WWE NXT Results – 9/21/2010

We start off with a look back at the problems between Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero. We also see Vickie Guerrero run the obstacle course before the Divas. Then we see the other Diva storm off the set after getting frustrated with the show.

We are live on tape from Bloomington, Illinois and your announcers are Josh ‘I get to interview people on Raw’ Mathews and CM ‘Major Straight Edge Upgrade’ Punk. Your host is Matt ‘If I could do the pay per view commentary alone . . . wait, I already do that’ Striker.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring wearing a lovely blazer that is straight edge. Punk is given a present from Josh, an 8×10 photo and Punk rips it. Punk calls the show a car crash and he is looking forward to watching it.

The Divas come out to the ring. Matt says that if they thought they were scrutinized before, it gets worse. In two weeks, we will get the first elimination. Matt says that last week was huge for Jamie since she won her first match and the Joke Off. Matt points out that Kaitlyn won the Obstacle Course.

Vickie interrupts Matt and gives a few Excuse Mes. Vickie says that what Kaitlyn did last week was impressive but she showed Kaitlyn how to run the obstacle course. Vickie says that it is her leadership skills that made her win. Kaitlyn is in a match this week against Jamie. Vickie says that she invited some of her close friends to coach her this week.

We see the only Divas Champions come to the ring and they are wearing matching outfits. Michelle says that Kaitlyn should be thankful that Vickie Guerrero is her pro and that she can trust in the two of them. Layla points out that they are the undisputed Diva’s Champions. Michelle says that she is the sole reason why Kaval won Season Two. Layla says that if Jamie’s pros were here, it wouldn’t matter because her pros are the Bella Twins. Michelle says that they are beautiful because the sky is the limit, but they don’t really mean it. Michelle and Layla insult the rookies.

Kelly interrupts and tells Michelle and Layla that they can’t run things. Kelly says that even though Jamie’s pros aren’t here, she is here and so is Naomi. Kelly suggests a six person tag match.

Layla and Michelle accept the match.

There is some tension in the ring and Matt plays peacekeeper because we will have a competition, but first a commercial, and it will be Legendary.

We are back and it is time for the next challenge. Matt says that the most important thing for Divas is their timing. That is why we are going to play Musical Chairs. Matt reminds us that the Diva with the most wins gets immunity. Matt reminds us that Naomi has two wins while Kaitlyn and Jamie have one win each. Punk talks about how he was at the Steel Domain Wrestling School and they played musical chairs. Kaitlyn is the first one eliminated. We lose a rookie and a chair. The next rookie to go is Jamie. Maxine is the next one to go but she wants a piece of Aksana before she leaves the ring. We are down to three and there is some stutter stepping and Aksana is eliminated. They circle the chair and AJ wins but Punk suggests that there is some controversy with the win.

Punk and Josh look at the replay and they talk about AJ was able to pull off the upset.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Josh comments on Punk’s wardrobe.

We go to a video package for Aksana. She talks about how she is from Lithuania and she came to the US in 2001. She wanted to be a professional figure athlete. In 2009, she won Ms. International Figure and she was interviewed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Competing in fitness and figure, it is like the WWE. She talks about how she is usually shy and quiet, but in the ring, she is different. Aksana says that she never stops believing in herself. She says that if you are smart, you know how to be sexy and powerful.

Aksana is in the back and Goldust asks her if she saw the video. Goldust says that it was awesome. Aksana says that she got a letter from Immigration and she has problems with her visa. Aksana says that she could be deported. Aksana doesn’t want to have her dreams taken away. Goldust says that they will fix it. He tells Aksana to be focused. He tells Aksana that she needs to win some matches and she can still win NXT. They do some breathing techniques and then Goldust says that he wants Aksana to show her aggression.

Punk talks about how he could have used some subtitles with Aksana. Josh then asks Punk if he ever talked to his rookie like Goldust did with Aksana. Punk says that he never talked to his rookie.

Speaking of deportation, Josh segues into what happened on Raw and how Nexus could be deported. Who wants a Raw Rebound.

It is time to run through the two matches announced for Hell in a Cell and Punk adds his thoughts.

We see footage from last week’s Joke Off and Maxine’s comments to AJ.

Match Number One: Maxine with Alicia Fox versus AJ with Primo

They lock up and Maxine with a knee and she sends AJ to the mat. AJ with punches and a shoulder tackle. AJ with a cartwheel and arm drag followed by a spin kick. AJ with a kick but Maxine with a drop toe hold and then she chokes AJ in the ropes. Maxine with a reverse chin lock. AJ gets to her feet but Maxine sends AJ back to the mat in what is described by Punk as ‘vintage’ moves. Maxine with a suplex for a near fall. Maxine with an Irish whip followed by a kick and clotheslines. AJ with a drop kick but Maxine with a brainbuster but AJ floats over and gets the three count.

