Reality TV Star Receives TNA Tryout, Borash Gets Publicity, Dixie

– The FOX News website featured a story on celebrities getting bedbugs and talked about Jeremy Borash’s recent incident with bedbugs at a hotel in New Jersey. Borash was referred to as a WWE announcer in the article.

– Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter about JWoww’s appearance: “Loved having @JENNIWOWW from Jersey Shore at TNA. She rocks! Don’t miss her this Thursday on iMPACT!”

– Reality TV star Jessie “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Godderz of CBS’ Big Brother fame received a TNA tryout match at last night’s iMPACT tapings, losing to Stevie Richards. This is Godderz’ second match with TNA as he got a tryout match against Alex Shelley back in December.

Godderz is a friend of Dixie Carter’s and he was spotted talking with Dixie, Terry Taylor and D-Lo Brown backstage after the match about his performance. No word yet if TNA has offered him a deal. Godderz used the name Mr. Pec-Tacular. Godderz has worked independent shows in Canada and is scheduled for an OVW show later this month.

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  • Murmer

    I’m not surprised that TNA would have these annoying obnoxious reality stars on Impact. for fucking sake.. this is getting tiring. i dont know why i keep giving this company chances but i cant watch for 2 seconds anymore. It’s a shame that they have such a talented roster, probably more talented than WWE to be honest. and they dont know how to use it. they decide to make Samoa Joe get pinned by a 50 year old man who is retiring the next night, ON PPV! they always over book their main events and add some fucked up finish that doesnt make sense. and now Jersey Shore on Impact!???? Jersey Shore? the show about a bunch of rich kids who i can honestly say are the dumbest people ive ever seen. and ive only seen about a 2 second glimpse of the show (that’s how sad it is). what a desperate attempt to get ratings.

  • Lou

    +1 The writing in TNA is TERRIBLE. That company blows. They have talent and push the old farts and make a junkie their champion???? Absolute waste of air time. BTW, Dixie Carter is a fucking idiot wasting her daddy’s money.

  • K Law

    I agree with you Lou lolololol

  • Murmer

    that pretty much sums up what i said.

  • Mr.Hill

    You are expecting too much. Remember in WCW when they put the Heavyweight Title on David Arquette…these guys are running TNA now. I think Dixie has a soft spot for the Jersey Shore kids, her being a spoiled rich kid herself.

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