Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – August 27th

– Thanks to Michael for these WWE SmackDown spoilers, to air next week on August 27th:

* Kane defeated Rey Mysterio in a No DQ match. Alberto Del Rio came out after the match and laid Rey out.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler via count out.

* CM Punk defeated JTG.

* Big Show defeated Luke Gallows.

* Alberto Del Rio beat a local wrestler by submission.

* Jack Swagger beat MVP via DQ. There was a stipulation where the match was a technical match. MVP broke the stip and was DQ’d for punching Swagger. Swagger put MVP in the Ankle Lock after the match.

* SmackDown ends next week with The Undertaker cutting a promo. Taker said his brother Kane had big trouble coming his way.

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  • Zidkijah Kirts

    Dear Vince McMahon you Should have Kids 10-12

  • ecw original

    kane is going to have lots and lots of “troble”
    and who the hell is alberto del rio

  • Dorji

    Smakdown has become bore.same stars fighting each other again agin.they Shie bring. Kurtangle..broke lesnar ,Goldberg,jeffhardy..bobby lesly..instead of showing undertaker entrance so long.

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