Linda’s Thoughts – Let’s Talk About Something Other Than Raw

It would be SO easy for me to do another dreaded list about Monday’s Raw, but why should I put all of you through that again? The show was an absolute train wreck. The last Raw before Hell In A Cell, and this is the show we got? It’s beyond pathetic. And if you don’t believe me check out the rating. It went down to 3.1. That’s is low compared to where the show has been in the last few months. So instead of the doom and gloom that would make up most of this column I thought I would mention two rumors that are going around. You know that I love rumors and the ones that I plan to talk about are kind of MAJOR rumors. And then I’m going to end with something that I HATED on Raw, and it just won’t leave me. So other than that little item I’m going to try very hard to forget about this week’s Raw.

Okay so the latest is that Bret Hart has decided that he wouldn’t mind working with Vince and the WWE. Hart supposedly would like to be on once a week in a non-wrestling role. Now this is big since Hart for years refused to have anything to do with WWE, but now for whatever reason Hart wants to come back. Now to go further with this rumor there are some out there that are saying that instead of being on each week he might just come on as a guest host. Now that I like. Okay I honestly didn’t see much of Hart since I came in after he left WWE and I wasn’t much of a WCW fan. But from what I can remember Hart isn’t exactly a charismatic kind of guy. Now I will say I was so fortunate to see Hart inducted in the Hall of Fame and he did surprise me with some very humorous stories. But on a regular basis I just don’t think personality wise he would be that enjoyable to watch. HOWEVER as a guest host? That I could see and I would love that. I mean the guy has been away from the company for over 10 years and letting him host for a night would be a major coup. I say bring him in as a host and do it soon.

What about the rumor that Matt Hardy IS being punished for his brother Jeff’s arrest? Well I mentioned this I believe in a column last week. I wondered if the lack of Matt on Smackdown had anything to do with Jeff’s arrest. Listen whether that’s the case or not I don’t know but I find it very odd that since the Hardy arrest, Matt hasn’t appeared on Smackdown. He’s been backstage, but he hasn’t been on the show. Oh sure he had a Superstars match against Kane last week, but that’s been it. You know if Jeff Hardy is the reason for Matt being off then I say COME ON, this guy has been a team player for years. And even though Vince released him after that whole thing with Lita and Edge, Matt returned to the WWE instead of TNA. Maybe for more money? Possibly but I always saw him as a guy with such a passion for the business and WWE was where he wanted to be. So if he’s paying for Jeff’s crap then that really ticks me off. Smackdown needs Matt out there more than ever and you know I would like to think there’s a better reason for his absence from the show, but I have a feeling we might never get the truth.

And finally the one thing that is still pissing me off from Monday night. Can you guess what it is? Oh I bet you can. It was the main event where the mild mannered John Cena transformed into Super Cena and made a remarkable comeback after getting brutalized by Chris Jericho and Big Show. I am getting to where I was a year or so ago where watching Cena was worse than having a tooth pulled without Novocain. I’m sick and tired of this guy getting beaten to where he “can’t stand” but then in a matter of seconds he pops up walks without limping and laughs and does his usual thing. He did it most recently when Randy Orton handcuffed him to the ropes and beat him silly. He sold for a little bit but then with a blink of an eye he was able to make a comeback and win the title. And to make matters worse, the next night on Raw he came out laughing, and not selling anything from the night before. This is something that is done just about all the time with Cena. And Monday I guess I just had it. He couldn’t stand, he couldn’t move, but man when Randy Orton came out wow he stood nice and tall and yes smiled and attacked Orton. And Orton showed signs of being a coward. Yeah very well played. I hate this Super Cena character and I do notice that Cena is getting more pops then ever from the crowd and for me that’s a bad sign, because Super Cena is not going to end anytime soon. Now before I get hey Triple H has taken out guys tons of times, I will say he absolutely has. So have the Rock, Steve Austin and others. But I haven’t seen anyone do the crap that Cena does. This guy hasn’t got a clue about selling, or maybe it’s Vince who is telling him don’t sell to much your are super hero. Whatever the case I hated the main event so much that it still is eating at me.

So as you can see this is another very short column, but if it were up to me I would have a nice positive lengthy one, but right now I just don’t feel like talking about shows that are way below average. Okay now I read the spoilers for the 10th Anniversary Smackdown show and they rocked, I am looking so forward to this show. There are so many cool things on there, but I don’t want to spoil anything so make sure you watch it. Don’t forget this weekend is the Hell In A Cell pay per view and I will have my predictions over the weekend. I have gotten a few from some of you, so just keep them coming. Hey maybe next week’s Raw will be a hell of a show with Ben Roethlisberger, but then again, I know very little about him, so I don’t know what this guy can bring to the show. Well I guess I will find out next week. Okay don’t forget start sending in your predictions for Sunday’s show.

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