Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 6/18/2010

– Thanks to Brian for the following SmackDown spoilers, to air this Friday night:

Smackdown starts with CM Punk gloating about making Taker tap and his vegetative state. Suddenly the lights flicker and go dark and Undertaker appears in the ring! Punk cowers until he pokes Taker and reveals him as Luke Gallows. They laugh until Kane hits the scene, but Swagger blindsides him. Four-on-one as the masked SES member joins, until Mysterio and Big Show make the save. SES runs and they end up giving Kane a 619 and chokeslam respectively for last week.

Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins def. MVP and Christian. Not much to note. Hawkins with an elbow drop on Christian to win after breaking up a Killswitch. Beatdown on MVP post-match.

Rosa wants in Laycool and they mock her for only winning on Superstars and wearing Joker’s makeup. Poor Kaval standing by.

Vickie has Dolph Ziggler in jean shorts and a toolbelt to hang a picture for her. She checks out his rear and yells at Chavo. Masters walks in and walks right back out.

JTG def. Chavo with his running neckbreaker. Post-match JTG hamms it up with the crowd and brings in three kids to dance with him. Crowd loves it.

Kofi tells Josh Matthews he’ll bring McIntyre a fight on Sunday. Drew vs. Kofi for the title Sunday.

Drew McIntyre enters to face Teddy Long. Teddy’s music hits but he doesn’t show until Drew reminds him of the consequences. Drew brought a personal security force with him. This was really long and drawn out and had Drew’s mic die on him, but it was effective. Basically Drew forced Teddy, in full suit, to get on his knees, call Drew the Chosen One, and lie down for the three count. After Drew won the match he stopped Teddy and was about to Scot Drop him until Kofi came out for the save. He got caught by security and Drew pounded him until Matt Hardy ran in from the crowd to attack him. Security got at Matt too and Drew ended up giving them both Scot Drops in the middle of the ring. Doesn’t come off on TV well but Drew got a lot of heat.

Kelly Kelly def. Layla with the K2. They actually showed some athleticism.

Vickie came out to massive heat that only got worse. It really gets to a point where you can’t hear her introduce Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters after the Zig Zag. Masters dominated until he went for a front slam and Dolph quickly locked the Sleeper. He later broke a Masterlock on the ropes and kicked Masters in the shin to set up the Zig Zag.

Jack Swagger dedicates his win on Sunday, Father’s day, to his dad.

Main event saw Big Show and Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk and Jack Swagger. Mysterio got double-teamed until he made the hot tag to Show. Chokeslam reversed into a DDT and Show tagged back out. Mysterio reversed a Pump-Handle Slam attempt by Swagger into a sort of Backstabber for the win.

Post-match Kane chokeslammed everyone but gave a Tombstone Piledriver to Rey. He got on the mic and promised Sunday would be “fatal.” Then he did Undertaker’s kneel and an open casket on the stage was surrounded by plumes of fire. Kane left the open casket and walked out to end the show.

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