Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 10/21/2010

– Thanks to Eric for the following live TNA iMPACT spoilers from tonight’s tapings. These will air on October 21st:

Dark Match:

* Stevie Richards beat Mr. Pectacular


* Mr. Anderson came out with his arm in a sling. He wants Jeff Hardy but Rob Van Dam comes out. RVD wants Hardy also. Hardy appears on the big screen before Eric Bischoff comes out. If Anderson can beat Kaz in Ultimate X, he gets a title shot at Hardy on Turning Point. Also announced is RVD and Sabu vs. Beer Money for tonight.

* Robbie E. beat The Amazing Red. Robbie cut a promo saying he wants the X Division Title.

* Backstage segment with Ric Flair and Fortune.

* AJ Styles beat The Pope in a Street Fight. Good match here. Abyss came out and hit Pope with the Black Hole Slam to help Styles get the win.

* Backstage segment with Rob Van Dam and EV 2.0. RVD is wondering which of them Bischoff has paid off. RVD attacks Raven.

* Jeff Jarrett comes out to heel heat. Jarrett is sorry for not beating Kurt Angle down worse last week. Jarrett continues trashing Angle. Samoa Joe came out to fight but security handcuffed him. Jarrett attacked a cuffed Joe and threw him off the stage. Mike Tenay, playing Taz’s role from last week, started yelling at JJ.

* Beer Money beat Sabu and RVD. Sabu accidentally hit Van Dam with a chair which caused them to lease. Sabu tried to apologize but RVD attacked him. EV 2.0 ran out to stop them from fighting.

* Mickie James beat Sarita in a Xplosion rematch. Tara came out and laid Mickie out.

* Kaz beat Mr. Anderson in Ultimate X. Fortune attacked Anderson on his way to the ring. Anderson sold throughout the match. The end came when Fortune beat him down some more. Kaz stood on Matt Morgan’s shoulders to retrieve the X. Anderson chases off Fortune but Jeff Hardy attacks him from behind with a chair. Hardy injures Anderson’s arm some more with the chair to end the show.

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  • tkc409

    OMG!!! totally nwo style!!!
    lets see who is the alliance between the good guy…

  • Cartman


  • K Law

    Wow… They tainted Ultimate X with such bullshit… This show sounds a lot better then the one that going to be on this Thursday… RVD and Sabu as a team!

  • Murmer

    This is a perfect demonstration of TNA adding gimmicks to their matches just for the sake of having a gimmick. AJ Styles vs. Pope in a street fight… can you tell me what these 2 have been doing lately to have to settle their match in a street fight? and kaz vs. mr. anderson in ultimate x… way to make the ultimate x match just not even matter anymore. first they had doug williams against kendrick in an over booked ultimate x back at another ppv, they had the machine guns against gen me in an ultimate x match when they were hardly even feuding (even though the match was good), and now a random ultimate x between kaz and anderson on IMPACT!. they should only have the X division guys do the ultimate x, at best twice a year, and ONLY on PPV. it would make the match mean a lot more and fans would be more eager to see one if it wasnt happening on Impact and 4 or 5 times a year.

  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA has left what made the popular”X Divsion” now they use it as a gimmick which sucks. Looks like an overrall pretty good show.. But its so many Heel groups now in TNA. Heck there shows have been better than WWE with the Lame Cena/Nexus saga and the Computer GM …Geeeezzz!

  • jdogg

    Man WCW oooppsss i mean TNA is just getting dummer and dummer and dummer whats up with all the randomness in these matches it doesn’t make no damn sense im digging jeff hardy being a heel though thats my dude and i have a huge crush on mickie james but this NWO shit that TNA is doing it has too stop it was cool in the 90’s but now it is getting repettitive and dull thanks a lot hulk hogan and eric bishoff because of your so called help TNA is now in the shithole.

  • prhmusic

    Agreeing with all the stuff about not wanting a dumb retread of nWo. So the ECWers are going to fight among themselves. The faces v. the nWo in the 90s were splintered and it was dumb. Set up true feuds. Agree with the comment about why a street fight? DUMB!

  • jjb 420

    Another crap show from a dieing company…RIP

  • Lou

    Is it too much to ask for another wrestling company with money and A CLUE to start up? Both TNA and WWE suck right now. I don’t ever see TNA getting any better.

  • Tootie

    It was totally Lame.

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