TNA iMPACT Report – 9/17/2009

TNA iMPACT Report – September 17th, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Richard Trionfo

We start off tonight with a look back at the history between Homicide and Hernandez and how their friendship is apparently over after Homicide attacked Hernandez after joining the World Elite.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Taz and Mike ‘Remember the PPV on Sunday’ Tenay.

Mick Foley is walking in the back with his young bodyguards, or maybe they were his children. Kevin Nash was also walking into the Impact Zone earlier today.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are still doing announcing work and Mike cannot believe they are still doing the announcing.

We see footage of the first round matches involving the participants in our first match.

Match Number One: Tara and Christy Hemme versus Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in a Women’s Tag Title Tournament Semifinal Match

Tara and Angelina start things off Tara swings at Velvet on the apron and that allows Angelina to attack her from behind. Angelina with a chop but Tara with a kick and punch followed by a chop. Tara pulls Angelina by the hair and lets go. She does it again and Angelina goes to the mat one more time. Christy tags in and Tara with a kick and then Tara helps Christy kick her. Christy with a kick to the back of the head but Angelina with a drop toe hold that sends Christy into the turnbuckles. Velvet tags in and tosses Christy by the hair a few times and Velvet gets a near fall. Angelina tags in and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Angelina with a forearm but then each pull the other down by the hair and both women are down. Velvet and Tara tag in and Tara with punches. Tara with a kick and a snap suplex and kip up. Tara screams before hitting the shimmy standing moonsault for a near fall. Tara with a slam and Christy tags in. Christy goes to the turnbuckles and hits the leg drop but Angelina breaks it up. Tara throws Angelina to the floor.

Madison comes to the ring with the spray and bag. Madison tries to spray Velvet but she accidentally sprays Christy and Velvet gets the three count with a rollup.
Winners: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

After the match, Madison has the bag and it says ‘I’m Sorry’ and we have a reunion.

Lauren is with D’Angelo Dinero. She asks Dinero about his issues with Suicide. He says that it is true that he has extended the opportunity to enlighten someone who has created his own land. He says that everyone is dealing with darkness. He says that Suicide has created his own living hell. He says that he will reach down and resurrect only to pimp slap him straight back to hell.

Suicide is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of Dinero costing Suicide his match with Doug Williams in the tournament.

Match Number Two: D’Angelo Dinero versus Suicide

Suicide attacks Dinero as the bell rings and they fight to the floor. Dinero tries to send Suicide into the apron but Suicide counters. Suicide with a slingshot leg drop for a near fall. Dinero with an STO and a snap mare followed by a boot to the chest. Dinero with a slam or two followed by a pimp slap but Suicide with a chop. Dinero with a kick and uppercut. Dinero gets a near fall followed by a choke. Dinero with a knee but Suicide with a drop kick that sends Dinero into the turnbuckles. Suicide with another drop kick. Suicide with a fireman’s carry slam and then he goes up top but he lands on Dinero’s knees. Dinero with the running knees to the back for the three count.
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

Rhino is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and The World Elite are with Lauren. Kiyoshi takes the mic from Lauren and he interviews Eric. Eric says that what they did was for love for a brother. Eric says that Hernandez turned Homicide on Hernandez. Eric says that Hernandez wouldn’t have been in TNA if not for Homicide. Eric says that Hernandez got greedy and wanted to do things on his own. Eric says that Hernandez forced their hands. Eric talks about their match at World Elite. He says that he would never fight his own brother so he says that he will see Hernandez there, brother. Homicide takes the mic and he says that Hernandez died while he lived. He says they are not familia any more. Homicide says that Hernandez left the gang and he will destroy Hernandez.

Rhino is in the ring and he has something to say. Rhino says that he is not one for ego or one who looks for the spotlight. He says that he does not play politics and since he does not play politics, people jump ahead of him. He has seen people move ahead of him and he doesn’t say anything. Then TNA says to give Rhino a push so they can exploit him, his family, and his personal demons. Everyone moves ahead and then TNA gives him Jesse Neal. He says that he liked Jesse’s story and said that he wanted to train him. Rhino says that he stood by Jesse and then Jesse humiliated him in the ring. That is why he had to kick Jesse’s ass. Now Rhino turns his attention to Bobby Lashley. He tells Lashley that he knows he is undefeated in MMA, but this isn’t MMA, it is TNA. Rhino says that he will wrap a chair around Bobby’s head. Rhino talks about Dixie’s interview when she was with Bobby. Rhino wants to know when was the last time that Dixie talked to him. Rhino tells the sweetheart Dixie that his name is ‘The War Machine’ Rhino.

