WWE Raw Results – August 9, 2010

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California. We get hype for tonight’s main event and go to the ring. Out comes WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart to a nice reaction from the crowd.

Bret says hello to the crowd and says he’s been at home for two weeks training in Calgary to get ready for SummerSlam, only to see everything fall apart. Bret says he’s a little disappointed. Bret talks about Edge and Chris Jericho quitting Team WWE. Bret says he vouched for Edge and Jericho to Cena as members of the team. Bret wants Edge and Jericho to come face him right now and see if they can put their team back together.

Out comes Chris Jericho. He tells Bret to impress him, call him the best in the world at what he does and…. Bret tells Jericho to shut him up. Bret says he doesn’t have time for that crap. Bret says this is Jericho’s chance to be a man and change things. Bret says if Nexus wins at SummerSlam, Jericho is only hurting himself by not helping the team. Bret tells Jericho to do the honorable thing and help the team. Jericho says his answer is still no. Jericho says Bret is a phony and a hypocrite, just like everybody else. Jericho says Bret is going to get the worst beating of his career tonight in the main event. Jericho says Bret is frightened and desperate. Jericho says they can’t beat Nexus at SummerSlam without himself and Edge. Jericho says once again in the WWE, Bret Hart is screwed. Out comes Edge. He talks about training with the Harts and being a fan of Bret’s as a kid. Edge goes to strike Bret but Hart catches his leg and goes for the Sharpshooter. Jericho comes in and hits Bret with a thumb to the eye. Edge and Jericho leave but Natalya comes down to the ring crying. She tells Bret something. The camera goes backstage and we see Nexus beating down The Hart Dynasty in their dressing room. Wade Barrett speaks and says this isn’t Bret’s day. Wade says Bret can forget about The Hart Dynasty being Edge and Jericho’s replacements. Bret and Natalya run backstage as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and everyone is checking on the Harts backstage. Bret walks in pissed. John Cena stops him and tries to calm him down. Cena says he’s got to find out who’s with them and tells Bret to stay with his family. Cena says he’s going to talk to The Great Khali.

The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

We go to the ring and out comes WWE’s United States Champion The Miz with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Out next is his opponent, Evan Bourne.

They lock up and Miz strikes first. Bourne comes back with kicks but gets knocked down to the mat. Miz goes to work with forearm shots now. Miz keeps control of the match and keeps Bourne down. Bourne tries to fight out with kicks but Miz knocks him out of the air. Miz hits the running clothesline in the corner for a 2 count.

Miz applies a chinlock now and holds it. Bourne tries to fight out but Miz stops him. Miz goes for a suplex but Bourne breaks free from it with knees to the head. Bourne with kicks now, sending Miz into the corner. Bourne hits an awesome hurricanrana from behind Miz for a 2 count. Miz changes things with a big clothesline and Bourne goes down. More “Miz is awesome” chants from the crowd. Miz hits the Skull Crashing Finale on Bourne for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Miz

– After the match, Miz takes the mic and says he doesn’t care if Randy Orton or Sheamus is the WWE Champion after SummerSlam, because when he’s ready to cash in and win, he will. Miz says he’s awesome and the crowd says it with him.

– We see John Cena talking with The Great Khali backstage but we can’t hear what they’re saying. Cole and Lawler plug tonight’s tag team main event as we go to commercial.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox

Back from commercial and we get a replay of Melina’s return last week. We go to the ring and out comes Melina for a match. Out next comes the WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox for this non-title match.

The bell rings and Melina goes to lock up. Alicia grabs her and slams her back into the corner. Alicia throws Melina by her hair and kicks her in the gut. Melina ends up on the apron and fights her way back in. Melina with a 2 count. Melina beats Alicia down. Melina ducks with her Matrix move and slams Alicia on her face.

