What Happened After RAW, Evan Bourne Talks Main Eventing, Saturn

– Today is Perry Saturn’s birthday. He turns 44 years old. Jim Ross confirmed on his website today that the former WWE star was backstage at last night’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view in Minneapolis.

– Following tonight’s RAW broadcast in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett to retain the WWE Championship.

– The December 2010 issue of WWE Magazine, which officially hits newsstands tomorrow, features a candid interview with Evan Bourne. The aerialist delivers news on his new RKO-proof high-risk maneuver, praises The Miz for his work ethic, whether he’s had his greatest match yet, and much more.

In response to fans who argue that he’s too small to main event a WWE pay-per-view, the RAW Superstar warned: “Well, those people obviously haven’t shown up to an event.

I’ll plop them down in the front row to watch me wrestle. And when I’m done — prove me wrong. Anyone who doubts me, anyone on earth, I’ll make him eat his words, it’s as simple as that.”

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  • Murmer

    who cares about his size? hes one of the most talented guys on the roster. push him to the top (at least the top of the midcard). those fans who complain are shallow. however, WWE seems to be just as shallow too.

  • joeisrael

    can you imagine an Evan Bourne Daniel Brian title match at wrestlemania it could be another Savage Steamboat!

  • warrior

    bryan vs. bourne or kaval vs. bourne those matches would b AWESOME!!!

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