WWE’s 6’9″ Diva Comments On Her Controversial Pictures

6’9″ Diva Aloisia posted the following on her website about why WWE pulled her from NXT:

When I first received my offer from WWE, they asked me to fill out a “Talent Information Form” providing them with information about myself and my background. One of the questions was, “Have you ever posed nude?”. I answered “No” to this question, because that’s the truth. If they had asked me if I ever posed suggestively, I would of course have answered “Yes”, but there’s a big difference between suggestive and nude. As to the question of whether this was why they took me off the show, that’s something you’d have to ask them. Perhaps it was a factor in their decision, but I honestly don’t know their entire thought process, as they’ve communicated very little to me about this. From what I’ve been reading on various blogs, it seems that they may have had a political motivation to get me off the show, but again, you’d have to ask them.



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  • themike

    Again, wwe divas have been in playboy while employed by wwe. seems like wwe has lost their way. the same company that brought you stone cold, now will give you soft cold. the point is, the more lame your product is, the less money you make, and thats the bottom line…

  • jizz

    hey good observation, i didnt catch that until now. Wwe have lost their way, its not how was back then. They dont even bra and panties match

  • outsider

    i think their decisions are always for the best because it’s obvious children watch these show and they don’t want to be a bad example to follow. i can respect that. there are other ways for you to see a girl in bra and panties…

  • Bracey

    Wonder if this was a big factor in Mickie James being elbowed out? Cause her pre WWE pic’s are very very naughty haha

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