Linda’s Thoughts – Unfortunately Another Bad Raw

Before I start the list of hell, I wanted to tell you the reason why I have kept a low profile, or basically the reason why I haven’t posted any columns since my Breaking Point Predictions. I have been sick with Bronchitis. Tomorrow will be two weeks since it hit me. This thing has really knocked the hell out of me and it’s been an effort to do really anything, especially as the day goes one. But I’m back today and I’m sorry that I couldn’t come back with a positive Raw column, but if you saw last night’s show then you know what to expect. This was torture last night and as I said the list of doom is on it’s way, but let me start with just a few highlights and I do mean a few and then it’s on to the list.

The highlight for me was the opening match between Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes. I loved this match for a number of reasons. First, DX didn’t do their usual fun stuff; instead they focused on Legacy and their Hell In A Cell Match in two weeks. Hunter and Shawn did a nice job talking about just how brutal this match can be. Second I loved how Cody dominated most of the match. Last week Shawn did a super job putting Ted DiBiase over in a very good match, and last night Hunter did the very same thing with Rhodes. And third not only did I love the match, but I was thrilled when DiBiase and Rhodes attacked the hell out of Hunter and Shawn. This match was a great way to start the show, and it’s just too bad that things didn’t continue to come off this well, but anyway this was my highlight of the night.

I also liked Mickie vs. Beth Phoenix. I would have loved to have seen this go a little longer, but what we got was entertaining, and I also got a kick out of some of Alicia Fox’s reactions geared toward the fans that were booing her. She came off very natural as a bitch and that is a compliment. The main event with Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Big Show taking on John Cena, MVP and Mark Henry came off very well. Just like the opening match this was a real crowd pleaser and with all the crap that the show gave us at least this held my attention. I thought all four did a good job and of course anything that has Jericho in there is always a good thing.  Also I happened to like Santino and Cedric’s segment. I really didn’t expect too but Santino made it a lot of fun and I didn’t even mind Chavo coming out. This was probably the only Cedric segment that I liked. And finally Lillian Garcia’s heartfelt good-bye was not only done so well but she had me crying along with her. You could just tell that she meant what she said and I have to say that I have seen her live so many times and every time that woman sang the National Anthem I would get chills. She sang with such feeling and emotion and I will miss not seeing her live and on TV.

Well here we go my list of all the garbage on the show. Sit back and prepare yourself for a long list.

  1. The opening with Cedric The Entertainer. Now before I complain I have to say I liked Cedric. He came off very likeable it was just the material he came with that I hated. The opening with his “entourage” leaving the Limo didn’t make me laugh, and when I so the goat come out the first thing that hit me was, I’m going to say this was a BAAAAAD beginning to the show.
  1. While I thought Miz’s interview with Josh Matthews came off very well. But, I’m a little sick and tired of Evan Bourne doing the job. Or maybe I should say I could handle Bourne losing if he was just given a chance to work a match where he looks as good as he did on ECW.  I was very disappointed by the way this thing turned out. Had it gone on longer with Bourne being able to have a lot more offense then I wouldn’t have minded the loss, but this match did nothing for me.
  1. I think one of the worst parts of last night’s show was the contract signing. This was beyond boring. I hated the way John Cena came off and his actions made Orton look like a total jerk. You have DX talking about HIAC and how dangerous it is, but during this contract signing, Orton was being serious as usual, but Cena was laughing and telling so called jokes and he really came off so obnoxious. Having Orton come off so focused against a guy just out there making faces and joking was HORRIBLE. Didn’t Cena last week say that he was a changed man after being tortured by Orton at Breaking Point? I guess by changed he meant more annoying and obnoxious than ever. This was just pathetic and as I said it made Orton look as bad as Cena because Orton was doing what was expected of him, focusing on their big HIAC match but it was Cena that made all of this seem like it meant nothing. GREAT JOB CREATIVE TEAM!
  1. Are you kidding me? Jack Swagger one of your best heels vs. Kofi Kingston in a two-minute match ends with Swagger going after the Miz for stealing the title belt. I mean what the hell is going on? This was for the U.S. title, and Swagger opts to go after the Miz for taking the belt, when he possibly could have beaten Kingston and won the title? Another bravo for the Creative Team. I would love to know what they were smoking last night.
  1. What can I say about Cedric vs. Chavo with another run in from Hornswoggle? Well I could say a lot but I’ll act like a lady so NEXT.
  1. As much as I liked the main event, I just knew that Orton, Jericho and Show would win when Jericho and Show said that they talked Cedric into making this interesting. If they won, Cena would face them in a Gauntlet match next week on Raw. But if they lose then Orton would face Cena, MVP and Henry in a Gauntlet match. There was no way Cena’s team was winning. Because next week Cena will show that Super Cena side of him and take them all out. That’s something that I don’t need to see.

Six miserable segments on Raw, and every time I think Raw is finding its way back it’s shows like this that knock it right back down. Well look for me over the weekend with my Smackdown thoughts and while I liked Friday’s show I didn’t find it to be one of Smackdown’s best, so hopefully this week the show will be better, hell you know it has to be better than last night’s Raw.

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