WWE Raw Results – October 18, 2010

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the normal intro video. We’re live inside the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as the pyro goes off and Michael Cple welcomes us to RAW. We go to the ring where SmackDown’s Teddy Long makes his way out.

Teddy says tonight, he’s going to take over RAW. The crowd boo’s at this and the e-mail alert goes off. Michael Cole steps up to the podium to read. The GM tells Teddy to get out of his ring. Teddy talks about Bragging Rights and has a referee bring out the trophy. Teddy says the trophy belongs to SmackDown because they won last year. Another e-mail alert. The GM tells Teddy to get out of the ring, or else. Teddy leaves the ring and argues with Cole at ringside. Another e-mail alert. This time, Teddy goes to the podium. Teddy has his own announcement. He says the RAW GM is going to be disconnected and shuts the laptop off. Teddy introduces Team SmackDown’s Captain – Big Show, and out he comes.

Edge is out next followed by Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks and finally Rey Mysterio. The Miz’s music hits and out comes the Captain of Team RAW. Alex Riley is with him. Miz insults Team SmackDown. Miz talks about how he will lead Team RAW to victory over Team SmackDown. The Miz introduces Team RAW – CM Punk, Santino Marella, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus. Miz tells SmackDown to get out of RAW’s ring. Team RAW heads to the ring for a fight. Both teams begin brawling until RAW retreats to the floor to regroup. Big Show says they will leave the ring if Miz faces him later tonight in a Captain vs. Captain match.
– Cole and Lawler play up with storyline with John Cena and Nexus. We go to highlights from last week’s RAW. They plug tonight;s main event as we go back to commercial.

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes vs. The Hart Dynasty

Back from the break and WWE’s Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are in the ring. Out next are their opponents, The Hart Dynasty to a big pop from the Canada crowd. Tyson Kidd and Cody start things out. Tyson starts hitting Drew on the apron when the bell rings. Cody gets knocked down but drops Kidd with a bulldog. Drew is tagged in and goes to work on Kidd in the corner. Drew pulls Kidd out on the floor and drops him on the barrier. Drew brings it back in the ring and tags in Cody for a bit of double teaming. 2 count by Cody.

Drew comes back in and they double team Kidd some more. Drew taunts Kidd now. Kidd counters a backdrop and goes for a tag. David Hart Smith comes in and dropkicks Drew. Clotheslines by DH now. Smith knocks Cody off the apron and hits a big boot on Drew. Leg drop by DH for a 2 count. Smith hits a big running powerslam on Drew but only gets 2 as Cody breaks the pin up. Kidd jumps up and kicks Cody in the spine. They go for the Hart Attack but DH stops the move and goes for the Sharpshooter. This causes Tyson and DH to have words. Drew takes advantage and hits the Futureshock DDT on Smith for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Kidd heads up the ramp as Smith is kicked out of the ring. Smith argues with Natalya as she tells them both to knock it off.

– We go backstage to John Cena. Randy Orton walks in and says he doesn’t think Cena would have a problem with helping Wade Barrett win the WWE Title. Orton says if Cena gets in his way, he has no problem kicking Cena in the skull. Cena says he will break Orton’s leg and walks off. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a promo video on R-Truth and his new theme song.

Goldust vs. Zack Ryder

We go to the ring where Goldust makes way out with Aksana. Goldust is wearing the Million Dollar title belt. His opponent Zack Ryder is already waiting in the ring. Ted DiBiase and Maryse come out to the stage to watch the match. The bell rings and Ryder beats Goldust down. Goldust turns things around with a big right hand. Goldust hits the Final Cut and defeats Ryder in a squash.

Winner: Goldust

– After the match, DiBiase rushes the ring and attacks Goldust. Maryse comes down and Aksana protects the title belt. Maryse chases Aksana off to the back while Ted works over Goldust. Ted is distracted. Goldust takes advantage and lays Ted out with the Final Cut.

– Cole and Lawler plug Miz vs. Big Show for later tonight as we go back to commercial.

