WWE Stars Reportedly Frustrated with Current Product

Several WWE stars have privately indicated in recent weeks that they are contemplating leaving the organization—and the wrestling business altogether—once their current contracts expire.

Edge, who’s current deal with World Wrestling Entertainment expires in two years, has been telling people that he may retire from the wrestling industry once it concludes.

One company insider noted to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer that four other WWE stars have stated in recent weeks that they’ve completely lost their passion for wrestling, to such a degree that they vow to leave the business altogether once their contracts expire.

A fifth wrestler claims he will leave WWE once his current deal runs out, but will continue wrestling elsewhere.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • The Mike

    Gee.. what a suprize to hear. Im thinking of quiting watchn if it makes you feel better about yalls walkin away. Too bad it isnt management or writers quiting.

  • Titoveli -Thug Life Outlawz- Mi Mundo Ent

    danm its it realy that bad wwe fucking up foreal

  • Ballsack

    man, wwe better step-up and improve there shit other wise they will lose money and their biggest stars like edge. He might pull a christian.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    i bet all the BLACK wrestlers are fed up and wont/getting readdy to quit O WAIT ……….. thst’s right

  • joemoefoe

    who are the others besides edge???

  • Steve

    I have been watching wwwf/wwf/wwe for over 40 years and the last 3 years have been so bad. its no longer wrestling but a bad sitcom, totally unbelievable. I feel they don’t care what we wrestling fans think. These writers have never watched wrestling before they became writers and it has hurt their product. I used to never miss raw but i have only seen raw twice in the last 2 months and after seeing the mess now maybe never again. smackdown is a joke also.

  • Steve

    TNA is beginning to become a good product. I have found myself watching more. I can’t wait to see how this Angle/Jarrett feud comes out.

  • *%$+¢!?

    I think the other wrestlers would be the ones that been in the biz for over 10yrs. Rey, Taker, and a few that were never main eventers like Chavo.

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