Sean Waltman Arrested for Drug Possession

– Former WWE performer Sean Waltman was arrested and charged with drug possession on Sunday at the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. Airport officials processed him before eventually releasing him without bail.




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  • K Law

    Failed… It sickens me when rappers decide to try and sneak guns in a fucking airport with tighter then two huge tits in a sports bra but when wrestlers try and get on a plane with drugs is on the same fucking retarded level… I guess he might pull a Paris Hilton and claim the drugs in his bag isn’t his. He’s holding it for a friend… Waltman had such potential in wrestling. May not had been a main eventer but he could put on some great matches back in the day…

  • Chris Dee

    He is due at court on 9/28/2010 in Newark Municipal Crt @ 8:00 Am

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