WWE Superstars Results 4/22/10

Credit: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pyro goes off as Todd Grisham welcomes us to tonight’s episode, Unfamiliar music plays throughout the arena and turns out to be the new music of Shad Gaspard formerly of Cryme Tyme. The second person out is the “Bizarre One” Goldust, The announcers hype the broken up Cryme Tyme’s strap match against eachother for the Extreme Rules pay per view this Sunday.

Shad Gaspard vs. Goldust

The bell rings and the two lock up, Shad overpowers Goldust and throws him into a corner. They lock up again and Shad takes control with a headlock, Goldust sends him into the rope and is hit with a big shoulder tackle that sends him to the outside of the ring. Shad goes to the outside of the ring to go after Goldust, He is surprised with a clothesline before being thrown back into the ring. Goldust hits uppercuts to the face of Shad, He sends him into the rope but is hit with a kick when he ducks no sells it and hits a clothesline that sends Shad to the outside.

Goldust hits the ropes and goes for a baseball slide, Shad moves and sends Goldust into the steel steps with a big push. Shad takes Goldust and throws him back into the ring and goes for a cover and a kickout, Shad kicks Goldust and yells as him as he throws him into the corner and hits him with a flurry of attacks followed by a foot choke. The ref backs Shad off of Goldust and he uses the distraction to mount a come back with strikes, He goes for a slam but Shad is too big and he falls on top to get a cover and a kickout. Shad comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline from the ground, He goes for another cover but is only able to get a two count. Shad grabs Goldust’s head and puts him in a chinlock,Goldust tries to mount a comeback but is hit by a big forearm to the back by Shad.

Shad puts Goldust in a sleeper hold, Goldust mounts a comeback again but is kicked as Shad hits the ropes but is ducked and hit with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Goldust sends Shad into the rope but is reversed, Hits the rope drops and hits the uppercut before hitting the rope again and hitting a swinging facebuster for a cover and a kickout. Goldust takes Shad to the corner and goes for corner punches, Shad throws him off and hits him with a big boot to the head. Shad taunts Goldust who rolls into a small package for a cover and a kickout, Shad grabs Goldust and sends him into the ringpost before hitting a big STO called Thugnificent for the cover and the win!

Winner Via Thugnificent (STO): Shad Gaspard

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Todd Grisham hypes the Main Event, a duel branded match: John Morrison Vs. Carlito!


When we return from commerical, Michael Cole hypes the fantasy draft on WWE.com!

Yoshi Tatsu’s music plays and he makes his way down to the ring as Michael Cole officially welcomes us to the Raw portion of the show , “Radio” plays second as Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes make their way down to the ring for Zack’s match.

Zack Ryder W/Rosa Mendes vs. Yoshi Tatsu

The bell rings and they lock up, Ryder gets a headlock before being sent into the ropes by Tatsu and hitting a shoulder block. Ryder taunts Yoshi before they lock up again, Ryder gets a headlock before countering it into an arm lock and pushing Tatsu off and taunting him.Yoshi chops Ryder twice before he goes through the ropes for a timeout, He comes back in and is hit with shots and and uppercut before being sent into the rope and hitting a shoulder block. Ryder ducks under after the shoulder block and leap frogs Tatsu before being hit with multiple armdrags into an armlock by Tatsu. Tatsu keeps control on the arm of Ryder, twisting it multiple ways and damaging it with knees.

Ryder gets to his feet with the lock still on and gets to the rope for the break, They lockup again and Yoshi regains control of the arm before being dropped to the mat by Ryder. Yoshi its feet from the ground on Ryder before hitting a hip toss and an armdrag to regain control of the arm, Yoshi rolls with the arm into a heavy armbar that Ryder breaks by putting his foot on the rope. Ryder gets a headlock before being sent into the rope and ducked for a spinning heel kick, He rolls out of the ring to safety before a baseball slide attempt by Tatsu that Ryder sidesteps and sends Yoshi back first into the guardrail.


When we return from commercial Ryder is in control with a headlock on Tatsu,Yoshi starts to return to his feet but is stopped by and STO and a cover and a kickout. Ryder comes off the rope and hits a leg drop and goes for another cover and a kickout, Ryder puts Yoshi in the rope and chokes him while Ryder distracts the ref Rosa lands a slap on Yoshi. Ryder follows up the slap with double knees on Yoshi, He pulls Yoshi to the center of the ring and puts a headlock on him. Ryder goes for an elbow drop but it is missed, Tatsu tries to regain control but is hit with a rough ryder for a cover and a kickout.

