WWE Superstars Results – 5/6/10

Credit: Geoff of Pwinsider.com


Superstars intro video.

HBK tribute video. HBK chant started during the video.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters

Chavo comes out first then Masters. Masters got a good pop. Back and forth. Masters taunted Chavo with the Pec Bounce. Masters got the won at about 10 minutes after Chavo went for a rolling suplex and Masters countered into the Masters lock submission for the tap out.

Remember that Cryme Tyme feud from Extreme Rules? Well Shad gets his rematch on……. Superstars? Hmmm. Guess there isn’t a lot of hope for that feud.

WWE Women’s Champ Beth Phoenix vs. Ross Mendes

Both women got good pops. Mendes is pretty green. I hope editing can clean this up. Beth did her best to save the match. There was some kind of miscue. Beth was heard telling the ref to go home. Ref threw up the X. Then it was over. Beth wins via rollup after Rosa missed a clothesline to the corner at about 3 minutes.

WWE magazine commercial.

Carlito vs. Primo Colan

Carlito vs. Primo. Carlito had Primo set up for his finisher, but then decided not to execute it. He grabbed the mic and said the crowd didn’t care if two brothers destroyed each other, and that as the first Unified Tag Champs, they deserve better than what they’ve been getting. Primo hesitated, and then embraced Carlito. The crowd seemed a little lost – I think because Carlito came out as the heel, but then showed mercy to his brother and everything he said kind of made sense. I did think that Carlito cut a pretty strong promo; he had some fire going.

JTG vs. Shad Gaspard – Extreme Rules Rematch

JTG has tons of charisma. I like the guy but he was not over at all with this crowd. Shad came out….. He was even less over. I think WWE made a mistake splitting them. About a minute into the match, the crowd got behind JTG, chanting his name. This match went took long. Shad dominated with various wear down holds. JTG got some hope spots in and an offensive flurry. He reminds me of Sean Waltman circa 1995. Shad wins with a STO at about 10 minutes.

Shad celebrates to end Superstars.

JTG got a good pop post match.