– We go backstage with Nexus. Barrett tells Cena to give it all he has in the match against Harris and McGillicutty later tonight. Barrett orders Cena to go get him a glass of water.

– We go backstage to tonight’s host, actor Bobbe J. Thompson. He’s playing SmackDown vs. RAW and wins with Big Show. The Miz walks in and says that’s not what will happen on Sunday. Thompson says it’s SmackDown all day and Show will shut Miz up at Bragging Rights. Miz picks Thompson off his feet and talks some trash. Big Show comes in and saves Thompson, sending Miz off. Thompson tells Show to knock Miz out later tonight.

– We go back to Cena and Nexus. Cena hands Barrett his glass of water. Barrett says he is enjoying this and tosses the water in Cena’s face. The rest of Nexus laugh at him as Cena walks off.

John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty

We go to the ring and out comes John Cena for some tag team action. His partner, the WWE Champion Randy Orton, is out next to a big pop. Out next come Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to the NXT secondary theme. As they enter the ring, Nexus’ music hits and they come out to watch the match from the stage. Cena and McGillicutty start the match off. Cena takes control and hits a big overhead suplex on McGillicutty, sending him out to the floor. Cena yells at Nexus as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Orton lays out McGillicutty for a 2 count. Orton tags in Cena for a bit of double teaming. Cena works over McGillicutty and takes a shot at Harris. Cena turns around and Michael drops him for a 2 count. Husky is tagged in now. Husky lays Cena down with rights. Husky unloads with right hands in the corner now and knocks Cena down. Husky gets in a three point stance and charges Cena in the corner, hitting a splash for a 2 count. McGillicutty is tagged back in and hits a neckbreaker from the second rope for 2.

Husky comes back in for another 2 count on Cena after some offense. Husky applies a headlock on Cena now. Cena fights out but Husky drops him with a knee to the back. Husky with a bodyslam. Husky goes for a big splash and Cena moves out of the way. Orton and McGillicutty come in. Orton unloads with clotheslines and a big scoop slam. Orton hits the second-rope DDT. Husky comes in but Orton dodges him. Cena lays out Husky with the Attitude Adjustment. Orton hits the RKO on McGillicutty for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Randy Orton and John Cena

– After the match, Cena and Orton celebrate the victory. Cena extends his hand to Orton but Wade Barrett interrupts. Barrett tells Cena not to shake Orton’s hand. Barrett orders Cena out of the ring. Barett tells Cena to go stand by the announce table. Nexus surrounds the ring and Randy Orton as Cena looks on. Orton takes out David Otunga and Heath Slater but is attacked from behind by Barrett and Justin Gabriel. They go to the floor and all four beat Orton down. Nexus brings Orton back in the ring. Orton tries to fight them off but they overwhelm him. The crowd chants for Cena but he just looks on. The assault on Orton continues in the ring. Nexus take turn hitting their finishers on Orton and mocking Cena. Barrett orders Cena in the ring now. Barrett orders Cena to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Orton or he’s fired. Cena hesitates but lifts Orton on his shoulders for the move. Barrett tells him to stop, he doesn’t want Cena stealing the spotlight. Barrett orders Cena to give Orton to him. Barrett slams Orton down with his finisher. Cena leaves the ring as Nexus stands over Orton. Nexus leaves the ring and stops on the stage to laugh at Orton, who is trying to recover in the ring.

– Back from the break and we get replays of what just happened.

