NXT Results – September 7, 2010

Thanks to Ken McAndrew and PWInsider.com for the following results:

*JTG pinned Tyler Reks. JTG actually pulled fuzzy dice out of his boot to shake at one point.


Josh and Cole out to start NXT, followed by Striker. The NXT theme music is new for the girls.

The Pros came out to introduce their rookies. Vickie came out last to excuse herself and get booed. She introduced her new diva, Caitlyn.

Striker said the season would last 3 months. Then each Diva got a chance to speak. Caitlyn was the girl that was homecoming queen and class clown. Vickie wasn’t happy and told her to do it again. So Caitlyn just kissed Vickie’s ass.

Aksana said she’s the billion dollar beauty from Lithuania. She said her favorite colors were black and gold. Striker said she like “double double E”

Maxine said she had street, book, and common sense. The crowd “WHAT”d her.

AJ said Striker needed a hug, then said she wanted to win NXT and the title.

Jamie said she was ready to step from behind the mike and give it 110% and looks forward to the work needed.

Naomi thinks WWE has been missing her, saying she’s a fighter and that talk is cheap.

Next is a rookie challenge. The Pros go to the stage. Striker said first elimination will be in four weeks, whoever has the most wins is immune.

The challenge is a diva dance off…with Michael Cole. Cole had red legwarmers and a Fred Astaire hat and NO rhythm. Naomi did some not wholly PG dancing. Jamie just shook in place and got booed. Cole got a break on favor of Chimel, who was offered donuts.

AJ grabbed Chimel’s tie (she’s so fired!) and rump grinded him a bit. Maxine tried to remove her suspenders and used his tie too.

Josh was partner three for Aksana. They did some cheek to cheek classic dancing. Caitlyn did the robot and other old school moves from Evolution of Dance.

Everyone but Naomi and AJ got booed, including Cole. Naomi won.

Tag match: Kelly Kelly and Naomi vs. Alicia Fox and Maxine. Naomi hit a nice springboard into a sunset flip and a good dropkick. Maxine with the worst bronco buster lite and an okay suplex. Crowd is really into Naomi. Naomi surprised Maxine with a small package for three, which didn’t seem to be the finish. A little confusion, Naomi hit a suplex and rolled over to a cover, but the ref called it and Chimel announced Kelly and Naomi as winners.

They’re setting up a stand with a flag hanging about seven feet up.

Another challenge, a capture the flag race around ringside, a diva eliminated each time. Finish saw Naomi win again, beating out Maxine.

Mixed tag: Goldust and Aksana vs. Primo and AJ – Aksana hit an ugly slam and legdrop but okay backbreaker. The Rookies flubbed the finish so they redid it, with AJ hitting a lift by Aksana into a bulldog (that really planted Aksana’s face) for the win. I am guessing they will edit that out.

Afterwards, Vickie and Caitlyn came out. Vickie wanted Caitlyn to do her intro again. Caitlyn told Vickie off, then tried to attack AJ when Primo said it was AJ’s moment. AJ shoved Caitlyn into Vickie, and AJ and Primo celebrated to close NXT.



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  • themike

    I’ll give you the results of nxt, no wait i cant cause i fell asleep. no really, i missed rehab: party at the hard rock or monster trucks, hell, your local news would have been more entertaining. nxt tuesday i’ll have a “rehab” at my house to make me forget michael cole’s dancing with the whore’s.

  • Kryptonite

    Oh my god!!! Cole can dance so beautifully!!!! Dear Cole,will you fuck my ass? I know u r a gay too.u can suck my 2 inch cock too 😉

  • jizz


    And why they gotta be whores? If any of them were whores it be Naomi.

  • jizz


  • Hulkado

    @ jizz i agree, but i think i could put money that hornswoggle could whoop his ass too.

  • jizz

    @ hulkado yeah hornswoggle can whoop his ass, hate how talks he crap, AJ Lee maybe short but she fine ass hell and can still kick coles ass.

    What ever happen to bra and pantie matches?LETS GO AJ!!!!!!

  • junior

    I love nxt3 hope we can see bikinis!!!!! Maybe 1 bra and panties match please wwe make this happend!!! Keep watching it ppl its hot!!!!!!

  • jizz

    Jamie is hot ass fuck, but aj lee is my kinda girl cute and sexy and nerdy which is my favorite thing about her.

  • Angelo

    Fan of AJ already <3
    She's small, sexy and kicks ass!

    I also kinda like Caitlyn.

  • jizz


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