Melina keeps on fighting but Alicia rolls to the floor. Melina comes out after her but gets clotheslined. Melina makes it back in the ring and Alicia covers for not even a 1 count. Alicia slams Melina down by her hair. Alicia hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. Alicia with a chinlock now and knees to the back. Melina fights out but Alicia knocks her back down. Alicia applies a torture rack like move. Melina turns it around into a sunset bomb for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Melina

– We go backstage with Josh Matthews and The Great Khali. Ranjin Singh isn’t here to translate tonight. Matthews asks if Khali is with WWE or Nexus. Khali says WWE. Khali grabs the mic and says something we can’t understand. Matthews asks if he can say it in English. Khali says Wade Barrett, it’s you and me tonight. Khali just challenged Barrett to a match and we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a replay of what happened during the commercial. Per the General Manager, Michael Cole announced that Melina will get a Divas Title shot against Alicia Fox at SummerSlam. Cole also confirms Wade Barrett vs. Khali tonight. They also hype a Divas SummerTime Spectacular with Eve, The Bellas, Maryse, Gail Kim and Jillian in bikinis. Sheamus also will call out Randy Orton tonight.

– We see Edge and Chris Jericho talking backstage. Jericho says Bret might be right about Nexus winning at SummerSlam, since they’re not on the team. Edge says so what, we crawl back to Cena? Jericho says maybe they bit off more than they can chew. Edge says he and Jericho have survived everything in WWE over the years and they will survive whatever Nexus does. Jericho says he and Edge make things happen around here and tonight, they take out Bret Hart and John Cena. Jericho says then there will be no match at SummerSlam and they will be in the clear.

– We go to John Morrison and R-Truth talking. Morrison says they have to hold up their part. They say they have each other’s back. Mark Henry walks up and says he’s got their replacement. Henry says his next match will be his audition.

– The camera cuts to Nexus backstage watching everything on a TV. Everyone walks off except for Wade Barrett. We go to commercial.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Henry

Back from commercial and out comes Ted DiBiase with Maryse and his Million Dollar belt. Out next comes Mark Henry. He’s met on the steel steps by Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young and Michael Tarver attack Henry from behind. They beat Henry down and throw him into the ring steps before retreating through the crowd. WWE officials check on Henry as we go to replays before commercial.

– Back from commercial and out comes the WWE Champion Sheamus to the ring. Sheamus says after last week’s RAW, the whole WWE Universe thought he was scared to get in the ring with Randy Orton. Sheamus says he was scared… scared of what he might do to Orton. Sheamus says normally when a fella talks like that, he talks out of his arse, but not him. Sheamus says he has been hurting people since he got here and that’s why he’s the WWE Champion.

Sheamus says if anyone thinks Randy Orton will beat him, then watch the following closely. Sheamus leads us into a video package of his WWE career so far.

Sheamus says that footage proves that he’s afraid of nobody in WWE. Sheamus says he has ended careers. He calls out Randy Orton to the ring. Orton’s music hits and interrupts Sheamus. Out comes Orton to the ring.

Orton tells Sheamus that he believes he’s capable of hurting people but Orton says he’s full of it when he says he didn’t get in the ring last week because he was scared of hurting Orton. Orton says Sheamus had an opportunity last week and he blew it, just like he will at SummerSlam. The crowd starts chanting “RKO.” Orton says Sheamus has never beaten him and never will. Sheamus says Orton and everyone else is wrong. Sheamus says Cena and Triple H said the same thing. Orton says he’s not Triple H and he’s certainly not John Cena. Sheamus says Orton isn’t the WWE Champion either, he is. Sheamus says Orton will go back to the end of the line after he wins at SummerSlam and won’t get another title shot. Orton says he’s going to win this Sunday at SummerSlam. Orton tells Sheamus to do something about it and they stare each other down. The e-mail alert goes off and Michael Cole has an announcement from the General Manager.

