Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 10/15/2010

– Thanks to Michael Vincent for the following WWE SmackDown tapings results from last night’s show in Portland, Oregon. These will air this Friday night:

* Teddy Long announced matches would be held for the Bragging Rights team tonight.

* Undertaker is shown outside the arena. Paul Bearer has a challenge for him later tonight.

* Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes to go to Bragging Rights.

* Backstage segment with Kaval, Hornswoggle and Big Show. Kaval can be on the team if he beats Show tonight.

* Paul Bearer cut a promo on Taker.

* Jack Swagger beat MVP to go to Bragging Rights. Swagger won with the ankle lock.

* Taker was shown on top of the arena again.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Chris Masters to earn a spot on Team SmackDown.

* Edge beat Dolph Ziggler to earn a spot on Team SmackDown. Great match here.

* Kaval won a five-minute challenge with Big Show to earn a spot at Bragging Rights. Tyler Reks came out and challenged Kaval to a match with his Team SmackDown spot on the line. Teddy Long made it official and Reks beat Kaval to go to Bragging Rights. Reks looked impressive and controlled the match.

* Kofi Kingston beat Drew McIntyre to earn the spot on Team SmackDown.

* Taker was shown backstage now. Paul Bearer and Kane came out and talked about Taker and a Buried Alive match. Taker came out and fought with Kane, sending he and Bearer to the back. Taker made lightning shoot down on them at the stage. This may have been the end of the show but Kane came back with the urn and fought Taker before running off.

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  • Greg

    Seems like undertaker is going back to the lord of darkness role.

  • Mr.Hill

    Looks like SD has a better Team Already. Tyler Reks will definitely be a wild card player though.

  • Tootie

    I don’t like Tyler Reks he should be removed from team smackdown and the smackdown roster. Kaval deserves in the spot not Tyler Reks. I’m not impressed of Tyler Reks.

  • K Law

    How the fuck can they add a newbie to the Smackdown team? Smackdown looks like its going to be good… Can’t wait to see Edge vs. Ziggler… I’m guessing Edge is face again?

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