Ryder grabs Yoshi and sends him to the corner, Ryder runs and Yoshi and is hit with a boot to the face and Yoshi runs out and is hit with a boot from Ryder.Yoshi tries to battle back with kicks and chops before sending Ryder into the buckle, Yoshi hits a flurry of chops before scoring with a dropkick. Yoshi sends Ryder to the opposite corner and hits double knees he hits a snapmare and hits a big kick for the cover and a kickout. Yoshi sends Ryder into the rope and is hit with a kick but counters it with a back body drop, He sends Ryder into rope and hits a big punch before going to the top and being hit with a punch by Ryder into a neckbreaker and a cover and a kickout. Ryder goes for Yoshi but is hit with two kicks, Ryder ends up in the corner and sends Yoshi over the rope when he runs at him but he counters with a big kick to the head and goes to the top and hits a Spinning Heel Kick for the Win!

Winner Via Top Rope Spinning Heel Kick: Yoshi Tatsu

Jerry “The King” Lawler hypes the duel branded main event, John Morrison Vs. Carlito!


Hype Video: Edge!

Hype Video: John Cena Vs. Batista

Extreme Rules: John Cena Vs. Batista, Rey Mysterio Vs. C. M Punk, Triple H Vs. Sheamus,Edge Vs. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton Vs. Jack Swagger

Carlito makes his way down to the ring for his match accompanied by his NXT rookie Michael Tarver for the main event!


Carlito has a microphone and has something to say, Carlito is angry about not being booked for a match Monday night even though he was one of the ones not stuck overseas. Carlito says he will prove that he deserves to be on Raw every week but is cut off by John Morrison’s entrance to set up the main event!

John Morrison vs. Carlito W/Michael Tarver

The bell rings and Carlito goes to the outside to talk strategy with Michael Tarver, They lock up and Morrision takes Carlito into the corner before the lock is broken. Carlito lands a kick to the gut and puts on a headlock, He flips Morrison over to his back but Morrison gets back to his feet and sends him into the rope and is hit with a shoulder block. He hits the rope,Morrison ducks under and hits Carlito with a monkey flip a flapjack and a standing shooting star press for a cover and a kickout.Carlito lands a shot to the gut and hits an uppercut and goes on the attack on Morrison, Carlito sends Morrison into the corner but is reversed and sent over the rope. Carlito hits Morrison and lands a jumping springboard flip off the rope onto Morrison.


Carlito hits a backbreaker on Morrison as we return from commercial, He goes for a cover and is only able to score a two and a half count. He puts a sleeper on Morrison but Morrison begins to break out , Carlito hits a knee to the gut and sends Morrison into the rope but Morrison slides under and hits an arm drag and a dropkick for a cover and a kickout. Morrison picks Carlito up and sends him into the corner body first, He jumps on the rope for a springboard maneuver but Carlito kicks to rope to drop Morrison to the mat. Carlito grabs Morrison and goes for a cover but Morrison kicks out, Morrison goes for the comeback but is hit with a big boot for a cover and another kickout.

Carlito puts Morrison in a sleeper, Morrison begins to make a comeback and lands multiple strikes and a clothesline and a rolling kick for a cover and a kickout. Morrison runs to the corner and is hit with an elbow and is than hit with a spinning neckbreaker off a counter for a cover and another kickout by Morrison. Carlito Stalks Morrison for the backstabber but Morrison blocks it and Carlito counters into a rollup but Morrison rolls out and hits a kick to the face. Morrison goes to the top rope and goes for starship pain but missed and Carlito goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out again. Morrison mounts a comeback but Carlito is able to land a spinebuster of a hit of the rope for another cover and another kickout by Morrison.

Morrison rolls out of the ring and slides under Carlito but is unable to gain control and is hit with shots. Carlito goes to the rope and attempts a backstabber again but is hit with a kick to the temple for a cover and a kickout. Carlito starts to lose control and Michael Tarver gets on the rope, He regains control and Traver is still distracting the ref. Carlito yells at Tarver and is distracted and Morrison capitalizes and springboards onto the rope and hits a jumping kick for the cover and the 1 ,2.3 and the win!

Winner Via Jumping Kick: John Morrison

-End of Show-