Winner: AJ

We are interrupted by Michael ‘I never said I quit NXT even though I said it last week’ Cole. He wants our attention and he wants everyone to boo him. Cole says that the fans booing him are in the minority because Cole says that he knows there is a silent majority telling him to please return to NXT. Cole says that he had an epiphany. NXT without Michael Cole is unwatchable. NXT without Michael Cole is like Braylon Edwards driving through Manhattan or Bristol Palin trying to dance. NXT without Michael Cole is just bad. Cole wants his loyal fans, the Cole Minors. Punk tells Cole the show is bad with or without him. Cole says that he is bringing back journalistic integrity and he is coming back to NXT. Punk hugs Cole as we go to commercial.

We are back and Did you Know that WWE provides tickets for members of the military.

Punk mentions that he wishes he had a Chihuahua with him.

Matt Striker is in the ring and it is time for the second challenge of the night. It is time for the Talk the Talk Challenge and they will have sixty seconds to speak on their topics. Jamie goes first and her topic is ‘teeth’. Jamie says the WWE Universe doesn’t want to hear her talk about teeth. They want to hear about how Jamie is going to rock their world. She will bring her sex appeal, dedication and devotion more than anyone in the locker room. It is about a strong athletic woman who strives to better herself and not some weak girls who think they can fight. Jamie is going to prove what sexy, smart, and powerful means.

Matt reminds the WWE Universe the rookies have to stay on topic.

Naomi’s topic is ‘toupee’. Naomi thinks about it while the crowd boos. She can’t think about anything to say about a toupee right now. She wonders if we are here to wrestle. She is here to show us how good she is in the ring.

Matt says that Naomi has been disqualified for being off topic. Jamie has been disqualified as well.

AJ is next and she is hoping for a good topic. It is ‘caffeine’. She says that if anyone knows about caffeine it is her. She does not need caffeine because she has a natural high. She has this business and this ring. She has her passion for everything that she does in the ring. She says that she has been trying to do this for years, and did not need a check put in her face like the others.

Aksana’s topic is ‘llama’. Punk asks for subtitles. Aksana says that she loves blue eyes and likes Matt’s eyes. Aksana asks for an explanation. Aksana asks what a llama is. Aksana wants Matt to show please. Matt asks Aksana to talk about a camel. Aksana runs out of time.

Maxine’s topic is ‘foot’. Maxine says that she is the woman who belongs on top in WWE. It is because she can use her foot to squash AJ if she gets another match. She will use her foot to squash her until she taps out. She says that the only position for her is on top.

Kaitlyn is the last one and her topic is ‘ignition’. Kaitlyn says that she got some advice in the back and she was told to picture everyone in their underwear. Kaitlyn talks about the different people’s underwear and she says that she has gotten her ignition going.

Punk comments that he is not wearing pants and that is how he usually watches NXT.

The audience gives the competition to AJ.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Punk talks about how great a time he has had tonight on NXT.

Match Number Two: Layla, Michelle McCool, and Kaitlyn with Vickie Guerrero versus Naomi, Kelly Kelly, and Jamie

Layla and Kelly start things off and Kelly with a slap and Thesz Press. Kelly with an arm bar and Jamie is tagged in. Layla wants a time out and she takes the flower out of Jamie’s hair. Layla makes fun of Jamie and Layla throws the flower at Jamie before locking up. Layla pushes Jamie and Jamie pushes back. Jamie with a kick to the leg followed by a slam. Kaitlyn tags in and Jamie with a kick followed by a side head lock. Kaitlyn tries to get out of the hold and connects with forearms. Kaitlyn with a spear but she misses an elbow drop. Jamie works on the arm and Naomi tags in and Kaitlyn takes Naomi down and brings her into the corner. Michelle tags in and she kicks Naomi in the corner. Michelle is sent into the ropes and Naomi with a rollup for a near fall. Naomi with a drop kick and forearms. Naomi with an Irish whip and a spinning heel kick to the apron. Naomi knocks Layla off the apron and Michelle kicks Naomi. Layla hits Naomi and Naomi hits Layla but Michelle with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kaitlyn tags in but Naomi gets the three count.

Winners: Naomi, Jamie, and Kelly Kelly

After the match, Kaitlyn pushes Michelle. Layla grabs Kaitlyn’s leg and Michelle with a kick. Vickie yells at Kaitlyn.

We go to credits.

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    AJ sux. Maxine dropped her on her head and she didn.t sell it. She rolled over and pinned her. I definately think she is the worst nxt diva.

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