TNA Bound For Glory Attendance, Prichard Begins Work with TNA

– New TNA producer Bruce Prichard began his duties this week, sitting in on agents’ meetings and producing backstage pre-tapes with Vince Russo. In terms of backstage opinion on Russo, some are cautious given his affiliation and political reputation with WWE, while another source believes his ideas creatively could help the TNA product if he was given the chance.

– It’s estimated than TNA’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view pulled an estimated 3,500 fans. While TNA has not released the paid attendance for the show, there was said to be plenty of comp tickets issued. It’s also worth mentioning that parts of the Arena Bowl were allegedly empty, according to viewers.




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  • Chris

    I was at BFG at the Ocean Center, which holds 9500 was only 1/3 full even with all the comps…The entire one side(south) was blocked off. There was some production in that area but no seating. There wasn’t any excitment to the event. About 50% of the interviews and bits were pretaped, and very diffecult to hear in the Center. I had a great seat 4 rows back ringside, and they played the crowd well. It’s a shame that the first match, with generation ME was probality the best of the night. I was hoping that Flair/Foley would be at the PPV instead of on Impact. Nash had a terrible match, we worked about 45 seconds, but got the win in his final match anyway.

  • NEO

    TNA did the same thing at The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida. The Arena there holds just over 8,000 people and TNA blocked off the majority of the arena to hold their show in 1/3 of it. It was no where near sold out by any means. Sure there were some good matches but it lacked everything. The concession stands where not even open. TNA had there own table serving drinks, hotdogs and popcorn right along with the merchandise table inside the arena so there were not even chairs on one side of the ring. Sure it wasn’t televised but when WWE comes to town televised or not the whole building is in use and the seats are sold out.

  • DJMVP281

    tna needs more time and wwe will r i p

  • Macky Gemini

    @NEO yeah man your right i watch a show pf RAW live i can’t tell any of you how hard it was for me to find a seat the place was packed by the time i found a place to sit show had started

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