3-Hour RAW Match, Goldust & Aksana’s Storyline, Tatsu at FCW, More

– Lilian Garcia was on the red carpet with Carmen Electra at the HTC Incredible party in San Francisco, California last night.

– RAW’s Yoshi Tatsu will be appearing at the FCW live event this Friday in Crystal River, Florida. A Lumberjack Strap Match will be the main event. Stars advertised include Michael McGillicutty, Abraham Washington, Trent Baretta, Caylen Croft, Shad Gaspard and more.

– John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Title is advertised for the three-hour edition of Monday Night RAW in Philadelphia on November 29th.

– WWE did an angle on NXT last night where Goldust proposed marriage to Aksana, to solve her “immigration problems.” Aksana accepted and the angle is expected to play out on RAW and NXT.

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  • wwefan95

    dude sheamus is a good wrestler but there is no need to call him the best. edge is better, cm punk is better and randy orton is better. so is the miz actually

  • Murmer

    Sheamus is hardly even a wrestler. as ive stated before all he is is a generic typical power guy who wwe always drools over for some reason. and as ive said already.. he is batista but he doesnt botch as much. i can write a list of 500 wrestlers currently better than him.. maybe a whole lot more than 500 actually.

    and John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett is probably what we will be seeing for the next 5 or 6 years on Raw, knowing WWE.

  • Mr.Hill

    Being an Irishman myself I know what it’s like to stand by your countryman. But I agree, He is a great fighter, not a great wrestler. I’ve never liked Cena, but from a business standpoint, he’s gold in this PG market. Wade Barrett is a classic style wrestler. That style is very much still popular in Europe. And Randy Orton has perfected this character over the years, any man that can lay out heroes and villains in one match and still be cheered has my respect.

  • Ballsack

    wow sheamus, really? How can you wanna fight someone over the internet?

  • sheamus

    Because Im the Celtic Warrior and I love sucking DICK!!!!!

  • Ballsack

    the comment above is funnier haha

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