– Vickie Guerrero comes out to the stage and the fans hate her. She takes credit for the SmackDown stars appearing on RAW tonight. Vickie introduces the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler and out he comes, not ready to wrestle. Dolph walks to the ring with Vickie, talking about how good she makes him feel. Daniel Bryan’s music hits and out comes the United States Champion. Bryan says he isn’t a ladies man but even he could do better than Vickie. Bryan talks about his skills and says he can make Dolph tap out. Bryan challenges Dolph to a match at Bragging Rights. Dolph accepts but doesn’t want to wait until Sunday. Dolph takes off his coat and smacks Bryan. Bryan charges but Vickie gets in the way and he stops. Bryan runs around her and tackles Dolph out of the ring to the floor. Dolph tries running through the crowd but Bryan stops him. Bryan applies the LaBell Lock on the floor and Dolph starts tapping. Out come the Divas – Melina, Gail Kim, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly. They surround Vickie in the ring. Gail grabs a bucket of glitter and throws it at her. That doesn’t look like what they planned. Eve picks up the bucket and dumps it on Vickie. Bryan returns to the ring and dances with the Divas to end the segment.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Back from commercial and Natalya is waiting in the ring. Out comes her opponent, Alicia Fox. They lock up and go to the ropes. Alicia slaps Natalya and goes to work on her. Natalya counters and throws Alicia into the corner. Natalya with a underhook suplex. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Alicia scoots to the ropes. Natalya pulls her back and this time locks the Sharpshooter tight. Alicia taps out for the win.

Winner: Natalya

– After the match, Michelle McCool and Layla come out and head to the ring. The Divas Champions are mocking Natalya and insult her hometown. They continue to insult Canada. They insult the Hart family. Layla and Michelle make their way into the ring and attack Natalya. McCool applies the Sharpshooter on Natalya as Layla takes photos. Natalya reverses the hold and goes to work on both members of LayCool. Natalya sends them retreating as her music plays and they have words.

– We get replays of CM Punk attacking Evan Bourne last week.

– Big Show, Teddy Long and their mascot Hornswoggle are backstage. Josh Matthews walks up and asks them if they think it’s brazen to show up on RAW tonight. Teddy says he has another surprise for everyone tonight. Hornswoggle pulls out a SmackDown flag and leads the entire SmackDown roster to the ring. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video of celebrities talking about how they enjoy WWE. The video talks about WWE being PG, their demographics and other stats. They also cover the SmackDown Your Vote campaign, the Troops shows and other WWE initiatives. Michael Cole and Lawler hype the new “Stand Up For WWE” campaign.

– We see Wade Barrett and John Cena backstage. Barrett puts an arm around Cena and says he isn’t done with Cena yet, or Orton. They walk off together.

– We see Big Show heading to the ring and The Miz with Alex Riley heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and tonight’s host, Bobbe J. Thompson is in the ring, playing a heel. He tells the fans to keep the boo’s coming. He introduces SmackDown’s captain and his Knucklehead co-star, Big Show. Team SmackDown makes their way down to the ring next.

Big Show vs. The Miz

Out next comes RAW’s captain The Miz for the main event. Alex Riley waits on the stage for him. Miz brings out Team RAW next and here they come, minus R-Truth of course. The entire RAW roster comes down with their Bragging Rights team. The SmackDown roster is on the other side of the ring. The bell rings and Show works over Miz out of the corner. Show rips the RAW shirt off Miz and hits him with big chops to the chest. Show charges in the corner and Miz kicks him. Show grabs Miz by the throat and pushes him out of the ring. MVP gets down in Miz’s face and talks some trash. Show has words with Team RAW. Teddy Long’s music hits and out he comes to the stage. Teddy says we’re going to have a SmackDown vs. RAW battle royal right now. Both teams get ready as we go to commercial.

RAW vs. SmackDown Battle Royal

Back from the break and all SmackDown and RAW stars are in the ring. The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Stars start getting eliminated. Big Show works on Ezekiel Jackson. Drew and Cody work on DiBiase in the corner. Show works on Punk now. Hornswoggle takes over on commentary. Miz works on Morrison on the apron and then Rey Mysterio. Mark Henry eliminates McIntyre. Sheamus tries to eliminate Cody. Show and Luke Gallows eliminate Henry.

