Activist Looking to Serve The Great Khali with Legal Notice, More

– Abhishek Kadyan, an activist in India, is looking to serve The Great Khali with a legal notice for his absence from the Punjab Police in his home district. Khali has been on an extended leave of absence for a while now so he can work for WWE and film movies.

Kadyan says Khali is in violation of section 48 of the Punjab Police Act, stating that “No police officer shall engage in any other employment or office of profit whatsoever, other than his duties under this Act.”

The Great Khali has been nominated for “eviction” by one of his cast mates on India’s Big Boss reality TV show. Khali could be sent home from the show on next week’s episode.

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  • The Mike

    im confuzed. so khali is a police officer in india?

  • Nate

    He was an officer in india, before he left for the US on medical grounds, but never got back home (india). Basically he has been absconding from work, where he was previously recruited as an officer.

  • The Mike

    So he didnt sign up to be officer, they just made him a cop and he skipped out of town. sounds like we wont c him 4 a while.

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