WWE Superstars Results – 8/19/2010

WWE Superstars TV Results
August 19, 2010 – Year 2, Week 19
Taped the Week of August 16
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN started with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introducing the show. Raw is up first with Yoshi Tatsu in the opening match. Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera to talk abut the eventful week in WWE following Summerslam. Cole shot his disingenuous smile to the camera before Primo walked out to face Yoshi.


The match opened with Primo scoring some offense, then he gloated to the crowd. Meanwhile, the announcers talked up the elimination match at Summerslam that went back and forth and ended with Team WWE defeating Nexus. Cole made an admission Daniel Bryan looked good during the match. Yoshi came back with a hard chop to the chest before executing an arm drag into an armbar. Cole still managed to work in the jabs on Bryan. Meanwhile, Yoshi knocked Primo to the outside before hitting a plancha on the outside. Yoshi rolled back into the ring to get his shine as they cut to break.

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Back from break, Primo was in control working on Yoshi. Of note, it sounded like Cole was trying to experiment with his voice doing play-by-play, with a little more straightforward, single-breath approach. Yoshi made his comeback at 8:00 with a running knee strike. He tried to follow with a sweeping kick strike, but Primo ducked and school-boyed Yoshi for a two count. Yoshi then caught Primo with a kick to the side of the head before going up top for his signature spinning heel kick. Yoshi with the cover for the win.

WINNER: Yoshi in 10:00. Fine singles match delivering a dose of athleticism at times. But, with virtually everyone on the roster wrestling the same basic style, the match didn’t really stand out. (*1/2)


NXT recap: They cut to Tuesday night’s NXT with the promos that opened the show. They put a beat to Kaval’s rap. They focused on Kaval’s “buffet table” line on Husky Harris. No, they did not include the “total non-stop action” reference. After showing Percy Watson’s elimination, they went to the next elimination of Husky Harris. And cue up Cody Rhodes’s promo on everyone in the building after Harris was eliminated. They showed rapid-fire clips of the show-ending brawl and things bound to “get much worse” on the final two weeks of NXT.

Still to come: Former World champion Jack Swagger vs. Chris Masters. Anklelock vs. Masterlock. Is Swagger coming down to meet Masters or is WWE trying to push Masters up to Swagger’s level?

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In-ring: MVP came out for Smackdown’s first match of the night. After Todd Grisham and Matt Striker had an on-camera showing to talk about Smackdown happenings, Vance Archer came out with Curt Hawkins to face MVP. Grisham broke down Archer’s cookie-cutter big-man character: “he’s big, he’s strong, and he’s nasty.”

2 — MVP vs. VANCE ARCHER (w/Curt Hawkins)

MVP and Archer started with a basic standing exchange as the crowd chanted for MVP. MVP took Archer off his feet and landed a boot to the head before settling into an armbar. Grisham noted Archer’s background as a quarterback at Texas State. Around these parts, it will always be known as Southwest Texas. Grisham said football didn’t provide enough physicality for Archer. The match moved to the floor a few minutes in and chaos broke out when Hawkins tried to get involved. JTG then stormed ringside to back up MVP. JTG and MVP regrouped in the ring as the party-starters retreated on the outside. Teddy Long then stepped out and said since everyone wants to fight tonight, they should have a good old fashioned tag match. It’s after the break.

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Back from break, JTG and MVP were well in control of the situation working on Hawkins. Archer then tagged in and resumed his fight with MVP. Hawkins threw a brief interruption MVP’s way, giving Archer an opening to land a big boot to the face. Archer and Hawkins traded tags working on MVP, then JTG took a hot tag. After JTG hit the Mug Shot for a nearfall, the action broke down with men fighting in and out of the ring. Archer then caught JTG in the corner and the party-starters combined for a combination powerslam on JTG. Archer with the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Hawkins & Archer in 4:00. Fine continuation of Archer and Hawkins’s perceived rise to the top of the tag division looking for a title shot against Hart Dynasty. (*)

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Announcers: Grisham and Striker were shown on-camera to introduce the Raw Rebound focused on the Summerslam follow-up with Nexus and John Cena.

In-ring: Former World Hvt. champion Jack Swagger stomped out for the main event, selling disdain with everything. One of the signs WWE chose to focus on was “Jack Swagger takes bubble baths.” It was held up by a 34-year-old man. No, no, an eight-year-old boy. Striker noted Golden Corral is sponsoring Superstars tonight. With that, time for the final break.

[Commercial Break. This NFL Red Zone spot was a bit scary. High spots, high spots, high spots! Instant gratification!]

Legendary spot: They filled more time before coming back for the main event with an extended trailer for John Cena in “Legendary.”

In-ring: Jack Swagger was shown bouncing in the ring ready to eat a meal. Out came Chris Masters to face Swagger as the announcers talked up the Anklelock vs. Masterlock aspect of the main event. Striker seemed to be reading off a piece paper describing the talking points for the match.


Swagger started off with an amateur take down, then a paint brush of Masters’s head. Masters took exception and told him to bring it. Grisham noted Swagger’s rough summer as Masters landed a hard chop in the corner. Masters backed up for a charging Stinger Splash and he connected. Masters tried to follow with a running powerslam, but Swagger slipped out and rammed him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Swagger then went to work on the shoulder with mat holds as the announcers talked up Swagger’s resume. Swagger then bounced off the ropes and walked into a sidewalk slam from Masters.

Masters landed a big boot, then moutned a comeback with clotheslines using his good arm. Masters followed with a spinebuster, but Swagger kicked out of a pin attempt. Masters then went to the second rope and hit a flying shoulder tackle. Masters wanted the Masterlock, but Swagger fought the hold, with Swagger struggling after the shoulder work. Swagger eventually countered into an anklelock center ring. Masters tried to grab the ropes, but Masters was forced to tap out, giving Swagger the win. They replayed the finish, then cut to Swagger staring back at Masters, who was selling the ankle work to close the show.

WINNER: Swagger via submission in 6:00. Brief TV main event, but it told a fine story in a match-up based on two signature submission holds. Swagger just needed a TV win. (*1/2)