Bret Hart Blasts Hogan, Russo, Bischoff and TNA

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was interviewed this week by Brian Fritz of to promote the new SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 video game. Hart spoke candidly about TNA – saying it’s run by people who don’t know anything about the wrestling business and feature ‘dinosaurs’ on television instead of the company’s real stars. Here are some highlights of what Bret Hart said about:

Hogan, Bischoff & Russo Together Again In TNA:

“Well, I’ll be honest. After being in WCW and being around them, you start to realize that these guys — Bischoff in particular — never understood or knew anything about wrestling. They just struck me as guys that didn’t understand wrestling. To see them working with another company now, to me, I think you’ll eventually see that they don’t know anything. They didn’t know anything then and they don’t know anything now. They’re not going to make a difference anywhere they go.”

TNA’s Young Talent Getting Smothered By Dinosaurs:

“Yeah, competition is always good. I have a lot of respect for the young wrestlers there like AJ Styles and Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, Abyss, different guys. I know they’ve got a lot of talent there and guys that I consider good friends of mine including RVD (Rob Van Dam). I wish them all the best and I hope the younger stars get a chance to show what they’ve got rather than coming back to the old dinosaurs like Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff with the same old certain babble that he’s been doing for 10 years when he’ll babble about nothing. He somehow positions himself to be a star on the show and I think there’s real stars that need to get that light and not him.”




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  • Murmer

    I agree completely. they have one of the best rosters today and still end up sucking because theres people in TNA who dont know how to run a wrestling company. having EV2 still on television is ridiculous to me, and having them go over young talent at their “biggest show of the year” is also unacceptable. hulk hogan, ric flair, and eric bischoff are taking up too much time and they are currently involved in the biggest storyline going on in TNA. the weird booking decisions are another thing that ruins their shows. every main event seems to have a screwy finish… seriously… watch the main event of destination x 2010 and you will see how pathetic that finish was. also, RVD vs. AJ Styles at sacrifice… those guys are capable of having an amazing match and once again the booking left a bad taste in my mouth. just let your top guys main event and let them go without some stupid swerve that no one gives a crap about. stop reinventing shit from WCW.

    this might be off topic here, but tommy dreamer is a hypocrite. he cut some promo crying and acting all dramatic saying he loved when WWE let the ECW guys have their own ppv and relive their past for one night when they did one night stand… then he said and i quote “and then they brought it back” insinuating that it all shouldve been left alone after the ppv. now what are they doing in TNA? they already got their hardcore justice, now get the hell out and stop crushing young talent at bound for glory!! uhhh!

  • warrior

    brets rite old man hogan is done

  • sheamus316

    If you’ve just noticed my new name is sheamus316 this is because I have alligned my self with willy316 and I just wanted to say that

    Waaat de feck is goiin’ on raun ‘ere its aboyt time ‘ogan gets ripped by bret oi mean for fucksake sum wan needd ter reef dat auld piece av cr’ahp ‘ogan an oi wud love ter say it ter ‘is bake whoever likes ‘ogan can go be a stuge.

    An’ if anyone dares ter sya anthin’ aboyt me ‘er sheamus ‘ill ride ‘is cowardace straight ter ‘ell.


  • Rhys

    i don’t like hogan but to say bischoff doesn’t know wrestling is stupid, probably the second best brain in wrestling. Hart aid he’d never go back to wwf/wwe, when they show the cash he comes running like a bitch. SCREWJOB!

  • Tony Whiting

    I AGREE!Just what I was thinking! Hogan is an overdue Liabrarybook and BischoffDont know anything escept his name and his ego! And Russo? Didnt that guy already shoot down WCW ratings?

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