The GM says that Sheamus’ title matches in the past have been filled with controversy. If anyone interferes at SummerSlam, they will be suspended indefinitely. Also, if Orton loses at SummerSlam, there will be no rematch. The GM says he also agrees with Orton, that if Sheamus isn’t scared, then do something about it right now. Orton and Sheamus stare each other down. Sheamus shakes his head no as the crowd boo’s. Sheamus acts like he’s going to hit Orton and stops. Sheamus goes to leave the ring but Orton attacks him. Sheamus drops Orton with a shot to the head. Sheamus goes for the big kick but Orton ducks and hits a backbreaker. Orton stands over Sheamus and backs up into the corner. Orton goes for the punt kick but stops as he gets to Sheamus. Sheamus backs down in the corner, looking scared. Orton stares at him and rolls out to the floor. Orton’s music hits as he picks up the WWE Title. Orton looks at it and tosses it into the ring to Sheamus. Orton walks off up the ramp with a smirk on his face. We get more main event hype before going to commercial.

Kaval, Percy Watson and Lucky Cannon vs. Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris and Alex Riley

Back from the break and Sheamus is still at ringside with his belt. The NXT music is playing and we see the two teams in the ring. McGillicutty and Watson start the match off. They go back and forth until Percy hits a forearm for a 2 count. More back and forth until McGillicutty hits a dropkick for a 2 count. Riley is tagged in and he works over Percy in the corner.

We see Sheamus looking pissed at ringside as Riley works over Percy. Percy fights back but Riley pushes him around. Percy with a kick to the head and in comes Kaval. Kaval unloads on Riley with forearms and kicks. Kaval gets dumped to the apron but hangs on and chokes Riley from behind. Kaval with a springboard kick and a 2 count as McGillicutty breaks the pin. Lucky comes in and knocks McGillicutty to the floor. Lucky flies over the top and lands on him. Kaval tries a roll-up and a small stomp on Riley but didn’t see that Husky tagged himself in. Husky lays out Kaval from behind and hits the senton for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty and Alex Riley

– After the match, Sheamus lays out McGillicutty and Cannon at ringside. Sheamus enters the ring as Riley and the other Rookies run, except for Kaval. Sheamus hits the High Cross on Kaval and lays him out. Sheamus grabs a mic and says that was a message to the General Manager. Sheamus guarantees that he will still be WWE Champion next week. His music hits and he walks to the back pissed.

– We see an unhappy looking R-Truth and John Morrison headed to the ring as we go to commercial break.

R-Truth and John Morrison vs. Zack Ryder and William Regal

Back from commercial and out comes R-Truth with his usual entrance. We see William Regal and Zack Ryder already waiting in the ring. Out next comes Truth’s partner, John Morrison. Truth and Regal start the match off. As soon as it starts, Ryder distracts Truth and Regal attacks. Regal beats Truth down and tags in Ryder. Ryder with a neckbreaker and a knee drop. Ryder with a 1 count then a dropkick to the back of the head. Another 1 count.

Ryder with a headlock. Ryder gets up and takes Truth to the corner. Ryder misses a big kick to the head as Truth moves out of the way. Morrison is tagged in and he clotheslines Ryder. Dropkick by Morrison. Another dropkick by Morrison. Morrison hits a nice move and turns it into a 2 count. Regal comes in but Truth throws him out. Morrison drops Ryder and nails Starship Pain for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: John Morrison and R-Truth

– Cole and Lawler rundown the SummerSlam card. We see The Bella Twins headed to the ring for the Divas Summer Spectacular as we go to commercial.

WWE Divas Summer Spectacular: The Bellas vs. Eve and Gail Kim vs. Maryse and Jillian

Back from the break and there’s a big beach slide setup over the entrance. There’s a beach looking setup in the ring and Maryse waits with her partner Jillian Hall. Our referees will be Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. Out next come Eve Torres and Gail Kim, sliding down the huge slide. The Bellas are out next, also coming down the slide. Maryse and Eve start the match off. Maryse takes her hat off and puts it in Eve’s face. Eve comes back and mounts Maryse, pulling her hair. Maryse throws Eve into the ropes and one of the Bellas is tagged in. Maryse drops Eve. Bella and Maryse go at it. Jillian traps her in the corner with a towel. The other Bella comes in and Santino makes her leave. Maryse tags in Jillian, who throws Bella by her hair across the ring. Jillian with a big slap and a knee in the back.