Team 3D’s music plays and Devon comes to the ring. Devon says it doesn’t sound like a guy who is mad or angry. It sounds like a guy who is crying like a little (word too icky for Spike). Devon says that he had to calm Bubba down in the back because he was not happy with what Rhino did to Jesse. Devon says that he told Ray that he would try to talk some sense into Rhino. It was not about politics. Rhino went to help Jesse and Rhino took advantage of him. Devon utters the ‘three letters’ and mentions that when Rhino came into that company, Team 3D was the part of Rhino while Rhino was like Jesse. Devon tells Rhino that they should go to the back and talk about old times. Devon offers his hand and Rhino shakes it, but Rhino says that if they are going to put TNA on top, it starts with him whipping Devon’s ass. Rhino attacks Devon and he sets for a GORE and Ray comes out and he attacks Rhino. Security and referees come out to separate them as we go to commercial.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Hernandez being suckered into an attack by the World Elite.

Match Number Three: Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi versus Hernandez in an Epsenhart Special

Kiyoshi and Bashir meet Hernandez as Hernandez enters the ring but Hernandez tosses Kiyoshi across the ring by his shirt. Hernandez with a back body drop to Bashir followed by a splash into the corner and a double hip toss. Hernandez sends Bashir out of the ring and Hernandez with a reverse Samoan drop. Bashir gets on the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick and Hernandez goes down. Bashir punches Hernandez and kicks him in the leg. Bashir punches Hernandez some more and then he hits a very delayed neck breaker. Kiyoshi goes up top and misses a moonsault by a few feet. Hernandez press slams Bashir and then hits a shoulder tackle on Kiyoshi followed by a POUNCE to Bashir. Hernandez with a border toss to Kiyoshi for the three count.
Winner: Hernandez

After the match, Homicide comes to the ring and Hernandez grabs Homicide by the throat but Eric Young has a chair and he hits Hernandez from behind. Homicide punches Hernandez and then Homicide puts the briefcase on Hernandez’s throat and Young uses the chair on the case.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with ODB and she asks her about her women’s title match against Cody Deaner. Lauren asks if a Cody victory will affect what the women did for the division. ODB says that a man will not win the title because of what they have done. ODB says that the title is coming home on Sunday.

Match Number Four: Alyssa Flash versus Cody Deaner in a Lumberjack Match

Alyssa pushes Cody over the top rope to the floor and Cody squares off with Tara and Christy but Kong with a body block from behind. They all go after Cody. Cody falls victim to a double suplex from Roxxi and Bolt. Then Cody is sent into the ring post. Alyssa gets the three count.
Winner: Alyssa Flash

After the match Tara and Kong battle while ODB waits for Deaner to make his way up the ramp. ODB hits Deaner with the flask and we go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Kevin Nash talking about being his valet. On a more serious note, Lauren asks Kevin about his match with Mick Foley and she wonders if an open casting call is a bad idea. Nash is busy looking a portfolios and he cannot answer Lauren’s questions. Nash tries to woo Lauren.

Jeremy is with Mick Foley and he asks Mick why Nash isn’t focused on their match. Mick says that Nash took his title, but he gave him a chance to return to the man he used to be. Mick says that he starts to take back TNA.

Match Number Four: Mick Foley versus Kevin Nash in a Legends Title Match

They lock up and Nash with a knee in the corner. Nash with punches followed by an elbow to the head. Foley punches Nash followed by a kick and a running knee lift. Foley punches Nash in the head. Foley with a running knee into the corner and it is time to bring out Mr. Socko. Nash throws Foley to the floor but Foley pulls Nash down but Nash sends Foley into the guardrail and Foley hits hard. Nash sends Foley into the ring steps and steals Foley’s sock. Nash sends Foley into the apron and the ring steps. They are back into the ring and Nash with a vintage elbow to the head in the corner. Nash chokes Foley in the ropes and punches Foley in the head.

Abyss’ music plays and he comes out with a barbed wire baseball bat. Abyss comes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Kevin Nash by disqualification

After the match, Abyss wants a hug but Foley turns his back to Abyss. Foley takes his barbed wire baseball bat and goes home. Foley tells Abyss not to follow him.

Lauren is in the back with Storm, Roode, and Team 3D and Ray says that it is an important match because for the past year, Storm and Roode along with Team 3D have been setting the standard for tag team wrestling. Ray says that tonight means everything because the winners get the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match on Sunday. Ray says that Devon always had his back and tonight they have each other’s back. Roode infringes on Devon’s gimmick with a testify.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Chris and Chris says that he was trying to help Mick because who knows what Kevin would have done. Lauren tells Mick to give him some time before he confronts him. Abyss pulls his hair out and he looks for Foley.

