Goldberg Talks About Having One Last Match

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Bill Goldberg said he wants one final wrestling match since he wants his family to see him wrestle live.

“If the money was right, I’d go out there and do it in two seconds,” Goldberg said. “I’d have to be totally prepared for it, because I wouldn’t want to tarnish my image, but I’d like to be in the ring one more time so that my wife and my son can see me wrestle live.”

Goldberg also discussed his love/hate relationship with the wrestling industry in the interview, “I don’t ever want to say that I miss anything about the wrestling business. I miss the ability to put a smile on a kid’s face, more than one at a time. That was a true charge for me.”




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  • Dave

    Goldberg sucked. A one dimensional,one hit wonder. How,and why anyone got behind his lame-ass gimmick is one of life’s mysteries that may never be solved.


    GoldBerg! GoldBerg! If Can Make a suggestion,could you please fight the Undertaker at next years Wrestlemania ? I Know u can t stand Vince and who can blame u? but it has always been my dream to see you take on and defeat the phenom .Oh and show Edge how to do the spear.The right way!

  • troy williams

    @Dave you are a retard to the 10th power Goldberg is the if not one of the greatest wrestlers all time look at his streak barely no one could beat him asshole well then who is your favorite star?

  • PowerUp 5000

    Ok I mean really , Goldberg wasn’t a Good wrestling act can u remember the Wrestlemania with him and Brock Lesnar the crowd boo’d the whole match ………Gold berg please no more I can seeVince now trying 2 make a WM match with him in Atlanta …..nooooooo stick 2 commentaing MMA

  • Gibson

    @Troy Williams, You do realize wrestling is fake right? His “streak” was all made up by WCW to make him look like a unstoppable force. Also one week he would be 13-0, next 54-0, then 123-0 the next. Goldberg is/was terrible, has no idea how to do a clean match, that doesn’t involve him squashing his opponent in under 3 minutes.

  • j

    @Troy Williams… Once Goldbergs streak ended you might as well say his whole career ended because nobody gave 2 shits about him.. Goldberg is a MANUFACTURED PERFORMER. It was all about how he was booked by a company.. Goldberg was booked to be a star in WCW.. He was booked to be a nobody by Vince.. Do you catch what everyone is saying..
    I do agree with one thing somebody else said.. If Vince were to give Goldberg one last match.. Book it against Taker.. If only to let Taker have full royalties against him and and kick Goldbergs arse proper…

  • kriza

    Goldberg sux dick!his streak was also fake it was for the wcw promotion.btw his not talented just big,has big muscles and screams in the f u goldberg go to that bulshit tna i mean ecw.


    Here s another idea maybe u cud be Wwe s Saving Grace from The Nexus!!


    To Comment on wat J said i m glad u agree with me about Goldberg Vs Taker at next years Wrestlemania,however when u said dat Taker Would take royalties so to speak with Bill Goldberg, you re highly mistaken! Sure Taker would probably win ,but it would not be a slaughter it would be an evenly matched contest!

  • TwIsTeD_EnEmY

    Powerup 5000 learn the difference between real and kayfabe.
    Lesnar and Goldberg were told to have a 2 minute standoff to create tension. It obviously didn’t work. Not his fault by any means. Creative took a risk, and it didn’t pay off
    Would love to see Goldberg in TNA

  • bill goldberg

    oof””my dear fans,i am gonna spear the undertaker in wm27″thats 1-18″”booo

  • nick

    Goldberg vs.Undertaker at Wrestlemania and have Goldberg be the one to end the streak

  • sunil

    goldberg is d strongest wrestler in d wwe history

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