Brie breaks out of the hold and tags in her sister Nikki. Nikki with a head scissors take down on Jillian and a dropkick. 2 count by Nikki. Eve comes in and hits a neckbreaker on Nikki. Maryse comes in after Eve. Gail comes in and puts an innertube around Maryse then lays her out. Jillian comes in and puts Gail on her shoulders. Jillian kicks Eve to the floor and throws Gail onto her. The end comes when Nikki flies off the top rope onto Jillian with a crossbody for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

– After the match, Santino is raising the hands of the Bellas when Tamina comes out, also in a swimsuit. She stares Santino up and down and he seems uncomfortable. Santino tries to leave but Tamina stops him. Tamina presses herself into Santino and then lets him leave. Tamina slaps Santino on the rear end before he exits the ring. Santino walks off with Kozlov as Tamina smiles at him.

– We go to a SummerSlam Recall with highlights from SummerSlam 1991 with The Mountie vs. Big Bossman in the Jailhouse Match.

– We see The Great Khali headed to the ring. Nexus attacks him from behind and beat him down. They Khali up and run away as he holds his knee. A referee comes over to check on Khali before we cut to commercial.

– Back from commercial and out comes Nexus to the ring. Barrett says he has just been informed that his match with The Great Khali has now been canceled. Barrett says a new chapter in WWE history will be written by Nexus at SummerSlam. He says the balance of power is about to shift on RAW, drastically and permanently. Skip Sheffield says RAW has become their show and Bret Hart will join Mr. McMahon and Ricky Steamboat as their victims. Sheffield tells the other Team RAW members that they’re going to break them mentally to the point they never recover. David Otunga tells everyone in the locker room to think about what they did to The Harts, Khali and Henry. Then think about whether they want to be next. Otunga says you’re either Nexus, or against us.

– We see John Cena and Bret Hart headed to the ring. The Miz stops them. Miz says their team for SummerSlam is in trouble with people quitting and getting hurt. Miz says they need help and he figured it was a matter of time before they came looking for him. Miz says he wants to hear them ask him for help. Bret asks Miz if he’s in or out. Miz wants to hear it from Cena also. Cena asks if he’s in or out. Miz says he will let them know if he’s on the team… on Sunday. Miz walks off. Cena says right now they have to take care of Edge and Chris Jericho.

– We see Nexus, the Lumberjacks for tonight’s main event, standing in the ring as we go to commercial.

Cena comes back with a bulldog and a right hand. Bret decks Edge with a right also. Edge throws Cena to the floor and Nexus starts beating him down. They throw Cena back in and Edge tags in Jericho for a bit of double teaming. Jericho throws Cena right back out to Nexus and the beatdown starts again. They put Cena back in but Jericho throws him right back out.

Nexus forms a huddle as Cena and Bret look on from the ring. Nexus gets on the apron. John Morrison and R-Truth run down, making it 4 on 7. We see Edge and Jericho going up the ramp as Nexus enters the ring. Edge and Jericho go to walk off but hesitate. Edge and Jericho run back down to the ring and join the other RAW stars. The crowd goes nuts as Team RAW and Nexus start brawling in the ring. Barrett is tossed out and he retreats through the crowd, telling everyone else to let’s go. All of Nexus run through the crowd as the RAW stars stand tall in the ring. RAW goes off the air with Cena’s music playing and Nexus looking down at the ring from the crowd. The two teams have a staredown to end the show.




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    *spoiler alert* I can confirm 2 things for summerslam . . . . . . 1) undertaker will return to feud with kane possibly til mania! 2) we also find out who the secret gm is . . . . . . the rock! dwayne has been talks from january about the right story for a one off and because of his work the secret gm role is perfect! wwe would not tease austin unles they could beat it! . . . . fact!

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