RVD. Rob points to the ring, and tells him to get in there! Spike rolls in and the bell rings! Dreamer looks like he’s out and Spike just looks down at him. Spike doesn’t really know what to do because he is so confused, so he just runs against the ropes, and delivers a weak looking splash. Dudley stands and does it again. Spike is having some fun, and he takes his time getting up to the top turnbuckle. Spike stands up there for a little bit, before jumping down and connecting with a leg drop! Spike finally covers Dreamer, One, Two, and Three. Spike gets the upset win thanks to Van Dam!!

Winner- Spike Dudley!

Spike celebrates like he just won the super bowl. The referee raises Spike’s hand, and then tells him to get out of the ring. Spike does, and jogs up the ramp with his hands in the air. Tommy is coming to, and he isn’t happy at all with what just went down. “So I guess Spike Dudley picks up the upset win over the Hardcore Champion Dreamer! That has got to propel him to the top of the Hardcore ladder, right Tazz?!”  “Uh, no Cole, RVD cost Dreamer that match and I think we all know that Tommy would have won if it wasn’t for Rob.”
We’re brought to the back where it appears a party is going on. There are Congrats signs all over the room, balloons, and a big cake. The camera zooms out and we see Christian and Chris Jericho eating cake and Ice Cream. Jericho talks, “We proved Sunday that we are the best tag team in the world, we deserve this party.”  “I knew we could do it, I mean the Guns? Team 3D? They are mediocre compared to Christian and Jericho.” A few very good looking women walk into the shot and the tag champs both grin. “Now Christian, we can really celebrate.”  Jericho winks at the women, and pushes the camera out of the ring.
Back in the arena, it looks like it’s time for the big main event scheduled for tonight. The rules of a Scramble are simple, two men start in the ring, and every two minutes, another superstar will make their way out until all five are out. If you score a pin fall, you become the current contender, but if someone else gets a pin, they become the current contender. Whoever is the current contender at the end of the match will face Edge at Survivor Series for the belt! You think you know me!

Number One Contender Scramble Match
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Edge walks out with his World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. The fans give Edge the loudest reaction of the night, its obvious the Impact Zone is filled with Edgeheads tonight! Edge walks down the ramp and high fives a few fans on the way down. Edge walks over to the commentary table and grabs a chair. Edge sets the chair up in front of the table, and it looks like he is going to watch the match. Pope is pimping! Aaaahh!  Pope walks out to a monumental uproar from the crowd. The Pope Money falls from the ceiling, and Pope walks down the ramp. Edge looks like he is impressed with Pope, and he shows it by clapping. Pope gets into the ring, and takes off his entrance gear. Pope anxiously waits to see who he will face to start the match. Cody Rhodes’ music hits and the Dashing One walks out. Cody looks in his personal mirror and motions that he is gonna win the gold. Dashing arrogantly makes his way to the ring, while Pope gives him a disgusted look. Rhodes walks up the stairs, gets into the ring, takes his jacket off, and the bell rings. Rhodes runs over to Pope, but Pope manages to roll Rhodes up with a small package! One, Two, Three!! Pope is the current contender. Rhodes gets up with a shocked look on his face. Pope has a huge smile, but Rhodes ruins that with a kick to the shin. Rhodes backs up, and then bulldogs Pope! Rhodes attempts a pin, One, Two, Pope kicks out. Rhodes stomps on Pope, while nervously looking at the clock. Only a minute and ten seconds until the next competitor joins. Rhodes lets Pope get up, and Rhodes tries to execute an Alabama Slam, but Pope gets out of it and performs a beautiful neckbreaker to the Dashing One. The clock has fifteen seconds left, and Pope grabs Rhodes and slides him out of the ring. Pope signals for the next competitor to come out, and that’s when Drew McIntyre’s music begins. Drew slowly makes his way down to the ring, with a whole lot of boos in the background. Pope begs Drew to get into the ring, but he is taking his sweet time. Drew stops at the bottom of the ramp, and motions for Pope to turn around. Pope does, and he is greeted by a kick to the gut and a DDT by Rhodes! Cody covers Pope, One, Two, and Three! Cody Rhodes is the current contender. Rhodes turns around and shakes his former tag team partner McIntyre’s hand. Rhodes points to Pope and the two lift up Dinero. Both men toss Pope over the top rope to the floor. Rhodes trash talks some of the fans, and when he turns back to Drew, he is hit with a monster boot to the face! Rhodes bounces off the ropes, right back to McIntyre, who hits the Future Shock! Drew covers, One, Two, And Three! Drew McIntyre is the current contender. Kofi Kingston’s music hits, and Kofi runs down the ring. Kofi slides in and immediately dodges a clothesline from Drew. Kofi runs back against the ropes, and then hits Drew with a running Trouble in Paradise!! Kofi jumps on top of Drew, One, Two, Pope breaks it up! Pope kicks Kingston, and tosses him into the corner. Pope runs back to cover Drew, One, Two, and Kingston breaks it up now! Kofi and Pope get face to face, before Pope backhands Kofi! Kingston grabs his face, and Pope takes advantage with an STO. Pope covers, One, Two, Kofi kicks out. Pope gets up, and in the corner of his eye, he sees Rhodes running at him, and Pope catches him with a Spinebuster! Pope covers him; One, Two, Drew breaks it up now! Before anymore action happens, John Morrison’s theme music hits. Morrison sprints down to the ring, and starts throwing punches back and forth between Drew and Pope. Drew backs against the ropes, and Morrison clotheslines him over the ropes! John looks back at Pope, hops up the ropes, and hits Pope with a Flying Chuck (Springboard Roundhouse)! Morrison backs up and sees Kofi next to him. Morrison picks Kofi up, puts him in position, and executes the Moonlight Drive on Kofi! Before Morrison can go for a pin, Pope makes a very wise move and pushes Kingston to the outside. Morrison tries to reach out and get Kofi, but he can’t reach. Morrison turns back to Pope, who is trying to get to his feet. Morrison walks over to Pope and stands over him. Morrison reaches down to get him up, but Morrison is pulled back by Rhodes! Cody pulls Morrison’s back and connects with the Cross Rhodes!! Cody falls on top of Morrison, One, Two; Pope breaks it up with a big stomp! The clock is running down with only two minutes left. Pope asks the ref who the current contender is, and it’s McIntyre. Pope corners Rhodes, until McIntyre comes back in the ring, and tosses Pope to the outside. Drew is playing defense now with only a minute left on the clock. Drew lets Rhodes get to his knees, before he boots him on the side of the head, causing Cody to roll to the outside. Drew is all alone in the ring, and the clock keeps ticking. Twenty seconds left, and Drew watches it from the corner. Fifteen seconds now, and Drew confidently stares at the clock. Drew thinks he has the match won, until Pope slides in the ring, runs at the corner Drew is in, and connects with the DDE!! Seven seconds left, and Pope gets a pin on McIntyre, One, Two, and Three! Pope is the current champion. The buzzer goes off and the match is over!

Winner and new Number One Contender- D’Angelo Dinero!!

“Pope wins! Pope wins! What a main event Tazz, and it will be Edge vs. Pope at Survivor Series for the World Title!!”  Pope celebrates in the ring, and the money comes flying down! McIntyre lies on his back with his hands on his head; he almost had the match won! Edge gets into the ring, and walks up to Pope. Edge raises Pope’s arm in victory, and then leaves the ring. Edge walks up the ramp clapping his hands, and Pope’s music starts again. “Edge and Pope at Survivor Series? That is going to be absolutely awesome Cole!”  Impact Raw ends with the shot of Pope posing for the fan with money coming down from the ceiling.




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