Linda’s Thoughts – SD/Oh Oh Another List

Okay it’s not the time to panic yet, and yet is the key word, but I’m starting to feel that Smackdown is losing the wonderful momentum it has had for months and it’s slowly getting back to the Smackdown that was just bearable to watch. Hopefully this is just a minor set back that’s why I started with it’s not time to panic yet, however if the next few weeks are anything like the last two Smackdown’s then I would say we are in trouble. Gosh I have to do another list, and that’s something I don’t ever think I started with Smackdown, but there was just too many negatives for me on Friday night. You have no idea how bummed out I am that I wasn’t able to rave about this show, especially after such a miserable Raw this past Monday night. All right let me start with what I liked and it wasn’t much and then yes the list of garbage that took over the show. I’m sorry but this isn’t going to be a long column because there really isn’t much to say about what the show, so I thought it would just makes this short, but unfortunately not sweet.

I thought the Straight Edge World Champion did another awesome promo to get the show going. Again CM Punk did his usual insults directed towards the fans about their uses of drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol.  I thought Punk came off extremely well here, but there is one thing that I think needs to stop. And that’s the drug and alcohol material. We know that all of that has to do with Jeff Hardy and when Hardy was there boy Punk’s promos were perfect. But with Hardy gone all of this really has nothing to do with the Undertaker, and see this was one thing that I was concerned about. I wondered how things would come off with Taker as far as promo’s go. And unfortunately it’s going the way I thought not well. It’s time to put Taker down and it seems to me that the creative team just doesn’t know how to handle that character. So I really did like the way Punk came off, but it’s time to move on from the Hardy material and focus on Taker.

I liked the John Morrison/Finlay match against Mike Knox and Dolph Ziggler. I know some of the feedback hasn’t been that favorable about this one but I liked it, especially when Morrison would get in there. I have to say I’m very happy to see Ziggler and Morrison got at it for the Hell In A Cell pay per view. These two young guys hopefully will put on a good strong match. But going back to this one it wasn’t long and it definitely held my interest. Again Knox is looking good out there like he did on Raw for a while and all in all this match definitely worked for me.

I also really liked JGT vs. David Hart Smith. I will be honest with you I’m more impressed with Tyson Kidd than Smith but Friday night he did a good job, and JGT? This guy I really love watching. He works with speed and comes up with some strong moves and this match probably was my favorite of the night.  Hey I still like this Drew McIntyre. I thought he cut a decent promo and I happen to like this feud so far with McIntyre and R. Truth. And the main event was okay. It wasn’t like oh wow what a match, but it was decent.

Wow that’s it the rest I could have done without, and now here is my list of things that never should have been put on TV.

  1. I could have done without Theodore Long in a casket. I guess maybe because it’s been done before. The only good thing about this was that Long set up the HIAC match between Punk and Taker with the ban being lifted on Taker’s Dragon Gate hold, which of course did not make Punk a happy guy.
  2. I have no interest whatsoever in Slam Master J nor did I care about Kane squashing him.
  3. I’m not that happy that Vince McMahon is on Smackdown. I can’t say that he is ruining the show, but his appearance each week is something that I don’t think is needed.
  4. I hated the Big Show vs. Batista match. This was torture to watch and the only thing that I did like was Jericho getting involved. But Dave and Show really couldn’t get it together at all.
  5. Without Jeff Hardy the show has really lost it’s energy, and because of that the show has for now lost it’s upbeat feeling.

So another WWE show that really kind of failed for the week. I’m not going to say it’s not disappointing because it is, but again this could be a temporary setback. So now Monday it’s on to Raw and host Al Sharpton. I am so hoping this guy can make it fun because I don’t need another show like last week. But really I guess it all boils down to the creative team, that’s the group that needs to come up with a winning formula to make Raw worth watching. I will be back either Tuesday or Wednesday with my thoughts about the show. And wouldn’t it be nice if this time there is no LIST! I would love that.

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