WWE Superstars Results – 4/29/10

WWE Superstars
April 29th, 2010
Richmond, VA/Hershey, PA
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pryo goes off as Michael Cole welcomes us the post draft edition of Superstars, Gail Kim makes her way down to the ring followed by Jillian for a divas match to open the show.

Gail Kim vs. Jillian

The bell rings and they divas lock up, Gail Kim takes control of the arm but Jillian grabs a hand full of hair and pulls Gail down to the mat. Jillian goes for a senton but Gail moves, Gail grabs a hold of Jillian’s hair and pulls her down to the mat. Gail follows up with a variation of an arm drag, Gail lands shots to the face before sending Jillian into the corner. Gail runs at Jillian and is hit with a knee to the body, Jillian attempts to go to the top rope but is met by Gail and Gail is able to hit a hurricanrana from the top rope. Gail goes for a move on Jillian’s shoulders but is countered into an electric chair drop and is covered for a pinfall and a kickout at two.

Jillian stays on the attack landing a kick to the back of Gail, She picks her up for a scoop slam followed by mounted punches for a cover and a two count. Jillian follows up with a submission, Gail is able to get herself back to her feet and flip Jillian over down to the mat. Gail follows up with a flurry of attacks but is unable to get the back body drop, Jillian puts Gail on her shoulders and plants her with the Samoan drop on the mat for the cover and a kickout at two. Jillian keeps control by pulling Gail’s head back in a unique submission, Gail is able to get to her feet and try to make a come back but is stopped and thrown hard into the corner. Jillian goes for the cover but Gail kicks out, Jillian goes for a second cover but Gail kicks out again.

Jillian goes for a sleeper hold, Gail is able to get herself back to her feet but is pulled down again by her hair. Jillian sends Gail into the ropes, Gail grabs hold of the rope and is able to land a kick on Jillian. Jillian picks Gail up but Gail hangs onto the rope and is able to counter into a hurricanrata that takes Jillian down to the ground. Gail takes control going for a flurry of attacks that takes Jillian all over the ring, Gail goes to the top for a crossbody but is countered into a cover for Jillian that breaks at two. Jillian takes control and hits an attack in the corner on Gail, She goes for a second one and Gail moves and she eats the post before being hit with Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner Via Eat Defeat: Gail Kim

WWE Draft Recap

Michael Cole announces that in the main event the NEW! WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty will be in action!


Did You Know? WWE offers all U.S. military personnel free tickets to all its live events in the U.S.

OH RADIO! Zack Ryder makes his way down to the ring with Rosa Mendes for another match from the Raw brand. Primo is out next as he will be Ryder’s opponent for this contest.

Zack Ryder w/ Rosa Mendes vs. Primo

The bell rings and Ryder taunts Primo with “Woo Woo Woo,” They lock up and Ryder powers Primo to the corner and pushes him. Primo pushes back and Ryder takes control of the arm, He continues control as Rosa cheers him on. Ryder goes to retwist the arm and Primo is able to roll through and use his feet to push Ryder off, He follows that up with two armdrags before taking control of Ryder’s arm on the mat. Ryder is able to get to his feet and back Primo into the ropes, He follows in up with knees to the gut. Ryder sends Primo into the ropes but Primo ducks but is grabbed and thrown over the rope, Ryder is hit with a shoulder block from the outside and Primo sentons over Ryder and slides through for a dropkick.

Primo follows that up with and armdrag before he regains control of the arm, He sends Ryder into the rope but Primo ducks the head and is hit with a foot. Ryder goes running at Primo but Primo is able to send Ryder over the top rope crashing to the mat below.Primo hits the rope and goes for a move but Zack sidesteps, Primo notices and stops before hitting a crossbody on Ryder on the outside and rolls him back in for a cover and a kickout. Ryder backs up into the corner and is hit with a shoulder block and some shots by Primo, Primo attempts to send Ryder to the corner but is stopped and kicked and hung on the top rope before being kicked to the outside.


We return from commercial and Ryder is in control with a body scissors, He continues to control the submission but Primo is able to break free and roll into a pin for a two. Ryder sends Primo into the rope and hits him with a flapjack for a cover and a two, Ryder knees Primo under the rope before hitting him with a baseball slide dropkick to the outside. Ryder goes to the outside and grabs Primo and rams him into the apron, Ryder continues the attack on Primo on the outside before rolling him in for a cover and a two count. Ryder puts a ground abdominal stretch on Primo,Primo attempts to break out and does but is sent into the buckle body first. Ryder goes to the top and goes for a legdrop that is missed, Primo uses the kickoff and goes for multiple pins for the cover but Ryder kicks out of all.

