Bret Hart Says He Won’t Be on RAW Tonight and More

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart posted a blog update on his page stating that he will not be on tonight’s WWE RAW following last week’s backstage car crash storyline. He wrote:

“It was really great seeing so many of the WWE wrestlers backstage in the last couple of months. I would’ve loved to have spent more time with many of them,. I won’t be at Raw in Indianapolis but it would’ve been great to have gone back there another great city where I’ve had many great matches.”

Hart stays “in character” throughout the blog, referencing the scripted leg injury that is keeping him away from WWE television for now.

“It’s been hard getting around with my leg but, all things considered, the weather’s been really nice and, with the Olympics on, it’s worth propping your leg up and getting lost in the excitement of it all.”

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