Matt Hardy Posts Several Updated About His Release On Twitter

Matt Hardy posted the following updates on Twitter regarding his WWE release:

“Thank God! I swear, it was harder for me to get released than it was to get hired! This is absolutely what I want, now I can be me!”

“I wanna thank WWE for giving me an opportunity, and I thank all the people and friends that helped me there. But I had to move on to be happy.”

“I wanna thank J.R, who hired me, Michael Hayes, who taught me so much, and Vince for letting me make a living and learn from him for 12 years.”

“While some of you look at this as an ending, I promise you this is the muthaf—ing beginning for Matt Hardy. Now I can create change! Although WWE gave me so much, I honestly feel like a prisoner set free. Now I have no more strict rules, personal or creative, to be bound by.”

“I want to change the business in many area, the way workers are treated and think, and how to live happily outside of the machine. I’m excited!”




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  • Dave

    Screw Matt Hardy….cross-eyed,bow-legged ass clown. Never liked either Hardy.They’re both sloppy as hell,and adequate,at best,on the mike.

  • Titoveli -Thug Life Outlawz- Mi Mundo Ent

    this goinna come back and hurt him when wwe dont hire him back

  • Johnson

    I doubt Matt Hardy ever wants to come back to the shithole known as the WWE

  • the pope manairo dinero

    finally hes free tna hear we come


    I totally agree Matt! Good luck in TNA!

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