WWE NXT Results – 9/28/10

We start off with a look back at last week’s NXT with the musical chairs competition. Then we see the Talk the Talk Challenge.

We are live on tape from Bloomington, Illinois and your announcers are Josh ‘Next week I will be a Cylon’ Mathews and Michael ‘Cole Heat is replacing X Pac Heat’ Cole. Your host is Matt ‘Is that a Cosby sweater’ Striker.

Matt Striker brings out the Divas who join the pros on the stage.

Matt tells us that the voting starts tomorrow at noon on wwe.com.

Matt says that being a diva means having athleticism and poise. This week’s challenge is a wheelbarrow challenge. They need to go around the ring once and the Diva with the fastest time wins.

Maxine goes first, but before she gets to use the wheelbarrow, Matt says that they need to add a challenge. They need to put something big and heavy in the wheelbarrow. Hornswoggle comes out and he will be riding in the wheelbarrow and he has his helmet. Matt warns the rookies that if Hornswoggle falls out of the wheelbarrow, they are disqualified.

Maxine’s time is 14.7 seconds and then Hornswoggle falls out of the wheelbarrow after the line was crossed. Hornswoggle responds to Maxine’s comments by biting her in the rear end. Naomi is next and her time is 15.2 seconds. Jamie is the third competitor and her time is 14.4 seconds. Kaitlyn is next and she tries to ride with Hornswoggle but Matt corrects her. Her time is 12.0 seconds. AJ is the penultimate participant and her time is 17.7 seconds. AJ gives Hornswoggle a hug and Hornswoggle gets a little too happy with the hugging. Aksana is the final participant and her time is 13.9 seconds.

Our winner is Kaitlyn. She gets on Hornswoggle’s shoulders to celebrate and then Kaitlyn hugs Vickie as we go to commercial.

We are back with This Week in WWE History: We go to September 1997 when we saw the Three Faces of Foley and Cactus Jack returned to face Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This was also the night that Steve Austin gave Vince McMahon a Stunner.

Michael says that he is waiting for NXT Season 3 to be on Classics on Demand.

We go to a video package for AJ. She says that her style is different. She says that she represents the nerds. She says that she didn’t mind staying at home on Saturday nights playing video games. She says that she did not have a lot growing up. She says that they didn’t have a lot but they had each other. AJ says that she always dreamed of being a Diva. She says that she remembered waiting in line for tickets for Wrestlemania in Madison Square Garden. She told her dad that she was going to be in that ring. She says that she is stronger than the other girls and they are not going to get rid of her.

Diss the Diva is coming. We go to commercial.

We are back and Did you Know that WWE provides their shows to the military all over the world.

We go to the Raw Rebound and the end of Chris Jericho?

We are finally back and it is time for Josh and Michael to talk about Hell in a Cell. They tell us that the show will be on WWE.com next week at 10:00 PM. We will see the first elimination next week.

It is time to take a look at Kaitlyn. She is from Houston and she says that she played soccer for 13 years. She was in fitness and figure competitions. She finished in the top five in the Arnold Competition. The other rookies cannot do the robot
. She wants to be the one who people can laugh with and will push the envelope. She wants people not to be afraid to express themselves. She says that she looks up to Beth Phoenix. Being the next WWE Diva is a huge honor because they are positive role models. Kaitlyn says that she has a lot to learn but she is willing to learn to get to the next level.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see what happened at the end of Smackdown when Undertaker upped the ante for their match at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

We go to more commercials, but Diss the Diva is next.

We are back and Matt reminds the rookies that voting starts tomorrow so this could be their last time in the ring.

They will have a chance to tell the other Divas why they have what it takes to be the next breakout star.

Aksana goes first and she thank Matt. She tell everyone to look at her. She blows kisses to the crowd. She say she go to gym every day, does five hundred sit ups, five hundred crunches and then run ten miles. She say she take care of her body. Aksana say that the others eat pancakes. She ask who is Arnold Classic winner. Aksana says she is. She says the other rookie wanna be just like Aksana.

AJ is next and she says that she isn’t going to put the other girls down. She says that she belongs her more than the others. She says that it is time to redefine Diva. You don’t need high heels. They can like video games and comic books. She says that she is a Diva who loves the business. She says that it is about time that the WWE picks AJ.

Kaitlyn is next and she says that before she disses any Diva, she wants to do an impression and she sticks out her butt and Naomi attacks her. She says that even though she fell flat on her butt, she will win Season Three.

Jamie is next. She says that she could talk about how this one is dressed like she is in a circus . . . ON A TRAPEEZE. She can talk about this one who looks and acts like a ten year old on Christmas morning. Jamie says that she knows that she is the best and will win.

Matt reminds the rookies about the concept of the challenge.

Naomi is next and she says that she doesn’t want to diss because her mama told her that if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. If this is about wrestling and entertainment, she has all of them beat. She knows it, the WWE Universe knows it, and so do the other rookies. Naomi says that Kaitlyn was talking about her in a confessional but we know that the only reason why Kaitlyn won was because Naomi messed up. She says that Vickie almost had a better time than Kaitlyn did. She says that Kaitlyn is too cocky and too arrogant. She tells Kaitlyn to say it to her face next time.

Maxine is the final rookie to diss and she says that she is sick and tired of the typical Diva. They are all the same. So overly perky and nice. They smile when they lose. She asks everyone what can you do with a nice girl? Take her home to mom and bake cookies. She says that is so boring. She says that nice girls can’t get things done in a man’s world.

It is time for the voting and the winner of the challenge is AJ.

AJ celebrates by hugging and kissing Matt.

Vickie Guerrero rises from her chair and walks to the ring and gives a few ‘Excuse Mes’. Vickie tells Kaitlyn that week after week she tries so hard to make her into a reflection of her. Vickie says that she is a success. She wants the WWE Universe to feel her pain with what she has to deal with.

Kaitlyn says that she has tried her hardest and all Vickie has done is bring her down. The first elimination is around the corner so she might not have another opportunity to do this. She challenges Vickie to a match.

Vickie asks Kaitlyn if she knows who she is dealing with. Vickie accepts and she says that she will show everyone that she is the pro and that Kaitlyn is nothing. Vickie slaps Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn pushes Vickie down. They fight on the mat until Matt separates them.

We go to the internet.

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