Sting Taking Time Off, Top TNA Wrestler Injured

– Sting is expected to be “gone from TNA” after this week’s iMPACT tapings. Sting is apparently suffering from a shoulder injury so his ring ability has been limited, and furthermore it’s being said that he has yet to sign a new deal with TNA. At this time, Sting plans to take some time off and assess his situation with TNA.

– Ken Anderson was pulled from wrestling at this weekend’s TNA house shows in the Mid-West due to an injury suffered at the iMPACT tapings this week according to PWInsider. Anderson will be appearing but will not be wrestling at the show. No word yet on what injury was suffered, but it may have been a bad gash suffered during his main event bout Tuesday night, which will air on the October 21st edition of TNA iMPACT.

Source: Wrestling Observer




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  • warrior

    t.n.a sux but the stinger is a legend 2011 hall of famer if he leave total nonsense wrestling

  • K Law

    Why am I not surprised… Mr. Anderson is injury prone…

  • Tony Whiting

    Get rid of Hogan Bitchoff and Abyss! I thought that crazy wierd guy was gonna get fired/ And why would they wanna make Hardy a Champ? So he can pay off his Druglord and get more Drugs? That episode sucked!
    Dixie makes TNA good but, Hogan sucks just like Russo! WALRUS SUCKS And his HULKAMANIA?? I still watch when the Ultimate Warrior Beat him and when Sting beat him! *L* What was so funny is ole Hulkie Cried like a BOO BOO baby because he lost to Ultimate Warrior Hogan suckedd as a host and he made American Gladiators crumble! People DONT TRUST A BLONDE WSAHED UP GUY WITH THE LAST NAME HOGAN! (well Except Paul Hogan) *L*

  • prhmusic

    I would like to see who they are going to get to oppose the new “NWO” stable. Who do they have left to fight? RVD? Are they going to pull all the ECW-ers in? The problem with the original nWo was that they didn’t have a true foe. Sure the Four Horsemen feuded, Sting feuded, Luger feuded, Savage feuded, the Giant did (until he turned heel), DDP, all the faces but there wasn’t a true ‘face’ stable. It’s similar to the Nexus feud with Cena – Cena has to maintain his ‘superman’ status and ‘doesn’t need help’ from anyone except R Truth (which would elevate him if the two of them really fought together). I don’t know how much of the crowd is piped (prerecorded) on Raw, but can WWE officials not hear people cheering for Orton? Do the twist, make him a full face, put him with Cena, R Truth, and hell, Sheamus. Put them as some sort of ‘I’ll watch your back, you watch mine, but I still hate you’ type of alliance. I don’t know who TNA really has, though, to do a face stable. I would say some of the tag teams but Team 3D seems on their way out. I will get tired of 20 on 1 beatdowns and will cease watching TNA on Thursdays if that’s what it turns into. I thought Nash and Sting were going to run the face stable but apparently not. Samoa Joe is too muich of a Cena to assemble a team. So we’ll end up with 20 on 1 beatdowns. B O R I N G

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