Match Number Five: Scott Steiner and Brutus Magnus with Rob Terry, Doug Williams, and Booker T versus Robert Roode and Brother Ray with James Storm and Brother Devon in a Who Gets the Advantage in the Lethal Lockdown Match on Sunday Match

Steiner and Roode start things off and Steiner has some words for his tag team partner. Steiner with a leg take down and then he sends Roode into the turnbuckles. Steiner with a chop and forearm. Steiner with a shoulder tackle but Roode with an elbow and a leaping knee drop for a near fall. Magnus tags in but Roode with a clothesline. Ray tags in and they hit a double hip toss. Ray with a chop in the corner. We have more corners so there is time for more chops. Rey with a uranage for a near fall. Steiner hits Ray from behind and Magnus with a suplex for a near fall. Magnus punches Ray and then Steiner is tagged back in. Steiner kicks Ray away from his corner and Steiner chokes Ray in the corner. Steiner with the clothesline and time for the flex elbow drop. Magnus tags back in and he punches Ray. Steiner tags back in and he chops Ray but Ray with a punch to fight back. Steiner with a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Steiner misses a clothesline and Ray with a BubbaBomb and both men are down. Roode and Magnus tag in and Roode with a flying forearm and clothesline. Roode with a back body drop and then he hits a running clothesline into the corner. Roode with a clothesline of his own. Magnus with a boot but Roode with a spinebuster for a near fall. All four men are in the ring for a moment but then things get out of hand. Roode hits the Payoff but Terry distracts the referee and Williams hits Roode with the title belt and the three count.
Winners: Brutus Magnus and Scott Steiner

Sarita and Taylor Wilde are in the back and they walk into commercial.

We are back and Bobby Lashley was found by TNA cameramen. Bobby says that he is going to knock his ass out.

We see highlights from the first round matches of the tournament involving the semifinalists.

Match Number Six: Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed versus Sarita and Taylor Wilde in a Women’s Tag Title Tournament Semifinal Match

Kong and Wilde start things off and Wilde with kicks to the leg but Kong with a body block. Wilde with a kick to the head and the leg followed by forearms. Kong drops Wilde on the mat and then Saeed is tagged in. Kong hits a wheelbarrow slam using Saeed for a near fall. Sarita is tagged in and Sarita with an arm drag. Saeed with a side slam for a near fall. Saeed with a chop and Kong is tagged in. Kong chokes Sarita in the corner. Kong with a chop followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Kong with a snap mare and sleeper. Kong tosses Sarita to the ground one more time before Saeed is tagged back in and she snap mares Sarita. Saeed with a snap suplex to Sarita for a near fall. Saeed with a slam but Sarita kicks Saeed away. Sarita sends Saeed into the corner and Wilde is tagged in. Wilde with a clothesline and drop kick followed by a head scissors and a rana for a near fall but Kong makes the save. Sarita with a drop kick to Kong. Kong sends Sarita to the apron and then to the floor. Saeed with a chop and a single leg sweep. Wilde with a German suplex and bridge for the three count.
Winners: Taylor Wilde and Sarita

Lauren is with Taylor and Sarita at ringside to ask them about their victory. Taylor says that there is one more hurdle to jump before they make history. Sarita says something in Spanish and we go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is dressed to impress and he is with Jeremy Borash. Jeremy asks Kurt about his three opponents on Sunday. Kurt points out that he is the top guy and his opponents will have to put everything out there to become the champion. Kurt says that he is the very best. He says that you can love him or hate him, but you can never say that Kurt never gave his all in the ring. Kurt says that he has more pride than all of his opponents combined. Kurt says that he cannot and will not be defeated.

It is time to run through the card for the pay per view.

Lauren is now with A.J. Styles and make up free Sting. Lauren asks what will happen if they are in the ring together on Sunday. Sting says that they all want to be the best. Twenty years ago, Sting wanted to be the best and he wants to be the best on Sunday. Sting says that he might be A.J.’s teacher, but he is not going to let A.J. walk in the ring without putting up a fight. A.J. talks about how Sting kept A.J. from walking away from something he loves. A.J. says that Sunday will be his night.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle comes to the ring to join Taz and Tenay.

Match Number Seven: Samoa Joe versus Matt Morgan

Joe punches Matt as the bell rings. Joe with a running back elbow and an enzuigiri. Joe with more jabs to Matt and then he puts Morgan in the ropes and he chokes him. Joe with more punches followed by a chop. Joe runs into a boot from Morgan. Morgan with elbows in the corner and then he hits a splash into the corner. Morgan gets Joe up for a side slam but then he just drops Joe. Morgan stares at Angle and then he puts Joe in the ropes and hits a splash to the back and then goes to the floor. Matt with a near fall when he returns to the ring. Morgan suggests that it is time but Joe with kicks to the leg followed by a chop. Joe with a belly-to-back suplex but Matt is back up and Matt with a choke slam Morgan sets for the big boot because he slaps his knee but Joe goes to the floor. Joe goes to the floor and then Morgan is pulled out. Joe sends Morgan into the ring apron. Morgan punches Joe followed by a head butt. Joe sends Morgan into the announce table and Angle thinks that Morgan was going after him. Angle punches Morgan and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Samoa Joe by disqualification

Daniels comes out of the back and he attacks Joe. Joe and Daniels continue to battle while security separates Morgan and Joe.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Morgan and Angle are still fighting because security cannot control these two men. Morgan and Angle fight onto the ramp and we have a giant rugby scrum. Security gives up and Angle with a kick and Angle slam through the video gamers
announce table.

We go to credits wondering what happened with Joe and Daniels.