Sting Returns to TNA, Two Pay-Per-Views Announced, Title Change, More

– TNA has announced that the 2010 Turning Point pay-per-view will take place on November 7th at the iMPACT Zone and the Final Resolution pay-per-view will take place on December 5th, also in Orlando.

– TNA stars Kazarian, SoCal Val and Christy Hemme participated in a charity bowling tournament in Orlando this past Saturday where fans got to bid to bowl with their favorite celebrity.

– Taylor Wilde and Hamada are the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions after defeating Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky on last night’s iMPACT.

– Sting made his return to TNA on last night’s iMPACT, siding with Kevin Nash in an angle against Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett. Sting was wearing the red face paint from his Wolfpac days in WCW.

Photos/Vids of Sting’s New Look, Big ECW Original Spoiler, Hot Lacey




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  • jason

    wow my god tna as no idea what going on man serious the wolfpack that really going to get the rating up i don’t think so they need new people man come on it 2010 not 1990.i mean i am a big fan of wwe but tna is a joke and i over 500 themes in my house also wcw wwe wwf ecw tna everything so anyone want to chat feel free

  • King

    look a WWE mark and the nexus is not doing nothing for the WWE just for your info it can and will just like the ECW storyline thing has look at the ratings and you said the wolfpack was in 1990 you might not know this but if you are wwe mark now you are very sickly retarded wolfpack especially if you are a adult wolfpack was in 1998 til about 1999.

  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA is carrying WCW’s jock strap all the way to the bottomless pit . WWE had PG rating and has even done a “Mysterious Labtop” GM. , WWE isn’t even going full trottle and TNA and the bookers are so lame..As [email protected] said TNA is crap ..Soon TNA orignals will become WWE headliners

  • asad riaz

    waooooooo i like the all memories of the wolf pack plz plz i am beging for my wish plz bring back the wolf pack and nWo?

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