Report on TNA Creative Making Dixie Carter Look Bad, Sky/Styles

– There was some snickering amongst the TNA locker room over company president Dixie Carter being made to look silly during the September 16 episode of iMPACT. Eric Bischoff announced during the show that there would be a Three-way Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory. However, Carter overruled him by announcing a No Surrender rematch between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle to determine which Superstar would face Mr. Anderson at the pay-per-view. The singles match concluded with a no decision, thus setting up a Three-Way bout at Bound for Glory.

“They’re making her look bad and she doesn’t even realize it,” said one TNA source.

Another company insider pondered whether creative intentionally made Carter look bad or if they’re too clueless to realize it.

– AJ Styles and Velvet Sky appeared on behalf of TNA Wrestling and Toms Snacks at the NACS Conference for the Convenience Store industry in Atlanta. They introduced to industry executives a promotion slated to launch in December 2010 that will feature top TNA Stars on the packaging of Toms Snacks Thick and Bold line of chips and snacks.

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  • The Fulken

    Well it was kind of dumb to have a rematch if the match at the pay per view was going to end up the 3 Way in the first place. They could have had Angle or Jeff actually win the rematch…

  • PowerUp 5000

    “DICK”(dixie) carter..felt bad..she don’t care..

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