Morrison eliminates Chavo Guerrero and Show eliminates William Regal. Rey and Ezekiel go at it in the corner. Cody eliminates Vladimir Kozlov. Santino is eliminated next. Gallows is out next thanks to Sheamus. Del Rio and Morrison go at it on the apron. They both eliminate each other. Swagger, Punk and another are eliminated. Swagger pulls team mate Edge out of the ring and applies the ankle lock. Jackson eliminates Mysterio. Jackson then eliminates Drew and another star at the same time. It’s down to Sheamus, Bryan, Jackson and Bryan. They charge Show and he fights them off. Bryan is eliminated. Sheamus and Jackson beat down Show and hit a huge double suplex on him.

Sheamus launches Zeke into Show in the corner. Show comes back and eliminates Jackson. The Miz sneaks back in the ring and attacks Show. Edge runs back in and he’s back in it now. Sheamus is eliminated and Team SmackDown wins.

Winners: Edge and Big Show

– We see Nexus and John Cena backstage. Barrett orders Cena to stand up. Barrett then orders Cena to raise his hand in victory, preparing for Sunday’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view and the WWE Title match. Cena walks off and RAW goes off the air with Barrett holding his hand high and smiling.




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  • Lou

    Have fun watching this shit. WWE AND TNA are complete garbage. After 25 years of watching I’m just done with this shit. Same shit every week and it sucks EVERY week.

  • 1RONIN67

    wwe and tna is the reason I am glad i came across japanese wrestling on you tube…guys like misawa and keiji mutoh and makabe and all the others from new japan would wipe the floor with these poor excuses for wrestlers. showcaser talent like kaval and daniel bryan evan bourne… then maybe there might be a chance… but really cena nexus?? and drew arm barring bourne so stiffly that he injures his shoulder give me abreak.. so tired of these clowns getting the push while the real talen doesnt.. i would rather watch daniel bryan and miz battle for the world title than that hack barret and randy orton.. orton deserves better storlines and better opponents..and if you have to break up the hart dynasty just let em part ways as two guys who want to pursue singles career not cause they staRT DISLIKING EACH OTHER WHO WRITES THIS CRAP UP? IT IS GETTING OLD…

  • Ballsack

    this show fails, its not interesting anymore. There is no more excitement.

  • m m

    cena will be the leader of nexus in the near future.maybe before wrestlemania.go for heel! cena is ridiculously boring playing as a face!

  • the pope manairo dinero

    I NEVER HEAR THESE KIND OF COMPAINT ABOUT TN MOTHER F’N A o’k’ maybe im being a little byest and when i get my computer i try/WELL check out that japan/NEW JAPAN REAL PROWRESTLING ON YOU TUBE

  • Rev. Col. K.D. Frazier

    This NEXUS angle is ruining the WWE and Monday Night RAW …. It is so da** Predictable and Boring.
    I read that the RAW ratings are DOWN .. can’t Vince figure out why? It’s this stupid scripted storyline that allows these thugs aka NEXUS to run roughshod over Monday Night Raw ….
    Hopefully Vince will come to his senses and nix the Nexus an d we can get back to the business of Pro Wrestling … OK; Sports Entertainment in the WWE.

  • Willy316

    Another crappy RAW ends !! Cena Nexus Angle….Really?? Really??!! Get a glass of water…..Really??!!
    @ Lou – Totally agree with u m8. After years of watching wrestling, this shit TOTALLY sucks !!

  • Ballsack

    this monday night raw was a disaster, nothing came good of it. I get irritated seeing cena being nexus bitch even tho im not a fan of his. Just fucken do something already man!

  • The real kryptonite

    K Law,today i am publicly saying that i am a gay and I LOVE YOU.Darling,do you love me too? I am waiting for your answer

  • K Law

    Yes yes yes my sweetheart,i do. From now,we are officially the gay couples

  • The original kryptonite

    Oh my god,this is like a dream come true for me,darling

  • The original real K Law fucker kryptonite

    Congratulate us guys,come on

  • mohit

    I dont think so that I continue to watch raw at all if barret insult cena at this.
    raw G.M. was stupid.

  • PowerUp 5000

    That RAW blows and is Horriable..Geez WWE can it get wrost already ? Nxt and Cena storyline really sucks and the Raw v Smackdown battle is wack ..Epic FAIL

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