McMahon Thanks the WWE Fans, Heat on a New Diva?, Sheamus, More

– Sheamus will be appearing today at 1:30pm in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Mall of America’s Best Buy store. The autograph signing is limited to the first 300 fans in line.

– Comcast is co-promoting WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view and UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez, both of which take place this weekend. Comcast is calling it “2 Great Reasons to Stay Home.”

– There is apparently heat on new WWE developmental Diva Vicky Skeeles from the UK. The problems stem from some racy photos of her that came out online shortly after it was revealed that WWE had signed her to a developmental deal.

– Below is a new video from Vince McMahon where he thanks fans for standing up for WWE:

DIRECT LINK: The RACY Photos of New WWE Diva Vicky Skeeles – Controversial or Not?

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  • K Law

    Your welcome VINNY!

    And anybody that comes on here talking a heaping load of shit about WWE, probably still watches it in order for them to downgrade it.

    WWE 4life…

    Death to TNA in 2011

  • annonymous

    Off topic slightly. I just read somewhere that Conneticut voting registrars on polling day have banned voters from wearing WWE merchandising while at polling booths. Or is they do, theyll be asked to cover up the logos on the items. Talk about an over reaction..

  • mackygemini

    @K Law i think those guys are paid to downgrade wwe
    i watch wwe regularly one thing that i know is that wwe is way way better than tna. tna sucks hard

    WWE 4life

    Death to TNA in 2011

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