SmackDown Team Breaks Up, Husky Works SmackDown Show, More

– Tickets for WWE’s return to Madison Square Garden on December 26th will go on sale October 16th.

– NXT 2 Rookie and apparent Nexus member Husky Harris worked the SmackDown live event on Wednesday in Hidalgo, Texas. Husky defeated RAW star Primo Colon.

– Another WWE tag team has broken up as Curt Hawkins beat down his partner Vance Archer on last night’s WWE Superstars broadcast. Archer had just lost a match to Chris Masters. At a time when it appears WWE is re-building it’s tag team division, they also are planning on splitting up The Hart Dynasty.

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  • annonymous

    WWE Tag Team Division….

  • joemoefoe

    why would they split up the dynasty? there were the only legit tag team really, i mean mcyintre and rhodes just got thrown together. wtf is this.
    anyom i gotta agree

  • Druid 52

    I barely even seen them tag together. Was there no chemistry?

  • big will

    why would they split the hart family are they on drugs or they are stupid writers, bookers


    The wwe tag team division died a long time ago

  • deadsquad

    I Think Uso’s are a better tag team then the Hart Dynasty anyway. It’s not as if the Hart Dynasty Tyson Kidd & David Hart-Smith is going to be like the Hart Foundation Bret”The Hitman”Hart & Jim”The Anvil”Neidhart. David Hart-Smith is the power of the team like Jim”The Anvil”Neidhart was but Tyson Kidd is no Bret”The Hitman”Hart. Just replace Tyson Kidd with someone good.

  • joeisrael

    I like the way Tyson wrestles but if they split due to his size he might be pushed down to the basement D.H. has that WWE look but he lacks the charisma, i personally wish in a perfect world have Tyson turn heel and bring in like a Teddy Hart and have them form their own tag team, but that wont happen lol… on a side note I got stuck doing mando overtime anyone catch the mysterio del rio match? from what I read it seemed good I’m a big fan of both since I grew up watching em in Mexico and I know they can probably work well since both are excellent talents in my opinion of coarse please shoot a reply of your opinions on this match please!

  • yo

    y would u split the hart dynasty they are 1 of the best tag team

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