Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results (9/10)

WWE taped this week’s edition of WWE Smackdown tonight from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks to PWInsider reader Ken McAndrew for providing us with text-message updates. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on MyNetworkTV):

Kane/Taker recap video to open, then usual SD open and pyro.
They announced Taker and Punk, and then the gong hit and Taker was in the ring, fire going off on stage. He talked about how he’s had to protect Kane from others and himself, so he’ll have no problem beating on him at the PPV. Taker says he still controls the power of the darkness. He said Kane will always remember his older, wiser, more evil brother would take his title back. Taker says no rules can contain them, and says the match must be no holds barred.

CM Punk comes out alone, clapping. He tells everyone to stand and give Taker a round of applause fitting his legendary status. Punk says after the PPV none of us will see Taker again. He enjoys watching Taker on his own downward spiral, seeing a broken down man who’s had one too many fights and is delusional.

Taker says he sees his next victim. Punk says he doesn’t hear the same panache in Taker’s voice, saying he’s facing Big Show at the PPV (for no title I guess?) Taker says Punk will rest in peace, and we break.

Jack Swagger vs. MVP – they showed a recap of last week’s VIP Lounge. It looks like MVP added the triple German suplexes, but only got two before Swagger elbowed out. Swagger did an abdominal stretch on MVP through the ropes. MVP hit the Ballin elbow, but Swagger slipped away before the 305. MVP followed and Swagger kicked the steps into MVP’s knee, leading to the ankle lock for the tap.

Laycool and Kaval in the back, arguing over who would face Melina, saying Vickie let either defend. Kaval said it was his first night on SD, and could the girls please chill? They heeled him a bit, saying he wouldn’t be there if not for them.

Next is a history of Taker and Kane.

Tony Chimel announces Alberto del Rio’s ring announcer, who announced Alberto.

Alberto del Rio (with Orton’s old sparkler curtain) vs. Matt Hardy – Matt’s back to camouflage pants and no singlet. Alberto hit Matt on the apron with a running enziguri that was real loud. Matt hit an inverted Twist of Fate, ending with an elbowdrop for two, followed by a moonsault for two. They fought up top, with Alberto dropping to the floor to hang Matt’s gut. Ram to the post followed by a flip into the cross-armbreaker for the tap. Afterwards, Christian ran Alberto off. Long TV match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval (who already has better music and video than Daniel Bryan) – Drew hit a nasty suplex on the floor, landing Kaval on the apron. Kaval with an enziguri from the top rope, but Drew rolled out before Warrior’s Way. Kaval went for a rana from the apron but Drew essentially powerbomed Kaval. Back in the ring, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for three. Laycool came out to check on Kaval, but were icky at his sweat. They helped him to the back.

DASHING Cody Rhodes with grooming tips – how facials are good for men, while wearing a green facial mask.

Vickie and Caitlyn came out…again. Vickie kept berating Caitlyn’s promo work, then introduced Dolph Ziggler. Chavo (with short tights) also came out and the whole group came to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler and Chavo Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters – One of these things just doesn’t belong. Beatdown on Masters until a hot tag. Kofi entered with a high springboard clothesline. Double clothesline spot. Dolph made a tag but the ref didn’t see it and put Chavo out – weird to do to the heels of course. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Dolph for the three count.

A lot of ring and stage setup, including Kane’s pyro corners. Meantime Big Show on the tron, interviewing himself, with him playing Josh Matthews. Kelly told Show Josh was coming do Show hid the mic under his arm. Josh got his mikc back, a bit soiled.

CM Punk with Straight Edge Society, then he sends them to the back. Punk vs. Undertaker – Punk cut off the usual moves, but got chokeslammed for two. Taker went for the tombstone, but Punk slipped out and hit the GTS. Punk slow to cover, and Taker got the Hell’s Gate for the tap.

Undertaker went to pose and Kane’s pyro went off with his laughter filling the arena like Joker’s laugh box from 1989’s Batman. That’s where Smackdown ends.

Dark Match Main Event:

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker ends in a double countout. Kane continued the beating til Taker hit a chokeslam. Kane ran after that and the show ended with Taker posing.




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    Randy Orton VIPER?? Nah More like Primate or Some unusual Crap of dilusional character

    KANE?? Hes cool
    UNDERTAKER?? REST IN PEACE!! When does the dude ever participate in SD? Or will he? Just fire the guy~~

    SWAGGER? Moe like a Hot dog salesman

    MOZ?? A walking MAN-Rooster who thinks hes AWESOME only because he sports a Mohawk! Zero Talent and ZERO Storylines

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