Primo hits Ryder with a high elbow, He goes on the attack with a flurry of moves that give him a shot at a cover but Ryder kicks out. Primo attempts to send Ryder to the turnbuckle but is reversed, Ryder goes on the attack but is hit with boots by Primo. Primo goes for a move on the top, Rosa distracts the ref and Ryder yanks Primo off the rope. Zack picks up Primo and uses the damage done by pulling him off the rope to execute his finisher the Zack attack for the win.

Winner Via Zack Attack: Zack Ryder

Michael Cole hypes the New Tag Team Champs in action in are main event of the evening!


Extreme Rules: Sheamus attacks HHH pre match, An injured HHH gets demolished by Sheamus in their match.

Following that video the Smackdown announcers welcome us to their portion of the show.

They show the Hart Dynasty with Bret Hart winning the titles from ShowMiz and the Miz getting knocked out post match.

The New Unified Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring to a major ovation from the crowd as the main event is next!


The DudeBusters music plays as Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft make their way to the ring as they will face the Harts in this main event tag match.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty Vs. The DudeBusters

The bell rings and Tyson Kidd and Trent Baretta are starting off, Tyson grabs control of the arm but Baretta sweeps the leg and grabs control on the mat. Tyson rolls out and slams
Baretta on the mat and regains control of his arm, Baretta backs Kidd into a corner and lands a strike before taking Kidd to his corner to make the tag. Croft come in and lands some kicks and knees on Kidd in the corner before tagging in Baretta, Baretta flips Kidd to the mat and gains control of the head. Kidd gets to his feet and sends Baretta to the rope, Baretta hits the rope and gets a shoulder block. Barreta and Kidd get into a one upmanship contest with the ropes before Kidd lands a spin kick and front dropkick for a cover and a kickout.

Kidd tags in DH Smith which makes Baretta run to his corner to tag in his partner, Croft comes running into the ring and walks right into the huge shoulder of DH Smith. Smith picks Croft up and hits him with a scoop slam., He follows it up with a leg drop before hitting several strikes before getting hold of a key lock and flipping Croft over. DH keeps control of the key lock, He sends Croft into the rope but he is hit with the kick off the duck but is able to counter into a body slam. Baretta taunts DH who falls for his distraction attempt, Croft uses the distraction to used a running knee to knock Smith to the outside. Baretta hits a running elbow on the outside as we go to commercial.


We return from commercial and Baretta is in the ring with a headlock on DH Smith, DH starts to break free and goes for a back body drop but Baretta counters and hits Kidd with an elbow. DH runs at Baretta and is hit with a foot,Baretta uses this as an advantage to hit the rope but is hit with the back body drop by DH. DH makes the tag to Kidd and he comes in with a house of fire that was topped off with a spinning heel kick for a cover and a kickout. Kidd uses more unique offense that was highlighted by a pumphandle rib breaker for a cover and a two count. Kidd and Baretta end up on the apron and with a distraction by Croft, Baretta uses it to hit a DDT on the apron.

Baretta tags in Croft who attacks Kidd and sends him into the ring for a cover and a two count, Croft puts on a sleeper hold and as Kidd is about to break free Baretta is tagged in. Baretta hits a back body drop for a cover and a two count, Baretta keeps control before tagging in Croft who hits a drop kick off a double team for a cover and a two. Croft stays on the attack and goes for another cover for a kickout, Croft uses a European headlock that Kidd tries to break but is hit with an elbow and another cover but he kicks out. Croft sends Kidd to the DudeBusters corner and tags in Baretta, Kidd attempts a flurry but is stopped but is able to fling Baretta into the top turnbuckle. Kidd makes the tag to DH who goes on a rampage on the DudeBusters, Croft lands a jawbreaker but is unable to capitalize and is hit with a stalling suplex for a cover and a two.

DH continues his attack and sets up for the running powerslam but Baretta saves Croft, DH flings Kidd over the top rope and he lands on the outside. They finish the job by hitting the Hart Attack on Caylen Croft for the win!

Winners Via Hart Attack: The Hart Dynasty

-End of Show-