WWE Superstar Results (6/3)

Results from tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Dallas, TX. Report courtesy of Richard Colbert and PWInsider:

Dark Match:

*Dos Caras got heat for just breathing. Cut a promo about how we should go to Mexico to learn Spanish. He then faced Chris Masters in a good match that Masters won with the Masterlock.

WWE Superstars:

*Henry beat Primo. Mark Henry seems to have ditched the Kool Aid Man gear for more flattering black attire like he used to wear. The match was otherwise unremarkable.

*Gail Kim beat Jillian. This match pleasantly surprised me. Very good story/psychology and some nice spots, especially considering that this is a match for Superstars involving Jillian.

*Michelle McCool w/ Layla vs. Tiffany – Decent match. McCool wins after rolling through a sunset flip and hitting the FaithBreaker for the win. Layla looks amazing. Well worth seeing Layla this week.

*Christian vs. Chavo Guerrero – Christian comes out to a huge pop to face Chavo. Early on he hits a plancha but, Vickie comes out and makes it a handicap match with Ziggler as Chavo’s partner. Good back and forth until Chavo goes up for the frog splash. Ziggler blind tags in, Chavo misses the Frog Splash and Christian hits the Killswitch. Ziggler then enters and hits the Zig Zag for the pin.